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Chapter 5

A new day had dawned and his crimson eyes met with the sun in delight as he rose silently from a bed already emptied. He found it strange, his lover missing this early, but he was happy nonetheless. He slipped on the ebony cape, still stained with blood from the night before. H-he seemed more angry and vicious last night. He shrugged off the feeling as he leapt off, limping slightly.

The light kissed his pallid cheeks as he strolled down the sun-bathed streets. Ebony bangs shielded weary crimson eyes as he traced the sidewalk, the cold, unwelcoming sidewalk. He said nothing, though his thoughts wandered enough. The youkai's mind was restless as the only thing on his mind was Yusuke and the night before. That single thought flourished and branched off into a thousand new questions. Why did I kiss him when I have Kurama? I mean, yes...over the past year or so, he's been acting a bit...odd...but he still loves me. He knows how much I sacrificed for him, and I know he loves me. But, when Yusuke's lips hit mine, it just felt so right, so warm... Hiei shook his head and ran his pallid fingers through his ebony locks. Shifting through dried blood and stray hairs, he brought his hand back to his own lips, tracing his finger along where Yusuke's lips had touched him, where they had set their gentle, satin touch upon them, and he smiled faintly. It just felt so right...

"That smile on your face says it all, doesn't it?" Hiei quickly turned to see someone he thought to be his lover, though he only saw bitter eyes and a twisted grin. His jade eyes seemed now almost a sleek auburn, and his hair, completely ashen, except for a few stray strands of a faint, sun kissed scarlet. "That smile...so pure...and I wonder why causes you to smile like that, Hiei. I sure as hell never made you smile like that."

"K-kurama...?" Hiei's eyes widened a bit as he looked deep into the unspeaking orbs of the creature before him. Seeming both apprehensive and fearful of his lover's new form, he stepped back, only to have the creature before him take a single step forward. "W-what's wrong?" His usually strong voice quaked under the other's hateful eyes. This scared him, but pleased Kurama.

Moments passed by as their eyes met, a sinister grin on the youko's face. Hiei trembled under the glare of those eyes, those cold eyes that seemed to stare endlessly into his own. His golden gaze seemed to pierce right into and through his fragile soul. The youkai had never felt this way before, this feeling of helplessness and fear as he looked into the eyes of his lover. The youkai felt a coldness pulse through his body like he had never felt, and this was something that had never emitted from him. The ashen haired one sensed this, and it gave him such immense satisfaction to instill on the heart the fear that had ran rampant years upon years ago. The good old days of young when the great bandit Youko Kurama would rule the Makai and when all eyes would be locked on the sleek, stealth movements of the greatest thief ever to be born amongst the world of the demons. The thrill of being looked at with the orbs of colossal fear had vanished when the body of Shuuichi Minamino was acquired, but now, that the soul of Youko Kurama was taking over the boy's body, the kitsune could be reborn and reek havoc on the world once more. The fox looked down to the trembling fire demon, stepping forward ever so slightly, the youkai cringing at the endless echo of his hollowed footsteps.

"Hiei, my dear, sweet Hiei," He paused, chuckling softly to himself. Ablaze with anger, his amber orbs looked upon his helpless victim. "Sorrow has swallowed you, leaving you with nothing more then a bitter taste on your lips from when you betrayed me. Am I right?"

Hiei's crimson eyes shot open at the mention of the kiss, the kiss he thought to be a sacred mistake. "H-how did you--"

"And, I thought you loved me, Hiei." With sarcastic grief, his face contorted into a mock frown, eyes softened with artificial sadness. "Your betrayal hurts with the pain of a thousand daggers, but I can forgive you..." Raising a hand now fitted with sharp, sallow claws, glistening with deceit and malice, he licked away at a small speck of crimson that rested under those colorless claws. With a sickening grin, he lifted his long, slender fingers towards the deathly pale face of the fire demon before him, gliding those razor sharp claws along the soft skin that rested on Hiei's cheek. After gazing into the dark orbs of the kitsune in front of him, Hiei whispered out soft words encased in both fear and uncertainty.

"B-bring him back..."

Cocking an eyebrow, the ashen haired Kurama chuckled, swiftly digging his nails into Hiei's cheek. Letting out a shrill grunt, he pulled away, tears filling his stern eyes. A newfound rage filled him as he backed away from the bandit and, in a voice filled with such hatred, he screamed. "Bring him back!"

Youko's ears pinned back sharply as again, he chuckled, finding the little youkai's anger most amusing. Baring his fangs in a toothy grin, he hastily slammed the youkai into the nearest wall, a sickening thud echoing through the air thickened with silent anxiety. "I'm sorry, Hiei, but," He leaned in, his lips just barely grazing Hiei's ear. "The stolen cannot be returned." Crimson orbs glistened with shock and more rage.

"What do you--?!"

"Don't be foolish, Hiei!" Snarled Youko, pinning Hiei against the cold concrete wall. The youkai cringed, but never faltered. His evil glare was still fixated on the ashen hair kitsune, scarlet orbs shimmering with tears collecting in the back of his eyes. "That fragile human boy, ruled by his worthless emotions, is holding us both down, Hiei." Bringing his vile lips down to the demon's neck, Youko viciously nibbled on the pale skin, his fangs sinking in to the fresh flesh. "Just think, Hiei, you and me, together. The two of us could destroy all of these worthless human, and all that would be left would be," Pausing, he lifted his lips, lightly brushed with a small bit of the demon's blood, and pressed them upon the lips of the unsuspecting Hiei. "Just us."


Youko's eyes widened, amber glaring through the scarlet. "No? What do you mean 'No.'?" He snarled through clenched fangs as Hiei used what little strength he could muster under the immense sadness to push off the kitsune and clench his fists.

"NO! Kurama, return to me! You taught me that bloodshed isn't the only thing that life is about! You taught me about the fragile emotion called love, something I never thought I could achieve. Kurama, my fox," Tears steadily trickled down his face, mixing with the blood that seeped through the wounds on his cheek. "I love you!" The fox hissed, his ears once more pinning back.


"Kurama, please, I love you! You are the one thing that doesn't piss me off!" This was the real Hiei, the Hiei that Kurama knew. "The only thing that I have ever loved, the only thing that has ever loved me back! Kurama, please, come back to me, my love! Fight the evil within yourself and come back to me!"

"Silence! Shut up!"

"Kurama, I love you! I...love...you...!" Before his eyes, Hiei saw the kitsune fall to his knees, the ashen hair soon reverting back to the satin scarlet. Slowly, but surely, the fox ears sank below the thick tuffs of red hair. Widened eyes looked upon the transformation before him, a soft smile surfacing. After a moment, Hiei stepped forward.


"I-I killed him, didn't I?"

"What are you talking about, Kurama?" Resting a hand on the shoulder of the returned ningen, Hiei was ready to offer any type of condolence he could offer his friend, his lover, his fox. He saw the pain surface in those jade orbs, but soon that pain turned to fear. Clutching to him as if he were but the only thread that separated him from the world of life and death, Kurama shed tears, burying his face into the lean chest of his love. He cried, and Hiei allowed him to sob freely, for he knew this was what the fox needed. He's been through so much...now it is time to rest.


It hurt to move, hurt to think, hurt to remember. The crimson haired ningen had been awake for quite some time, though he had recalled falling asleep in warm, comforting arms. His emerald eyes had been focused upon the same spot on the ceiling since he awoke those few hours ago, a migraine claiming responsibility for the awakening. That same creme colored spot on his ceiling hadn't changed, hadn't shifted, but he felt that he had. All he could remember was a deep crimson and frightened eyes upon him. As more memories fled into his mind, the more it hurt. He sighed deeply, trying to lift himself to sit up against the headboard, but to no avail. He let out a sharp gasp of pain as he shifted back into the same position he had been in. He wanted to get up and see if what he had dreamed, or thought he had dreamed, was really all it was. He prayed to the Gods that it was. Deep in thought, the crimson haired boy sensed not the presence sitting but inches away.

"So, you're awake?" A voice, deep and dull, spoke from the darkness surrounding the corners of the light deprived room. The bedridden one's body stiffened in fright as he jerked forward, crying out in pain once more. Gritting his teeth and biting his tongue, he lay back down, eyes darting from left to right, right to left. "Calm down, Kurama." The voice whispered, its' owner stepping into the sliver of light the moon did provide, revealing a bare, pale chest and ebony slacks. As the figure came more into Kurama's view, a small smile danced upon his lips as he saw the jagged tuffs of ebony and ivory, the plain white headband wrapped around his forehead.

"Hiei..." The ningen whispered. He was so happy to see his love, a familiar face in a world he thought estranged. The demon guided a hand towards the human's pallid cheek, carressing it lovingly. Like the fox he was, Kurama seemed to relish in the gentle touch, almost purring.

"Don't move too much, Kurama." The order was given, and Kurama obeyed, though he was a bit curious on why Hiei's left eye showed the signs of a healing bruise. Dare he ask?

Of course. "Hiei, what happened to your eye?"

Hiei stopped all movement and his body stiffened. He didn't want to remind his love of the terrible experience, where a rabid fox had emerged from one of a gentle demeanor, harmed and even killed one of the gentle one's companions. He only took his rightful place beside his lover, wrapping an arm around his weak shoulders. The demon rather protectively pulled his love into his chest, running rigid fingers through his silky crimson locks. Kurama didn't mind Hiei's normally forward behavior, letting his head rest against Hiei's muscular chest. He sighed deeply, his hot breathe hitting the pale skin. The long silence between the two was enough to make Kurama forget the question he had just asked, his lover's sweet scent seeming to encase him in the paradise he had been absent from for quite a while. "I love you, Hiei."

The fire demon couldn't help but smile as he repeated the words, though now, they weren't forced out by the crack of a whip or doubted, no. They were sincere, true. "I love you too f--" He paused, kissing the top of his head with tender lips. "Kurama."

Kurama never did find out about those horrible times that were tossed to the wind, forgotten by all but Hiei. He never did forget the feel of the thorns embedded deep in his back, the scars never fully healing. He never did forget the feel of Yusuke's lips upon his own as for a moment, he had experienced doubt in his and his lover's relationship, the taste never leaving his lips. He never did forgot the golden glimmer of the hungry demon's orbs, filled with a want for malice love and a lust for blood, the fear never truly subsiding. All of this would cling inside of Hiei, though the pain he experienced would matter not, for as long as Kurama was still in the faint state of a loving utopia, what more did it matter?