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I lifted my head up and yawned.

Why is he making me get up? I slammed my head against the pillow. Finally I threw off my covers and stood up. Quickly putting my shirt and suspenders on and grabbing my hat, I made my way to the water pump.

I passed Mush and Jack. They were making some stupid joke.

"How'd ya sleep, Jack?" I heard Mush ask.

"On me back, Mush," was the answer.


Whoa, an alien. This didn't happen in the story! "What's goin' on here?!"


"Crutchy, get yer gun!"

"I'm on it, Boots!" Crutchy yelled back.

Amazingly, his crutch turned into a gun and he began shooting at the aliens.

"Yao, stop!" a Chinese man screeched.

The alien was apparently Yao. Or at least it was now.

"NO, BEANPOLE! YOU CAN'T STOP MY VIOLENT ACTIONS!" That was Yao. Another Chinese man. A lot shorter, though, and bearded. Ling, the other man was tall. He wore yellow and was a skinny fellow.

"You didn't win!" another man shouted. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit and a blue cape.

"Doctor Mordrid!" Boots gasped. "I am honored with yer presence!"

The attractive man with dark hair, Dr. Mordrid, held out his hands, unleashing a powerful gust of wind, knocking Yao over.


"I've been shot!" Crutchy yelled.

Boots rushed over to his friend, taking his hand and kneeling down beside him. "Crutchy, everything's gonna be okay. You're gonna make it."

Crutchy coughed. Y'know, one of those really hacking coughs.

Boots felt the tears streaming down his face.

"Medic!" he yelled. "MEDIC!" he yelled again. "MEDIC!!!"

"Right here, Boots."

There was the medic. It was Swifty, the Asian MD.

"Swifty," Boots gasped. "Thank god yer here."

Swifty reached into his medical bag and pulled out a big Band-Aid.

YES! NO! WAIT! ...and pulled out a BIG BAND-AID!

After hours of examination, Swifty was finally ready to operate.

But something was wrong.

"Boots, Crutchy passed away." Swifty hugged Boots for a long time.

When they finally broke apart, Boots ran away, sobbing his poor little heart out.

"I'm gonna find out who did this even if it's the last thing I do!!!" Boots screamed.



Meanwhile, in a tree...

"Ha, ha, ha!" a woman cackled evilly.

She had black hair that came down just past her shoulders and was Asian. It was Mulan, the Mighty Huntress.

"He's dead. And I did it. I'm so proud of myself."

She laughed again. Actually, she cackled, but I wanted to use different words. Y'know, to be creative.

And I'm doing a great job at that.

Meanwhile, in a bush below the tree that Mulan TMH* was in...

"There she is," a lioness cub sneered.

"So what?" the other cub asked.

"So what? We have to kill her! Before she kills us!"

They were Nuka and Vitani. Son and daughter of Zira.

"Okay, you don't have to yell," Nuka said.

"Yes I do! How else am I going to be able to get it through your thick head?" Vitani informed.

"Okay, I get it!" Nuka crawled from the bush, not making a sound.

Vitani followed.

"Nuka!" the cub whispered. "Come back. We're not ready yet!"

"Yes we are!" Nuka leapt for the tree, knocking Mulan off and causing them both to hit the ground with a thud.

"ATTACK!" Vitani yelled.

"Wait!" Mulan TMH screeched as loud as she could. "We can work together! With my great hunting skills and your brains and great hunting skills and my brains we'd make a great team!" Mulan explained.

"Why? We have the exact same skills as you do," Vitani pointed out.

"Yeah." Nuka came closer to Mulan. "Why would you need us?"

"Because..." Mulan was getting nervous. She was only saying this because she didn't want to get killed. What would she tell them now?

Mulan rolled to her right where no one was guarding her, stood up, grabbed for her spear and ran away into the woods.

Vitani scratched at the ground. "NO!"


*The Mighty Huntress. Get it? Yes! No! Wait! Good.