Title: The new beginning

Spoilers: A bit of The Hunger artist, Play with fire, Inside the box.

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. I wrote this just for fun.

Summary: Grissom's figured out what to do about "this". (G/S)

Author's note: This story is set after the episode " Inside the box". This is what I wish to happen in the forth season. (A girl can dream!) This is my first fanfiction and English is not my first language so be patient with my English. I'll try better next time. Well! Enjoy.

Grissom's surgery went well and he's in full recovery. Tonight was the first night that he went back to work after his surgery. He was getting ready to work. He felt excited. It's the thing that he hadn't felt for a while since he discovered about his hearing. It's like he's getting his life back again. He's ready to get back in the field again. He thought back of what Cassie James said to him about two years ago "You'll never know what you need until you find it". He looked at himself in the mirror one last time before he left his house. "This may be a start of something new" he said it aloud.

He thought he was the first to arrive but apparently someone beat him.

"Hi! Griss. You're back." Sara greeted him with her beautiful smile.

Grissom was startled a bit because he didn't expect anyone to come in before him. He looked at her slim form standing at the door of his office.

"Hi! Sara. You're in early." He said with a small smile and a confused face.

"Oh! I've to do paperwork for my case last night so I came in early to finish it up" She beamed at him. Her answer was not totally true. She left the part that she knew he's going to come back tonight and she was so excited that she couldn't wait for the shift to start.

"Is there anything I can do to help? I don't have anything to do right now and I'm bored" He told her with a pleading look on his face.

'How could I refuse him with that face?' She thought to herself.

"I think you could help me with the case if you know about bugs" She teased him.

"Miss Sara Sidle it's your lucky day because bugs happen to be the only thing in my life that I truly understand. Leads the way" He grinned back at her and followed her.

Catherine, Warrick, and Nick had just got in and they're heading to the break room. They heard someone laughing.

"Did you hear that?" Nick asked.

"Yeah" Catherine and Warrick replied at the same time.

"But that can't be who we think they are" Catherine said with amusement in her voice.

"Let's check that out then" Nick leaded them to the break room.

They're right. Grissom and Sara were laughing. They sat really close to each other because their heads almost touched each other's.

"Ahm!" Catherine decided to interrupt their moment.

They both turn to the origin of the sound and then they saw three grinning faces. They blushed when they're aware that they'd been caught.

"Are we interrupting something?" Warrick grinned.

"Um… No, you aren't. We…err…I just help Sara with her case." He tried to compose himself. He didn't aware of the time. He's having a very good time working with Sara. 'I miss working with her. Maybe I should work with her tonight'

"Yeah. He's just helping me with my case" Sara tried to hold back her smile.

"Since when a case gets to be so funny." Catherine teased them.

"Oh! That. I was showing Grissom how the suspect blurted out everything he'd done. Apparently, I was good at acting so I made him laugh quite a bit." Sara grinned at the thought of making Grissom laughed.

"Sara, I've never known that you're so good at it. It's very funny." Grissom added.

They're all exchanging their looks. 'Grissom is weird today'

"Shall we get started?" Grissom asked.

"Yes" They agreed.

"Catherine and Warrick, you guys got the 2 DBs down the Strip. Nick, you got robbery. Sara, you're working with me tonight. We've got DB out in the dessert." Grissom handed out their assignments.

"Wow! I'm working solo tonight. It's nice to have you back boss." Nick said with a very happy face.

"Welcome back, Boss" Warrick patted Grissom on the shoulder on his way out of the room.

"Welcome back, Gil" Catherine said with a smile.

They found the murder weapon that leaded them to the suspect. They work well together and they're very professional except when Sara slipped and Grissom quickly grabbed her from behind to help her from falling down the stairs. Her face was reddened when he didn't let go of her arms. A few minutes a later, he let go of her and whisper to her ear so that no one can hear. "You smell good"

It was the end of the shift and nobody had gone back from the scenes except him and Sara. Grissom thought back at the time they're at the stairs. He smiled at that.

"Is there anything funny that I should know of?" Sara asked from the door. She was just coming to his office to say goodbye but she found him smiling to himself. She's curious what could make him smile this beautifully.

"What?" Grissom frowned.

"I saw you're smiling so I'd like to know what make you smile like that" Sara pressed.

"Oh! It's nothing. I was happy to be working again." He told her half the truth because he's happy to be working with her again.

"Well! Welcome back, Griss. This place is strange without you. I was just leaving and wanted to say goodbye. It's good working with you again. Goodbye."

Right then and there he knew what he wants to do.

"Sara, wait!" He called her before she left his door. He walked up to her and he's standing in front of her to block her from leaving his office.

"I…um…Do you remember the last time we're here at this spot?" He asked her while he's trying to avoid her eyes.

"Yes, I do. Actually, we're in the opposite position." She said while she's pointing her fingers back and forth.

"I know that I've treating you badly last year. I want to say I'm sorry." He looked at his feet to try to find some courage to look up to her.

"It's o.k. You're not treating me that bad. Let's forget it, o.k.?" She looked at him and she knew that it's very hard for him to do this.

"No, it's not o.k, Sara. I'm not being fair to you. I want to correct that but I'm not so sure what to do" He looked up at her eyes to tell her that he meant everything he said.

"Sara, would you like to have breakfast with me?" He looked directly into her eyes begging her.

"Well… I don't" She tried to hold back her smile when he closed his eyes after hearing her answer.

"I don't think I have anything better to do so where would you like to take me?" She smiled.

Grissom opened his eyes again and saw her beautiful smile directly at him. He's smiling too. He's so relief that she actually forgave him and she's still wants to sit at the same table with him.

"Wherever you please, madam." He grinned and stepped aside to let her walk past him. 'She's still smell good after working all night' He closed his door and followed her.

It'd been two months since he asked her to have breakfast with him and they'd had breakfast together ever since both with themselves and the gang. Nobody knew about their breakfast ritual even Catherine. But the gang had suspicion toward their boss's behavior because he seemed to be more relaxed and they didn't hear him having an argument with Sara since he got back from his vacation. Moreover, he and Sara had been working together all the time. Nobody talked about this because they were enjoying his good mood so no one pressed this issue upon them.

Sara was sitting in the break room looking at the photos she took from a crime scene. She and Grissom had to work double so they didn't have time for breakfast this morning and she's a little bit disappointed because she loved having breakfast with him. It's the time that she's been waiting all day for. Sometimes they talked and sometimes they ate in a comfortable silence. She knew that he worked hard to figure out his feeling toward her so she let him took his time. She didn't want to press him. Things were great and she knew that she had to wait for him until he's ready. 'Thinking of Grissom. Where is he?' He called her about 30 minutes ago to tell her to meet him here in the break room.

"Good Morning, Sara!"

Sara turned to the voice and here he was walking in the break room.

"Good Morning to you too. Where have you been?" Sara asked him curiously.

"Sorry for keep you wait. I heard that there's new place that has many good vegetarian dishes so I stopped by that place to buy our breakfast since we don't have time to go out and have one." He answered with a grin.

"You really go out and get me a breakfast?" She asked with a surprising look on her face.

"Yes. Is it too much to believe?" He asked and glanced back at her.

"No, I'm just surprise." She answered him.

"What's the matter? Don't you like it? I'm sorry I shouldn't…"

Sara interrupted him "No, it's not like that at all. Please don't be sorry. I'm glad that you get me a vegetarian breakfast. That's very sweet of you, Gil."

Grissom looked up when he heard the use of his nickname. 'She doesn't usually use my nickname. What does this mean?' He wondered.

"Oh! Let's eat then." He smiled at her.

Sara nodded in agreement.

They ate and talked about their case. They hadn't found a suspect. They'd only murder weapon and DNA. They'd to find someone to match this DNA with.

"This is good, Griss. Next time, you've to take me there with you." Sara said.

"Is it a request or a command?" He asked while his eyes still looked at the photos.

"A little bit of both." She answered. She's so happy. His behavior this morning surprised her and it seemed to her that he felt more comfortable with their relationship. She debated with herself whether they're ready for the next step. Then she blurted out.

"Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?" She was shocked that she said this out loud. 'Oh! My God. Did I really ask him again?' 'What if he rejected her this time?'

"You know as a celebration if we find a killer." She added before Grissom could answer her. 'Please, don't say no. I don't think I can handle more rejection.' Sara thought to herself.

"Sure" He answered as he's looking at the file.

'What did he say? Did he say yes?' She was stunned.

"What?" Sara asked. She apparently confused by his answer.

"Sure. Why not? Let's have dinner tonight." He looked up at her to meet with her big brown eyes stared at him.

"Come on. Let's go find Greg. May be he has found out more about those objects that you collected from the ground near the body." He said while he's standing up and moving toward the door.

Sara sat still. She didn't move an inch.

"SARA! Are you coming?" Grissom said a little louder.

His voice brought her back. 'Am I dreaming? I don't think so. He really said yes.'

"Yes, I'm coming." She answered while she's getting up from her seat. Then something brought up to her mind. 'Oh! My God. What should I wear tonight?'

The objects that Sara found leaded them to the killer. DNA matched perfectly. Grissom was in his office to finish the paperwork. They don't have to work tonight because they already do the double. Sara was walking nervously toward his office. 'Why am I nervous? It's just dinner. It's no big deal, right? Will he forget our conversation this evening? She walked not knowing that she'd arrived in his office.

Grissom looked up at the person walking into his office and the person seemed a bit off so he called her name.


Her head snapped up toward his voice. 'When did I arrive here? Calm down, Sara' She tried to convince herself.

"Um…Griss. I was wondering about our dinner tonight." She told him. She tried to avoid his eyes. She didn't want him to see that she was nervous.

"Oh! About that. Why don't you go and freshen up? I'll pick you up around 7 if that's alright with you." He looked at her curiously with her behavior.

She looked up and met his deep blue eyes. She only saw his determination. She knew that she was stupid thinking that he'd forget.

"Griss, Is this a date?" She teased him.

"What do you think?" He asked trying to avoid her question.

"If it involve with dinner and two people, I'd like to think that it's a date. You don't have to do this if you're not ready. I understand." She said this to make sure that he thought it through.

"Then, it's a date. I'll pick you up at 7." He smiled back at her to assure her that she had nothing to be worried about.

"O.K. See you then." She smiled her best smile at him. 'It's so real. I can't wait. Now, I have some other things to worry about "The dress".'

After she left, Grissom let out his breath that he didn't know that he'd been holding. 'That went well, I think.' He's also nervous but he's better at hiding his feeling than Sara. He had reserved their seats at the very nice restaurant. 'I hope she like it'.

It's 6.45 p.m. when he arrived in front of her place. It was nervous. He wasn't sure that he should wait until 7 p.m. He decided to call her and told her that he's here.

"Hey! It's Grissom." He said.

"Hi!" She answered her phone.

"I want to tell you that I'm here now but you can take your time I can wait." He told her nervously.

"Do you want to come up for a drink? I'm almost done." Sara said.

"O.K." Grissom replied.

She heard a knock on her door. She went there and opened it. He was wearing black suit and blue shirt that matched his eyes. 'He looks amazing.' She thought. Then she saw he was carrying red rose bouquet in his hand. She was wearing black satin dress that fit perfectly with her body. 'She looks breathtaking' He thought.

"This is for you, Sara. You look beautiful." He smiled at her.

"Thank you. You look handsome. I think you should wear this more often. The girls at the office would go crazy if you dress like this to work. Come on it. I'll go get the vase to put these flowers in." She said and walked into her room to find the vase.

Grissom followed her into the room. He looked around observing her room. He'd never been here before. He sat on her sofa with his eyes still looked around her apartment. He saw the orchid that he gave her. 'It seems that she's been taking very good care of it' He smiled at that.

"What are you smiling at?" Sara asked with a grin.

"I was looking at the orchid that I gave you. It's still here. I thought you might throw it out or something." He said.

"How could I do that? I love it, Griss. It's beautiful and I think that it make my room looks better. What would you like to drink?" She said while she was walking to her refrigerator.

"No, I'm fine. I think we should get going if you're ready." The thought of spending more time alone with her in her apartment was making him crazy. He wanted her so bad but he didn't want to ruin their first date. 'Get a hold of yourself' He told himself.

"I'm ready. Let's go." She glanced at him. 'He looks so sexy. His hair looks perfect with its curls. I want to touch it.'

He helped her put on her coat and his hand touched her skin. It made her shiver. She turned around only to find those deep blue eyes staring at her. 'Wonder, what his hair feel like' She reached out her hands to touch his hair and run her fingers through his soft curls. He was startled by her touch. He looked into her eyes, her nose, and her mouth. He wanted to taste her so badly. He looked into her eyes once again for any sign of rejection. He found none. He moved forward and reached out his hand to touch her face. 'Her skin was so soft' He cupped her cheeks with both hands. He bent down a little bit. The moment that their lips touched, they felt something ignited and it sent a spark to both of them. He kissed her slowly at first and then their kiss become more forceful and powerful. They had to stop to catch their breath. It was fantastic and they knew it. They also realized that they had to stop now before it got too late. 'This could wait after dinner.' They thought.

"We should go now. I don't want to be late for our first date. We can continue this after dinner." Sara glanced at him. She saw that he was blushing by her words. 'That's cute'

He offered his arm to her and she gladly took his arm. He led her to his car and opened the door for her and he drove to their restaurant. 'I can't wait for a dinner to finish.' They both smiled at their thought.

The End.


Well! What do you guys think? Should I continue? Or Should I stop at this? I hope that it's not that bad.