Epilogue- Ang-Jir's Discovery

Bant stared out of the window of the ship, watching the fading Coruscant. She hoped that Coruscant was not as unstable as everyone was saying. But even Yoda could see that the planet's balance was about to break.

"Master Yoda, where are we going?" Bant asked.

"The Dagobah System."

"Dagobah? I've never heard of it." Yoda nodded, blinking.

"A planet far away, it is."

"Didn't you live there once?" A quiet voice called out. Yoda turned slowly, and Bant realized that the Jedi was startled.

"Well, didn't you?" Ang-Jir's voice was quiet but certain. Yoda nodded.

There is something very special about you, Ang-Jir. Yoda directed his thought to Ang-Jir. She nodded, but her dark eyes revealed nothing.

"Interesting," Yoda murmured, and he contacted Winna Di Uni.

"Yes, Master Yoda?" said Winna.

"Ang-Jir's midi-chlorians, counted they were?"

"I don't believe so. Master-" Winna glanced at Ang-Jir and dropped her voice. "Tahl requested that we did not have a count. She didn't want Ang-Jir to be a Jedi. Very strange, don't you."

"Hmmm, it is. Take a count now, you should."

"Yes, Master Yoda." Yoda returned his gaze to Ang-Jir who now sat beside her sleeping brother.

"Very special indeed." And suddenly, Yoda could see a new hope for the Jedi.