Chapter 16

Checking her reflection in the elevator doors, Shakaku straightened her rust colored blouse. Her illusion spell was holding and she looked like a normal Tokyo University business major. Her father had been thrilled at the possibility of her interning at Daimyo Enterprises. As the door opened she stepped to the secretary's desk. "Hello, I'm here to see Koenma-san."

"Hai, he is expecting you." Standing she opened the door beside her desk. "Go right in."

Walking through the doors, Shakaku was surprised to see a young man standing behind the desk. The chair was facing away from her. "It is an honor to meet you Koenma-san." She began speaking to the chair.

"Yes... yes, I'm quite sure it is." The young man said, drawing her attention to him. "You are Shakaku, only child of the Northern Taiyoukai Reiketsu?"

"H...Hai, Koenma-san." She was puzzled, "What does this have to do..."

"What do you know of the recent attacks on the Western Taiyoukai's family, business and pack?" He asked interrupting her.

"N..nothing." She answered truthfully. The chair turned slowly to reveal an Inu hanyou female. Her claws and fangs fully exposed. Her white triangular ears twitching on top of her head the only indication of her agitation. Swallowing Shakaku recognized her. "You are the Western Taiyoukai's daughter?" The hanyou nodded, rising from the chair she moved to sit on the desk. Her ancient armor reminded Shakaku of the pictures she had seen of Taijiya except the right arm was bear except for the spikes of the cris-crossed arm guard.

Leena watched the young tora carefully. She could smell the girl's rising fear. "So... when was the last time you spoke with your sire?"

"Last night?" Shakaku answered wondering why that was important. She had heard the rumors of Sesshoumaru's hanyou daughter. Violent, unpredictable, dangerous, beautiful, deadly as her sire, all had been used to describe the woman before her. Shakaku saw the truth in those words. "We talked about the interview today. I swear that was all."

Something struck Leena, "Your sire... he does not talk about anything with you does he?" She watched as the young girl shook her head violently. "How old are you? True age."

"One hundred and twenty two." She answered.

Leena snapped her fingers and two inu youkai entered from a side office. "Take her to the prearranged location." They stepped forward, one to each side of the girl. At a hand motion they stopped, "Don't worry. Unless your sire is stupid, you'll make it out of this war alive." A flick of her wrist, and the two youkai led the girl out of the room. From behind the bookcase three men stepped into the room. "I was hoping the child knew more. What a waste of time and effort."

"Perhaps not." Hiei said drawing attention to himself, "She may know nothing, but will her sire willingly let her die?"

"No." Leena said from her position on the desk. "I will not condone the use of Tensaiga so recklessly or for such selfish purposes." Raising her hand she silenced him, "Hai, I used it to save my children, but there was no other way. My Grandsire would have approved. Using it the way you imply..." Pushing off the desk she circled the room before speaking again. "We have captured a piece from him. That will either anger him into a foolish attack. If he cares nothing for the girl she is useless to us." She thought some more.

"He is not foolish." Kurama's voice came soft and melodious. "The more important she is to him, the less he will react as we expect."

Leena nodded, silently agreeing with the Eastern lord. Reaching across the desk she picked up her cell phone. Quickly she checked the call log, satisfied that it still had one more call in it she quickly dialed. She listened as the phone rang once, twice, then answered before the third ring. "She's on her way." Disconnecting the call she tossed the phone in the garbage after removing the simm chip.

"Why do you do that?" Cain asked pointing to the phone.

"It's out of minutes." Leena answered then smiled. "No, think about it. You always call the same people over and over again right?" Her younger cousin nodded, "If you wanted to find someone, and you know they would call a certain person. I call Sir regularly with updates. It would be easy to track me, by bugging his phone. As Kenji Yasha he can not change his phone every fifteen or twenty calls. A prepaid cell phone is cheap and hard to trace. Which reminds me, gotta pick up another one before we hit the road north." Turning she bowed to the owner of the office, "Koenma-san if you ever need my assistance, do not fear calling. Thank you for your assistance."

Hours later far from Tokyo, in an average hotel room two men watched as the third occupant pounded on the bathroom door demaning their fourth exit it. The shower had ceased and yet the remaining member of the group had failed to emerge. Cain continued to pound on the bathroom door. "Leena, get your ass outta there. The rest of us want to take a shower too."

He leapt back with a yelp as the door swung open to reveal a very angry woman. Her silver hair dripped water on the floor, a towel in her hand, "Fine! It's all yours Itoko." She stepped out and into the main section of the room. Each of the men spun to face away from her their faces reddening. "What the hell is you three's problem? Never seen a naked woman before?"

"Leena, couldn't you have at least wrapped a towel around yourself before coming out?" Cain choked out.

"Why?" She asked. With an exasperated sigh Cain, walked into the bathroom.

Kurama smiled to himself as he remembered the scene. His head pillowed in his palms he turned his head and saw her standing at the window. Moving softly to her side he asked, "Aren't you going to get some rest?"

"I'm good." She answered just as softly, sensing the questions he wanted to ask she stalled, "Want to go get some coffee or tea?" He nodded and together they slipped silently out of the room.

Once the waitress had brought the coffee for her and tea for him she finally answered his question. "I don't sleep much. Haven't for the last seven years. Couple hours, couple of times a month. I wouldn't exactly call what I do resting either." She took a swallow of the coffee, enjoying it's warmth and scent.

"What would you call it?" Kurama was curious now.

"Nightmares. Memories. Pain." She answered. Meeting his emerald eyes with her own she continued, "I relive the death of my mate."

Kurama nodded, taking a sip of his tea. "I see. So, what has occured between us..."

She smiled gently at him, "Yoko, what has occured between us, has been wonderful. I waited from the time I was six to be with Souta. I made a promise that day seven years ago. The day he died. A promise that I don't think I can keep if I allow someone that close again." Her turned her head looking at the rising sun. "Come on, we need to get on the road. We have a gig tonight." Placing the coffee cup on the table she stood, and dropped a five hundred yen note on the table.