So... I got five reveiws today, and I've been MIA for months. I felt kind of bad and kind of inspired, so I threw together this short, little chapter. Now I'm not promising a huge comback, because every time I do that I end up disappointing people, but you can thank my reviewers for helping me to my comeback.

Rory whispered, nudging his sleeping body softly to make sure that he was really asleep. When he didn't react, she lifted his arm from her shoulder and layed him down across the couch where they had been watching a movie. She pushed the power button on the remote and layed it softly on the floor next to the couch. Slowly and quietly, she backed out of the room and made her way up the stairs.

Knock, knock! she called out as she entered Lorelai's room.

Hey! It's you! Where's the new man?Sleeping. Poor guy can't make it all the way through the first two Godfather movies.

Lorelai pushed the magazines she had been reading off the bed and patted the newly empty spot on the comforter. Rory responded excitedly, sitting on the bed.

So? How did it happen?Well... we were walking back from Luke's... Slowly, Rory made her way through the tale, not leaving out any detail. Lorelai was the perfect listener, for once, squealing at all the appropriate moments and asking all the right questions.

You know what the strangest thing was though? Rory asked her mother as she finished the story.

What, babe?

Rory hesitated. Did she really want to talk about this? After all this time? Before she could even think about it, she said it. When I was going back into the diner... I thought I saw Jess behind the counter. Like he used to be. Lorelai didn't seem certain of how to react. She had thought that Jess had stopped being an issue months ago. It was almost exactly a year now since he had left... Was Rory still hung up on him?

I... I'm not really sure why. I mean, it did take me a long time to get over him... but... I am over him now. And I should be happy with Sebastian. Maybe... I don't know... maybe it's because I'm not used to being in a relationship? And Jess was my last boyfriend?Maybe you're right. Just...Just what?Just well... if you're not over Jess...Don't be silly. I'm totally over him. 100 over him. Jess who?But... if you weren't... it wouldn't really be fair to Sebastian to start something with him... would it?No... not really... but I am over him... so that's not really an issue, is it? Something caught in Rory's voice, but she swallowed the imminent tears. She smiled weakly. Lorelai nodded, knowing that Rory was as stubborn as she was.

Rory waited a moment before standing up. She began pacing. I mean... it wouldn't make sense for me not to be over him. He left me. And it was ages ago. Almost... a year. She stopped talking and stared straight ahead. She looked down at her watch. Exactly a year.Remember? Chilton got out really early last year because of the restoration that they were doing on one of the buildings. I graduated from Chilton on May 23rd... and Jess called me right after the ceremonies. Slowly, she sank back down onto the bed.

she breathed, A year. It doesn't feel that long.A year is way too long to be pining for someone.And I'm not. What am I talking about. I told Jess I wouldn't pine for him... and I didn't. You saw. There was no ice cream, no pajamas. It was just over. Finis.Rory... I... I loved Christopher for much longer than a year... Long after you were born and we went our separate ways. Maybe not consciously all the time, but... you saw how it was.Yeah... I guess.Seventeen years is a lot longer than one. I'm not saying it was good... or right... or healthy...We don't care about healthy.The point is... it was a long time. And it happened to me. I'm not saying that we're the same, because we're not. You're a lot more mature than I am... but you were a lot more mature at six. I'm not saying that you are still pining for Jess... and I'm not saying that you should break off this new thing with Sebastian, because I think it's great. I really do... I'm just saying that... if you weren't over Jess... it might be kind of normal, or at any rate, it wouldn't be as odd as you think it would be.

Rory was silent for a while, running thoughts through her head. Finally she spoke, slowly at first, as the ideas came together for her. I don't know if I was over Jess or not. I just... I think that whatever feelings I had for him I was trying to push away. I wanted to forget. But... now I have this new thing... this new boyfriend... and we deserve to be happy together. I don't want Jess messing things up for me any more than he has. I know you said never to throw my Jess box away... and I won't. I'm keeping it just like I kept the Dean box and you kept the Max box. But... I refuse to let him run my life from California any more. He's not here. He's a part of my past, but not a part of my future. I will be happy with Sebastian. I'm putting a lid on this Jess thing. It's done.I'm proud of you, sweetie. And I'm really happy for you and Sebastian.Well... you never liked Jess. Maybe I've found someone you actually approve of from the beginning. That has to be a good sign, right?