Pirates Away Thornangel Tootsiesmile@aol.com

Pairings: Jack Sparrow/Will Turner

Warnings: Slash, Violence, slight AU

Summary: The movies retold my way. Expect some changes. It's slash and Elizabeth is nothing more then a sisterly figure to Will.

Captain Jack Sparrow slipped out from behind the statue after stealing the sword it had been holding. He looked around and noticed the officers coming down the street in his direction. They hadn't seen him yet and he was going to keep it that way.

He spotted a door and hurried over to it, relieved that it hadn't been locked. He closed it behind him and leaned his back against it, looking around at the spot he had chosen to hide in. It seemed to be a blacksmiths shop. He raised an eyebrow as he saw a man slumped in a chair. He softly walked closer, studying the man as he did. He was older and was slightly bald.

Jack crinkled his nose up as the wretched smell of days old alcohol. He bent closer to him, making sure he wasn't going to wake up. He turned around as if to walk away before twirling back around and shouting "Hey!" in the mans face just to make sure. Satisfied that he wasn't going to wake up soon, Jack walked around slowly, looking for anything that would help him take these cuffs off.

He grinned as he saw a hammer and put his hat on a nearby pile of cloths. He tried to use it to break the chains but only after missing completely a few times and after that he only managed to hit his hand with the heavy hammer. He cursed and shook his hand, glaring at the hammer lying on the block of metal. "Hammer shows as much respect as those officers." Jack muttered before continuing his look around.

He stopped and looked between the large gears above him to the donkey staring at him. Jack smiled and rocked backwards on his heals in satisfaction. He heated up an iron pole and advanced on the donkey, still grinning. He chuckled as the donkey jerked forward and Jack dropped the pole and put the chains between the gears.

Laughing as they broke apart and his arms were free. He moved them around but was cut short in his celebration. The door he had earlier entered was covered in shadows as a person moved in front of it. Jack quickly moved into the shadows, watching the door.

He looked on the wall beside him, shocked to see the swords lined up against the wall. He hadn't seen them before because he hadn't bothered to look that hard and they were hidden in shadows. He looked back at the door and noticed the person was still outside and he reached up slowly and ran a finger across the golden hilt of it. It was beautifully made.

Jack looked at the old man slumped in the chair skeptically. Certainly he hadn't made these. Jack let his hand drop and he stood still as a figure opened the door and walked in. Jack looked the man up and down, liking what he was seeing.

Curly haired pull back into a pony tail, a loose white shirt hanging on muscled shoulders. A few buttons undone to give a look at tan skin and the pants clinging to slim hips that stop at just past the knees. The rest of his legs were covered up with white socks and then his shoes.

He watched as the man walked over to the unconscious one in the chair and leaned over. "You're just where I left you." Jack stared at him as he put the package he was holding down and looked over at where Jack had fist tried to get his cuffs off. The stood there and looked at it. "Not where I left you."

Jack held his breath as the man looked around and silently cursed as the man gazed at his hat that he had left in his hurry to get hidden. The man quickly reached over and took a sword from off the wall. "I know you're here. Come out now." Jack grabbed his sword from where it was leaning against the wall and moved towards him.

"It was nice meetin' you an' everything. But I'm afraid I must get goin'." He moved towards the door but stopped as the sword was before him. Jack sighed and moved his sword up and pushing the sword away from him. "Really now. I'm not 'at good a company." Jack made for the door again.

"You can't leave." Jack stopped and looked over his shoulder at him. The young man was standing in a fighting stance, his sword pointed at him. Jack smiled at him. He was sexy when he looked like that. "I'd love to stay sexy. Really. But I'm 'fraid that I need to run." He watched as the man blushed at the name and then his eyes widened. "You're the one they're looking for. You're a pirate."

Jack went to grab his hat from his head but remembered it wasn't there. He walked back over, the man watching his every step, grabbed his hat and stuck it on his head. He smiled at the man and bowed before walking back towards the door. He reached for it and was about to lift the board that held the door shut when something clunked next to his head.

His eyes widened and he looked next to his head, seeing the blade sticking in the wood an inch away from where his head was. He stepped back and trailed his hand down it and grabbed the handle, stopping the quivering of it He tried to yank it from the wood but it stuck in there.

Jack frowned and grabbed the board, shaking it up and down. He sighed when it was clear he wouldn't be able to get out that way. He turned to look at the young man who was holding another sword. "Impressive." The man merely smiled at him slightly and raised his sword slightly. "What's your name?" The man frowned, thinking on whether it would be wise to give out his name to a pirate. "Will."

Jack smiled at him. "Short for William I suspect. Probably named after your dad." Will narrowed his eyes and stepped forward, bringing his sword in for a feint. Jack raised his sword up and knocked it away. Will stepped forward and Jack stepped to the side, moving them in circles.

They moved throughout the whole blacksmith shopping, fighting each other. Jack turned and jumped on the large post that held the gears up and Will jumped on the other side. Jack looked at all the swords lining the side of it in shock. "Who makes all these?" He asked in exasperation.

He was even more shocked when Will answered. "I do. And I practice three hours a day." Jack blocked a particularly vicious swipe and leaned in. "You need to find yourself a woman, mate." Jack smirked. "But maybe I could help you there personally." He chuckled as Will blushed and hesitated to attack.

He used this time to knock Wills sword out of his hand. But the boy had somehow managed to twist his sword enough to send both of their swords flying. Jack took out his gun and pointed it at him. "Get out of my way lad." Will shook his head, not moving from in front of him.

Jack took the moment to study him further in front of him. A couple strands of curly hair had escaped from the loose ponytail and framed his flushed face, his lips parted slightly to gasp in air. "Get out of my way Will. This wasn't meant for you." Jack pleaded with him, knowing he wouldn't be able to shoot him anyways.

He noticed Will looked almost sad. "I can't let you leave." They both looked towards the door as Norringtons men started pounding on it. "We know you're in there!" Jack looked back at Will. "Now, get out of my way." Will hesitated, glancing behind him at the door and then back at him.

Jack was just beginning to think that he was going to get out of here after all. And maybe he could bring the blacksmith with him. But the next thing he knew he felt something hard crash over the back of his head, his bandana taking some of the blow. He fell on the floor, half unconscious.

He heard the door burst open and booted feet thudding over to them. "Good work for detaining him for us." But instead of hearing Wills voice he heard an older one. "I was just doin' the right thing." 'That's not Will.' He kept his eyes closed as two people grabbed his arms and lifted him up. He cracked an eye open and found Will staring at him.

He looked to the left and saw the man that had been unconscious standing there with a broken bottle. So that's the one that stole Wills credit. He looked back at Will and grinned at him, winking before feigning unconsciousness.