Pirates Away 18


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Will leaned up against the pillar, almost looking relaxed if a person didn't look too closely. He had relented to having Elizabeth picking out his clothes for today. He had gotten the feeling that Elizabeth knew something was going to happen. She hadn't acted like herself earlier today.

Will was standing in front of the mirror, frowning at the hat Elizabeth insisted that he wear. It had a huge feather sticking out of the back. He opened his mouth to protest about it but found Elizabeth staring at him silently, a far away look in her eyes. "Elizabeth?" She blinked a few times before focusing back on him. Will forgot about his problems with his hat and sat down next to her. "Is anything wrong?" Elizabeth gave him a smile and shook her head. She stood up and grabbed up a belt. "Here, wear this."

He grabbed it and fit it around his pants, buckling it tight. He grinned and turned around so she could see. She cocked her head to the side, her eyes looking him over. They suddenly seemed to have gained back their mischevious spark. "There's something missing. Hold on." She hurried to her closet and came back a minute later with a hat with a huge feather in the back. Will held up his hands to ward her off. "No way Lizzie! That thing is hideous."

Elizabeth stopped and pouted at him. She looked out and fiddled with the edge of the hat. "What? It's really that bad. I thought it looked good. I made it myself." Will was now mentally kicking himself. "No! I mean...I was just kidding. I think it's lovely! You did a fabulous job on it." Elizabeth looked up at him, her lower lip trembling. "Really?" Will went over to her and swung her up in his arms, making her laugh. "Of course! So, can I wear it?" That was really the last thing Will really wanted to do but if it made Elizabeth happy. "Oh yes! It'd look fabulous with this outfit." He stood still and let her put the hat on his head. He turned to the side and looked, it seemed to him that the feather stood out at least a foot.

"See, I told it it would look perfect." Will grinned at her. "You did indeed. And you're never wrong." And for some reason those words seemed to make her grin disappear. She went to sit back down on the bed. Will sighed and went to sit next to her. "Elizabeth, what's wrong?"

She looked up at him and whispered. "Nothing's the matter Will. It just seems as if this will be our last time together." Will looked away, not wanting to realize the maybe truth behind those words himself. He took her hands in his and looked at her. "I promise you Lizzie, no matter what happens, we'll see each other again."

Lizzie sniffled and threw her arms around Wills neck. "I'm so happy for you Will. You found someone for you. I'm so happy! I have Norrington and you have Jack! It seems everything is the way it's supposed to be. And I know everything will turn out al right in the end. I just know it!" Will grinned. "Well I'm glad. But we have to get started if we want to get there on time." Elizabeth nodded and stood, smoothing her dress down. "Of course. I just with you a lot of luck and happiness Will."

"And I wish you the same."

And now was the time. Things were about to get started. He made his way through the crowd as the man started to list all the crimes Jack was being punished for. He shook his head as he caught Jack looking amused as they were each called off, as if reliving fond memories. He finally made it to the steps where Elizabeth, her father, and Norrington were standing. He stood in front of Norrington, gave Elizabeth a long look, trying to keep her face in his memory, before speaking to her future husband. "Norrington, you better take good care of Elizabeth." Norrington looked down at him for a minute before giving him a short nod. He turned towards Elizabeth. "Goodbye Lizzie." Elizabeth grinned at him, her eyes tearing up.

He heard the drumroll and knew he had to hurry. He started pushing through the crowds, shouting at them to get out of his way. He knew Norrington wasn't slow and had probably figured out already what he was planning on doing. He didn't know about what Elizabeth had done to help him, as he was concentrating on what he was doing then. The drumroll was getting faster, signaling the end, and Will wasn't where he should be yet. He wouldn't make it! He started pushing, people falling to the ground but Will didn't stop. He drew his sword, the drumroll ended and the trapdoor fell. He was still too far away, but he had to at least try. He reared back and threw his sword with all his might. It landed in the wood with a thud.

He breathed out a short laugh, relieved to see Jack struggling to stand on it, his neck still intact. He rushed to the top of the platform, dodging the executioners axe. He had to cut Jack down from there. He dodged again, barely missing the deadly blade this time. But he was in luck because the blade missed him, not the rope. The rope snapped and he heard a thump on the ground. He jumped down off the platform in time to see Jack cut the rope around his wrists on the sword before pulling it out.

Jack threw one end to him and he held on to it as they ran towars the balcony. They used the rope to clear out any soldiers in front of them. As they smashed two soldiers against the column behind them with it, he figured only Jack would use a rope as a weapon like this. They finally dropped it and decided to run for the edge. They didn't make it far as they were quickly surrounded by Norringtons men. Will grabbed the sword from Jack and pushed him behind him. Norrington walked through the ring along with Elizabeth and her father. "So this is where your loyalties lie?" Norrington asked, looking at him in disgust. Elizabeths father was furious. "I granted you a full pardon on your return to Port Royal, and this is how you thank me!?" Elizabeth just looked at him, a small grin on her face.

"You're nothing but a blacksmith Turner. You need to learn your place." Will glared at him. "I know exactly where my place is. It's between you and Jack." Elizabeth took a deep breath. She moved in front of Will. "And my place is here, between you and Will." Norrington looked stricken. "So this is where your heart lays?" Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "No, I love you Norrington. But I'll never stop caring for Will."

"Drop your guns! Please!"

The guards did so and Will could feel Jack lean against his shoulder. "I like your hat." He whispered, making Will shiver. "Elizabeth made it." Jack looked at him funny. "Really? Because there's a tag back here that says it was made in Taiwan." Elizabeth, who had heard the whole thing, flashed a smug grin at Will. "Cheeky little thing isn't she?" Jack whispered. Will nodded. Jack and Will slowly started making their way backwards. "Elizabeth darling." Jack called, making Elizabeth turn. He looked at her sadly. "It never could have worked between us." Elizabeth just looked at him in shock. Will couldn't help but laugh a little.

They backed up some more until Jack was standing near the edge. "Norrington, you'll always remember this day to be the day you almost caught...." Jack, probably not realising he was so close to the edge, had taken another step back, which sent him tumbling down into the sea. Will sighed and shook his head. He gave Norrington a little grin. "You know what he ment." He said before stepping on the edge. Waving a little to Elizabeth he turned and dove off. The cold water was a shock to him and it took him a minute before he remembered he had to get to the surface. As soon as he did he took a deep breath, right before having it stolen again as Jack kissed him.

"Had me worried there for a minute whelp." Jack said, giving him a small grin. "What, that I wouldn't follow you?" Will teased. Jack laughed. "I wasn't worried 'bout that. I knew you couldn't resist me." Will smiled and shook his head. "Too true." At that, Jack just looked at him for a minute, a small smile still on his lips. "Come on, lets get to the ship." Will looked at him, confused. What ship? And then he looked over Jacks shoulder and noticed a ship coming out from behind the rocks. The Black Pearl! He grinned and with Jack they started swiming towards it.

It was a long swim and they were both tired by the time they were hauled aboard. Jack stood up before reaching out and giving Will a hand. He couldn't even start to tell the whelp how glad he was that he had decided to come with him. He turned to Ana Marie and scowled at her. "I thought I told you to stick to the code." She shrugged, looking at him in amusement. "We figured they were more along the lines of guidelines than rules." Jack grinned. Somebody came up behind him and put a jacket on him and Ana Marie gave him his hat. "The Pearl is yours." She whispered to him. He stared at the wheel, walking over to it slowly, running his hands over the weathered wood. It felt so right. He had been wanting this for years, and now he finally had it. He looked behind him, where Will was still standing, happiness radiating from his whole being.

And then he realised what he truly couldn't live without. He could live without the Pearl. He'd done it before. But he couldn't live without Will. Once he'd had him, he couldn't get enough. And he'd never let go. He turned to Ana Marie. "Why don't you steer for awhile, you were doing such a fine job. Besides, I have ta go check out the cabins area." He walked over and grabbed Will's hand, giving him a wink. "Have ta find out of the bed is made out'a strong stuff." Will blushed as the crew laughed and some even cat called. But they didn't hear any of that once the cabin door was shut.

Ana Marie stood at the stearing wheel, staring out at the setting sun. It was so beautiful. Things certainly did end up alright. Jack had his ship and he had Will. The crew was happy and they could go anywhere they wanted. Yes, it truly was a new beginning. Especially for those two in the cabin. Her last thought before the sun went down was that they'd have to have a large dinner tomorrow. Because she didn't figure those two to come out any sooner than that.

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