When You See a Black Cat...

Notes: First of all, this story is set directly AFTER "The Darker Power" (Although the Darker Power isn't even finished yet, ^_^; I just got inspiration for this mini-story. It won't give anything away for the ending of the Darker Power, though if anyone was interested, and...

"...it's not necessary to read The Darker Power first, although it may help understand the characters and their current statuses."

Right, well put, Red. This story probably won't be as long as most of my other series stories, but it'll be long enough so that it will take a few, at the least, chapters.

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* * * * *

Chapter One: Black Cat

It was late evening in the city of Domino, Japan, and the street lights had already been turned on, partially illuminating the darkening streets. Unseen by most, a pair of yellow eyes opened in a dark alley, and a black-coated creature walked out onto the sidewalks.

Its smooth black coat covered its slender body, and sharp silver teeth glinted in the lights as it opened its mouth in a yawn. Its paws were smooth, but on the end were sharp, silver claws, that looked as if they could cut steel.

The most distinguishing characteristic, however, was a silver band with a blue gem in the center that was fastened around the creature's neck, like a collar.

The cat sauntered out onto the main sidewalk, walking swiftly past passerby on the street, as if it knew exactly where it was heading.

"Beware..." Came a misty voice, and eerie voice, from the cat, although it wasn't opening it's mouth. "Beware..."

* * * * * * * *

The next morning, Yugi and his friends, Joey, Amber, Duke, Tristan, Serenity, Tea, Taerro, and Bakura were walking through the park together.

"It's been a pretty exciting summer so far, right guys?" Yugi said casually, thinking of all the adventures he and his friends had been through.

Amber nodded.

"I'll say!" she exclaimed, putting her hands behind her head. "The minute I got here you guys were already involved with some sort of mystery."

Duke nodded.

Amber was his friend from America who was visiting him and the others over the summer. She brushed her brown hair out of her face as she looked around.

"So...who's up for doing something fun today?" she asked, looking around eagerly at everyone.

Yugi raised his hand.

"I sure am!" he declared, smiling.

"How about we go play games at my place?" Taerro suggested, looking over at the others. "I've got a nice play room, and it's perfect for playing duel monsters or other board games."

Joey punched his fist in the air.

"Then it's off to Taerro's we go!" he shouted, and the gang set off down the streets, following Taerro to his house.

* * * * * * *

Seto Kaiba was also walking down the same streets, thinking to himself. He was on his way to the computer supplies shop, and decided to walk to get some time to himself.

"So what game do you want to play first?" He heard as he walked, and looked up to see Yugi and his friends walking toward him.

"Hey Kaiba!" Yugi called, waving. "What brings you out here today?"

"Yeah, don't you have to be working, or watching Mokuba, or doing something?" Joey asked, crossing his arms.

Seto sighed.

"I AM working, I'm just on my way to pick up computer supplies," he informed the others, tapping his foot impatiently.

"Oh," Yugi replied with a shrug. "Ok. Well, we were just on our way to play games at Taerro's. Would you or Mokuba by any chance want to come along later on and play?"

Seto shrugged.

"I don't know if I'll even have time to," he replied with a sigh. "There's a new game that I'm working on that needs to be finished by tomorrow..."

Yugi waved his hands around in front of him.

"Oh, that's ok. We understand," Yugi replied quickly. "Maybe some other time."

"Maybe," Seto replied, walking past Yugi and his friends. "Good bye."

"See you later!" Yugi called, waving.

"Bye," Tea and Amber chorused.

Tristan whistled as they started forward again.

"Man, I'd hate to have to do stuff like that all summer, and then go back to school in the fall," he commented, scratching his head.

"Really? I think school is fun." Taerro said, pushing back his gold rimmed glasses. "In fact, I've enrolled in a few online courses over the summer in some basic subjects just to keep me occupied this summer."

Joey gaped at him, mouth open wordlessly, eyes wide, as they walked.

"You LIKE school?!" Joey cried finally, blinking hard.

"Why yes, doesn't everyone?" Taerro replied smartly, his eyes shut partway as they walked along.

Serenity shook her head to herself.

* * * * * * *

Twenty minutes later, Seto walked of the appliance shop, his new computer disc in a plastic bag which he was carrying. He walked back down the same sidewalk he had came from, only this time, Yugi and his friends were nowhere in sight.

"There's so much to do," Seto thought, irritated, as he walked. "And I haven't even had time to duel these past few days."

Seto was nearly at the park when suddenly, a silky black cat darted out from behind a bush and scurried in front of him, causing him to lose his balance and trip over it.

He fell over and landed on the hard cement, squishing the cat's tail. The cat turned and hissed, and sunk her sharp, silver teeth into Seto's arm.

"Ow!" he cried, pulled himself up and away from the creature, who after being freed, promptly turned and fled down the sidewalks.

"Stupid cats," he mumbled.

Seto got to his feet, pulling the sleeve of his shirt back to see the damage. Luckily, the bite didn't look too deep.

"Since it had a collar, I doubt it could be carrying rabies or any disease like that," he thought to himself as he rolled his sleeve back down and picked up his bag that he had dropped during the fall.

He started off back on his way with a sigh.

"Things aren't going well today..." he thought with sad smile.

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Yugi and his friends were playing games over at Taerro's. Duke rolled the dice across the Dungeon Dice monster field he had brought along with him as he played against Joey.

"Would you look at that? A level 4 summoning!" he exclaimed, picking up an Orgoth the Relentless piece and putting it on the board. "And now I'll use the warp hole, along with three movement crests, to get over to your heart points, and wiping out one of them with an attack crest."

Joey's jaw dropped.

"That had to be the most rigged play I've ever seen!" he shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Duke and waving his arm wildly.

"How can you rig dice, Joey?" Tea asked from where she was sitting on the edge of Taerro's sofa.

"There's a way!" Joey cried, leaping to his feet. "Haven't you ever watched those shows where they put magnates on the dice and have a big magnate hidden away in a wheelchair someone sitting around them is in?"

Tea rolled her eyes.

"There's no magnates Joey," Duke replied smoothly, closing his eyes happily. "Just pure good fortune and good dice rolling."

Joey huffed, and Tea giggled.

Across the room, Yugi and Taerro were dueling, and Bakura and Amber were playing Ping-Pong on a long, green, ping-pong table. Tristan and Serenity were sitting on the sofa, talking. (Luckily, Joey had not taken notice)

As Amber prepared to wack the ping-pong-ball across the table back at Bakura, something in the window caught her eye. It was something black and smooth, its yellow eyes fixed on Yugi or Taerro, and it had a silver collar around its neck. It opened its mouth and she caught sight of its silver teeth...

Amber dropped her paddle and gasped. The ball Bakura had hit flew over and hit her forehead.

"Sorry about that!" Bakura cried, looking concerned at Amber. "Are you all right?" he asked, walking over to her.

Yugi and Taerro looked up from their game.

"Is something wrong, Amber?" Duke asked, standing up and brushing crumbs off of his pants. (Crumbs tend to stand out more on black then any other color)

Amber shook her head, turning around.

"Not really, I just saw this black cat in the window, and..." she began, but Joey cut her off.

"...you thought you were going to have bad luck," he filled in for her, walking forward.

Amber frowned, irritated.

"No! That was not it!" she protested. "It was wearing a silver band around its neck and had silver teeth!"

Yugi cocked his head.

"Silver teeth?" he asked, standing up as well, and looking out the window. "That is strange for a cat."

He scanned the window.

"It's gone now," he informed the others, as Tristan craned his neck to see out the window.

"Darn," Duke said, snapping his fingers.

Amber brushed her hair back casually, blushing with embarrassment at having started this whole thing.

"It's no big deal, guys," she told them, smiling. "I overreacted! It just kinda caught me off-guard that's all!"

Duke patted her shoulder.

"It's ok, Amber," he said, smiling.

Bakura nodded.

"Want to start a new game? You pretty much won that last one, even with the mess up at the end," he said merrily.

Amber nodded, grinning.

"You bet!"

Within minutes, everyone had settled back into their games once again, (Tea playing against Duke, instead of Joey, who had refused to play Dungeon Dice Monsters with Duke again for the rest of the day) forgetting all about the cat.

But the thought of it still lingered in Yugi's mind.

"Yami?" he asked his spiritual partner.

"Yes, aibou?" he replied, appearing beside Yugi in a spiritual form.

"What did you think of the cat?" he asked. "Could you sense it?"

Yami put his hand to his chin thoughtfylly.

"In a way, yes I could," he said, eyes narrowing. "But it all depends..."

Yugi looked up quizzically.

"I meant, I sensed something ancient from the window a few moments ago, then Amber scared it off with her cry," Yami explained turning to his friend.

Yugi raised his eyebrows.

"So what does it mean?" he asked eagerly. "Is the cat some sort of ancient thing?"

Yami sighed and turned away from Yugi.

"I don't know..." he replied.

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, down in the labs of Kaibacorp, Seto was typing away on the game he needed to perfect by nightfall. Backspacing a code error, he put his other hand to his head tiredly. There was so much to do with the game before it was perfected...

As he looked back up at the screen, he saw it was swirling slightly.

"What happened now?" he thought angrily, looking down at the keyboard, but gasped.

The keys were swirling as well; it wasn't his computer, it was his own vision!

* * * * * * * *

End of Chapter 1

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