Title: Ornaments
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Series: VOY
Rating: G
Code: P/T, Crew
Part: 1/1 NEW
Date: December 2000

Summary: Tom and B'Elanna celebrate Christmas with their friends.
Takes place shortly after Flesh & Blood.

Disclaimer: Voyager owns all the characters, etc., I am just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.

Note of Appreciation. Special thanks to my beta reader: Phyllis
Sutherland. Thanks to Annie M. for spurring my muse.

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by PJ in NH
December 2000

Christmas. One of Earth's oldest holidays, B'Elanna mused. And
Tom loved it. Two weeks ago he had decorated their quarters with
strings of colored lights he had replicated from carefully saved
rations. He had even added a potted tree to their living area
and added more colored twinkling lights to it, along with
mementoes of the time together and those of their friends.

This gathering of friends was something Tom looked forward to all
year. Tonight, she and Tom would be throwing their first
Christmas celebration since they had wed. At the party each
guest would eat traditional Christmas foods, drink something
disgusting Tom called eggnog, and each guest would add a new
ornament to the tree. Something to signify a special event over
the past year. A story would accompany each decoration, some of
the tales were funny and others were somber, but all reflected
their life during the past year on board Voyager. Looking at the
tree brought back many memories.

There was a stone from the Sakari caves Tom had saved and a
preserved flower from another very *eventful* away mission.
Harry had contributed, a miniature clarinet, and the first year
Captain had added a tiny coffee cup on a string. Two years ago,
Chakotay had given Tom a feather from his home world to place on
the branches in memory of a Spirit Guide journey he had taken the
pilot on.

Six years ago, when Neelix added a carved wooden replica of a
leola root, the guests broke out laughing during his tale of the
vegetable's usefulness to the crew, each adding to the
cook/morale officer's list of uses. Neelix didn't appreciate
Tom's suggestion that the leola root would make a good doorstop,
but he laughed anyway.

Last year, Tom got a taste of his own medicine when the Doctor
contributed a well used dermal regenerator and regaled the party
with tales of how Tom and B'Elanna used the device--frequently.
He only stopped his recitation when B'Elanna threatened to
supplement his operatic subroutines with that of a tone-deaf

B'Elanna had added her own ornaments to the tree over the years.
A tiny bat'leth she had put on the tree last year was one of
Tom's favorites. She had told the story of how he had baited her
into picking up the sport and how she had grumbled for almost two
years every time he got her to pick up a bat'leth and join him on
the holodeck. She told the guests she had finally come to look
forward to the Klingon sport...not only for it being an excellent
way of staying in shape, but of how it *inspired* a certain
pilot. B'Elanna smiled at the memory as she touched the ornament.
This year she'd have another ornament to add....something very

* * * * * *

"I've been working on a new holodeck program," Tom told his
guests. "So my contribution to the tree this year is a small
racing car." He held up a small replica of the race car he'd
programmed for the holodeck.

"It looks very old," Icheb remarked seriously. The former Borg
boy was sitting beside Naomi and the Captain. This was his first
Christmas with the crew and he was enjoying the experience. The
more he learned about Earth and its culture, the more he looked
forward to someday seeing Voyager's home planet for himself.

"It's from the twentieth century," Harry explained.

"When you come to know Mr. Paris better," Tuvok added, his left
eyebrow raised, "you will realize he is very fond of that period
of Earth's history."

"What is so special about this twentieth century?" Icheb asked.

Tom started to reply, but was silenced when B'Elanna placed her
hand over her husband's mouth.

"Trust me, you do not want to know," Seven remarked. "I inquired
the same of Lt. Paris shortly after I first came on board
Voyager. If he were to reply to your question, we could be here
for three regeneration cycles."

The pilot grinned and raised his hand to signify he knew better
than to answer Icheb. His wife dropped her hand and rewarded her
husband with a kiss on his lips.

"Who's next?" Chakotay piped up.

"I believe B'Elanna is the only one left who hasn't put her
ornament on the tree," Janeway remarked.

B'Elanna smiled softly and squeezed her husband's hand before she
took her place beside the tree.

"I've been looking forward to tonight," B'Elanna began "When Tom
first started this tradition, to be truthful, I didn't know what
to make of it. At first I thought he was just angling to get
some gifts...but it wasn't long before I realized I had been
mistaken. You have only to look upon his face and into his eyes
to see why he enjoys this time of year, and this night in
particular," B'Elanna looked over to her husband, the look of
happiness on her face was obvious to all. "He plans for weeks to
make sure all of you receive a special present--something you can
use or want. Sometimes, you don't even know you want it or need
it until you open it up."

The Doctor laughed. "Like I had no idea I wanted golf clubs,
until I got a set from him last year. At first, I didn't even
know what they were. I've come to enjoy my time on the links."

"Thanks, Doc." Tom replied.

B'Elanna smiled and nodded. "This year, I think I've found
something very special for him. Something *he* may not even know
he wants or needs." She held her hand out to her husband,
beckoning for him to join her.

Wondering what she had planned, Tom rose and joined his wife by
the tree.

"This year has been memorable for me," she began. "It isn't
every year I get married."

Tom grinned lovingly at her.

B'Elanna reached into her pocket and withdrew her ornament
keeping it concealed in her fist. "Please hold out your hand,

Her husband extended his hand.

"This year my contribution represents a gift you've given me,"
B'Elanna explained and unclenched her fist letting the item fall
into her husband's hand.

Tom's jaw fell open at the sight. He looked up at his wife, and
then back down to his hand. He didn't know what to say, he was
too shocked. The guests craned their necks to see what B'Elanna
had deposited into Tom's palm.

Tenderly, Tom picked up the item and showed it to his friends.
It was a very small pair of pink booties.

B'Elanna smiled broadly and her eyes glistened with happy, unshed
tears. "Congratulations, Tom, you're going to be a father."

The End

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