Insignificant Others
Chapter 2:

[I'm going to try and write a fan fiction/doujinshi of my own - inspired by Kimagure Orange Road. There may be characters similar to this anime/manga in my fan fiction, and a lot of things related to Japanese traditions and items and concepts that I may not know much about, so if you see something wrong, just email me at because I need to know. Any comments/questions can also be sent to that address. Thank you. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu. Also, if you feel that something should be changed, send an email to that address as well. I would appreciate ideas and criticism as well. It's not yet finished, but I'm working on it]

Ayukawa: Aaaaaahhhh! [Camera zooms in on Ayukawa's expression since she's in panties and a bra, white laced. Then camera zooms back out and views the whole room. Ayukawa quickly covers up her embarrassment with the blanket. Asuka turns away, Eric, turns away, and Alexander just stares that extra two seconds as Ayukawa glares at him once more. Then Alexander turns away, ashamed, ashamed of his crime.]

Alexander: Aaaa-aaa.yuuu.ka.waaa. Gomen. [He bows to her, eyes closed, holds that position, and then turns away again.]

Asuka: Gomen, Ayukawa, we didn't know. And now I showed off your body to Alexander, gomen-nasai. [They turn around again, Eric with a disgusted look on his face. Asuka pulls out a strange contraption out of her pocket. It's small, and has a big red dial in the middle, while the box itself is black. There read two words on either side of the dial, past and future and also a switch on the side that can be slid into many positions: minutes, seconds, hours, days, months, years and there is also a little clock that you can set. Asuka seems to know what she's doing as she sets the contraption to about 15 minutes ago, right when Ayukawa stormed upstairs. A swirling vortex of every color and every shape encompasses the room as Asuka falls through it. Many, many time related items such as watches and clocks spin backwards for a short time.]

Asuka: !ymmuD, ni no emoC

Asuka: Come on in, Dummy! [Her voice is heard behind the door. She starts to open the door and Alexander falls onto her chest.] Darling!? [She says shocked.] Oh! Darling, not now with other people around. [She looks at the floor embarrassed.]

Ayukawa: [She looks really pissed now.] Well, goodnight. [Ayukawa storms up the stairs to her room and slams the door behind her. She doesn't bother turning on the light and flings herself onto the bed, shedding articles of clothing on the way. Now, she is in her white laced bra and panties, which are very seductive and sexy. Now that she is alone, she remembers again, remembers those painful days.]

[Cut to downstairs. Asuka, Komatsu and Alexander are on the couch licking their ice cream cones. Asuka clings to Alexander like Saran Wrap as Alexander reacts in a most indecisive way. Komatsu glares at Alexander as he raises his hands in question as if he can't get Asuka off of him.]

Alexander: Gomen-nasai, Komatsu. I can' it. [Komatsu stands up in anger and leaves Asuka and Alexander alone to themselves. Out the door, Komatsu flies as he runs into Eric who is just about to knock on the door. Their heads clash as they both fall ass first to the ground.]

Eric: Sorry, Komatsu. [He says a little embarrassed.] I didn't mean for this to happen.

Komatsu: What the hell do you mean you have those.! Awwww!! Forget it! [Komatsu stomps off in curdling rage.]

[Eric then is about to knock on the door, three times and before that first rap, the door is already open with Asuka standing there to greet him.]

Asuka: Eric! I knew you'd come! You met Alexander already, no, wait you haven't! Come on in, take off your shoes and eat Komatsu's ice cream, that stupid dumb head! He's always leaving in a rush! [She hits herself in the head and then thinks.] Oh wait! He doesn't know! Baka! Or maybe he does!

Eric: [Thinking to himself.] Komatsu's ice cream! Mmmmmmm! I love ice cream! [Eric then nods his head to acknowledge that he knows what Asuka is talking about.]

Alexander: H-h-how did you know that he was going to be there? [Alexander calls from behind Asuka.]

Asuka: [She turns her head.] He has already been here, you just don't remember. [Alexander looks up in great confusion.] Never mind, Darling.

Eric: [He speaks into Asuka's mind.] Don't say anything you silly rabbit. Do you want him to know? Just because he saved your life, doesn't mean we can freely and wholly trust him. I'll suggest into his mind. [He switches mindsets and transfers his suggestions into Alexander's mind.]

Asuka: Okay, but be careful. [She also returns his thought with more thoughts of her own, and concerns.] Just don't overdo it.

Eric: Alexander! [A loud voice from inside of his head shakes Alexander. The voice resounds off of the walls of his head, nagging, suggesting into his brain. He immediately looks up.]

Alexander: Huh? Who's there? Did you guys hear that? [Asuka and Eric shake their heads "no" in unison.]

[Asuka's face turns to a worried frown.]

Eric: No, Alexander! Nothing was heard at all. [Eric's eyes lock on to Alexander's Alexander finds it hard to turn away from his ever watching gaze.] You don't remember anything. You're sitting on the couch eating your ice cream. Your delicious, creamy ice cream, and Asuka just answered the door because Eric knocked three times *rap, rap, rap.* You start to worry about Ayukawa being upstairs. [Alexander's head starts to turn away and Eric strengthens his gaze, but to no avail.]

Alexander: Ayu.ka.wa. [He mutters under his breath, very softly in trance.]

Eric Huh? [He thinks to himself. Then he speaks to Alexander again.] Asuka is here. Isn't she pretty? [Alexander begins to turn his head to look at Asuka, but resists, still looking up the stairs, with Eric's gaze at the back of his mind.] Eric is here. What do you think about him?

Alexander: [Still in his trance, muttering softly.] Eric.likes.m- [Eric snaps his fingers quickly and resumes talking to Asuka aloud, as if this whole transaction of words never happened.]

Eric: I sure do love ice cream! Thanks a lot Asuka! [Eric walks in and sits in the chair next to the couch where Komatsu's ice cream is.] Uhhh.What's your name? [Alexander still looks shaken.]

Alexander: I am Kashoma! [He then stands up, pretending to be the outlaw Kashoma from the popular TV anime, "Lost on Zetegara."] Draw, Kyoutohitogoroshi! Time to meet your fate! [*Slap!* Asuka slaps Alexander awakening him.]

Asuka: No! You're not Kashoma! You're the sweet, young Alexander!

Alexander: Huh? Oh? [He shakes his head a little, to get the image of Ayukawa in her bra and panties out of his head, in order to regain his proper state of mind. He instantly is awakened to the stinging of a big red, hand mark on his cheek, and the sound of Eric gobbling Komatsu's Rum Raisin ice cream cup, regular sized.] You're Eric, aren't you?

Eric: Huh? [He looks up, a little disappointed that he's being distracted from his ice cream.] Oh, yeah. How'd you know my name?

Alexander: Just a lucky guess, I guess. [He puts his hand behind his head and laughs a little. He reaches for his ice cream, deep in thought of what may or may not have just happened. Asuka and Eric are now fully concentrated on Alexander. His ice cream cup is just a fingernail's length away, but the cup automatically slides into his hand. Asuka's face turns into pure anger. Telepathically, she anger storms Eric.]

Asuka: What the hell did you do that for?!

Eric: [He shrinks back.] It wasn't me! I swear. You don't think he has...]

[Cut to Ayukawa's flashback.]

Komatsu: Eric! When did you get here?!

Asuka: [Announcing to the whole party.] Let's have a jump rope contest guys! C'mon! [She hurriedly runs out of the backyard, through the tall, wooden gate. Cut to a huge crowd and Ayukawa can't get through to see who's in the pile of blood, but she knows, she just knows it's Asuka. Cut back to Asuka's innocent face as she looks back, before she runs through the gate. Create a slow-motion affect as she giggles and smiles, running out through the gate. Once again, cut back to the crowd. Use a sky cam view to see little Ayukawa trying to push through, but the view isn't enough to show the body in the puddle of dark, red blood, like the heart of a ruby. Immediately jump to Ayukawa's expression of pain and confusion, and her expression of her life changing forever. Now cut to a different angle, the back of the crowd, level with the street looking up and seeing the reach the back of the crowd, people splashing through it in order to get a better view. The blood splashes Ayukawa in the face. She looks down at the street and screams.]


[Gently, and almost silently, dry sobs rack her entire body, in the present. Dry heaves like waves of an ocean reaching the shore shake through her, causing her to physically spasm out.]

[Downstairs, Alexander immediately jumps up and over the back of the couch and makes a right, running parallel to wall, which on the other side is the stairwell; then makes a left to start heading up the wooden steps, almost knocking a picture of Asuka on the left, Ayukawa (middle) and Komatsu on the right in the backyard of that day of the part, of the tragedy. They're laughing as Asuka stuff cake into Komatsu's face.]

[Asuka's face begins to look really concentrated now.]

Asuka: Quickly, Ayukawa. Put on some clothes. We'll hold him off as long as we can. [She speaks to Ayukawa telepathically.]

[Eric and Asuka's expressions turn very serious. Their minds start to meld together, thinking the same things, almost feeling the same things. They immediately stop Alexander in his tracks. He's on the sixth step of 13 steps as he can't move. To Alexander, He feels like he's in his own past.]

Alexander's Mother: Don't you even dare THINK of doing that! [She slaps Alexander's face as his whole body flies across the room.]

Alexander: But, mom?.. [He looks up at his mother, trying to hold back the tears. His face is that of a five year old child, being as he is.]

Alexander's Mother: Are you crying! There will be no tears in this house, young man! [She reaches back her hand to slap him again, this time with even more momentum than the last. She starts to swing, and right as it's about to make a deafening connection, he continues running up the stairs to check on Ayukawa. He could have sworn he heard Ayukawa scream Asuka's name. It rang so loud and clear. On his way up, he reaches a hand to his face and thinks to himself.]

Alexander: That real...

[Once he reaches the top, there stands Ayukawa, with an unhappy look on her face. Alexander stops short on the top step, still trying to regain reality and the sense of Ayukawa's physical presence. Behind Ayukawa stands Eric - to the right - and Asuka - to the left, glaring.]

Ayukawa: What're you trying to do?! Don't you know how I sleep? You perverted person!

Alexander: What do you mean? You screamed Asuka's name in a way that no one person should yell a name. It sounded like you were.

Ayukawa: Like I was what?! Go on, say it!

Alexander: Like you were dying. On the inside. Like your life was being stripped away from you, like in the past. Like I said, a scream that should never have to be uttered or heard. But I heard it. [He begins to look down, with a look of seriousness on his face and of deep, hidden sorrow.] And you screamed it. I came upstairs to see what was wrong, Madoka-san. I came upstairs to see if you were alright. I didn't want anyone to rip your heart out and show it to you. The pain would be too much. [Ayukawa looks at him, almost sorrowful, an undertone of it possibly, then looks at him with such hatred.]

Ayukawa: That's preposterous! How dare you - [Alexander is reminded of his mother, then, by the tone in Ayukawa's voice. Cut to Alexander's flashback.]

Alexander's Mother: How dare you even THINK of doing that!

[Cut sharply back in a blur of horizontal motion lines and colors, with Alexander's mother's image imposed (transparent-like) onto Ayukawa's, with the same demanding pose and figure, matching exactly except for the face and clothes.]

Ayukawa: How dare you tell me how I feel! How could you possibly know? How could you possibly know how it feels to be plopped from your childhood to your adulthood in one second at the age of nine?! Tell me that! Please, I would like to know! Get the hell out of my house! NOW!

Alexander: But. Ayu. ka. wa. Gomen. [He sighs and leaves the house. Thinking out loud to himself, he says something that would make Ayukawa's body jolt, but she never hears his next words.] I do know what it's like.