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Chapter 1: Leaving All She Knew

Rory glanced over at her mother who had finally fallen asleep. Rory turned to

the window, and watched Connecticut traveling by beneath the plane she was sitting on.

She let a tear fall unchecked. She had held up until now, hadn't complained, hadn't

cried a tear. But now she knew everything had changed, her life, her dreams. She

leaned back in her seat, letting her memories take her back to that day.

She had ran through the door, having just spent the day with Jess, her best

friend in the world. They had started out as a couple, but found things were easier

if they were just friends. Jess was like her big brother, protective and kind, and

Rory loved having him around to talk to.

"Lucy, I'm home!" Rory yelled when she walked through the front door.

"Hey Ricky. Sit down for a second, will you Babe?" I need to talk to

you about something," Lorelai replied from the couch when Rory walked into the

living room.


"We're moving," Lorelai said.

"Ha ha, very funny. I'll get you some coffee," Rory said getting up to

grab the coffee pot.

"Rory, I'm not joking. Please sit."

Rory grew pale. "You're really serious, aren't you?" Lorelai nodded. "Oh

Okay. Mrs. Donahue moved to a nursing home and she put her house up for sale. Her

house is really nice. We could call a real estate agent and look at the place

tomorrow," Rory said, with growing excitement.

"Babe, I got a business offer in North Carolina."

Rory's heart stopped. "North Carolina?" she whispered.

Lorelai sighed. "Mia owns an inn there, and she's instead of selling it,

she decided to give it to Sookie and me."

"She gave you an inn?"

"You know how Sookie and I have dreamed of this! And Mia always treated me

like a daughter. Better if you think of the way Mom treats me. I singed the papers

without even thinking honey. I'm so sorry."

"Well, at least Sookie and Jackson will be with us. We'll have fun! Watch

out North Carolina! Here we come!" Rory said faking enthusiasm.

"Well, Babe, that's the thing. Sookie's too far along in her pregnancy to

travel. So we agreed that I would go first to kind of set things up, and in a few

months she and Jackson and the baby will join us."

Rory looked at her mom. She was extremely upset by this news. But she knew

that she could never let her mom know. "That sounds like a good plan. We wouldn't

want anything to happen to Sookie's baby."

"Honey, it's okay to yell and scream and be mad at me. Hell, I know I would

if my Mom just told me I was moving to a new state."

"No Mom, it's okay. Really it is."

Lorelai looked at her daughter, not believing her. "Okay. If you're okay

with this. But honey, you know that if you wanted to finish up the school year at

Chilton you could always stay with your Grandparents."

"What? And miss out on seeing the faces of all the people in the town when

they figure out what weirdoes we are? Never!"

"Hey! I resent that. We're not weirdoes! We're species of a higher being,"

Lorelai replied, playfully smacking Rory on the leg.

"That's what I meant. Oh, by the way, when are we leaving?"

Lorelai gritted her teeth and braced herself, knowing Rory wouldn't like her

answer. "Next week."

Rory just looked at Lorelai with her pretty blue eyes the size of basketballs.

"Oh. Okay, well I guess I should go pack then," she managed to reply. Rory

went to her room, and once the door was closed, tears started pouring down her face.

'North Carolina,' she thought. 'What the hell is there in North Carolina?'

And then all of a sudden she remembered everything she had forgotten in the

past two years. Tristan. Tristan Dugrey and Madeline's party. Romeo and Juliet, the

safe. Military school in North Carolina.

Rory was jerked back to the future when her mother started snoring, but her

thoughts were still on Tristan. She couldn't believe how much she'd thought about

him lately. He haunted her dreams at night and her thoughts by day. He was in her

mind even when she told Jess she was leaving.

Sure she had messed things up at Madeline's party when she ran away from the kiss

she had wanted so desperately, but she wanted to see him more than anything.

"Like that's even possible," she said to herself. "He's in military school. Fat

chance I'll ever see him again."

"See who again?" Lorelai asked, waking up from her nap.

"No one, just go back to sleep Mom."

"Honey, you'll see Jess again. Don't worry."

"I wasn't talking about Jess," Rory sighed.

"Who then?"

"No one."

"Oooh! This must be good since you won't tell me. Hmmmm, It's not Jess, probably

not Luke, I don't think it's Dean, definitely not Taylor unless you have forgotten to

tell me something, ditto Kirk. Lane's not a he-"


"Sorry. Going to sleep now," and with that, Lorelai started to pretend to snore.

All the passengers on the airplane were staring at them.

Rory ignored everyone and turned back to the window, looking at the land sliding

away beneath her, bringing her further and further away from Stars Hollow and all that

she knew.