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chapter 23: The Way Things are Supposed to Be.

Rory pulled up to the big house that was so familiar to her.

She practically ran to the door to ring the doorbell. It was hard for

her to remember why she and her mother used to always fight over who

had to do the horrible task of announcing their presence. Now she was

so happy to be moving in. She had missed her grandparents after all.

"Rory!" Emily said, opening the door herself.

"Grandma!" Rory answered, running into your arms. "Where's the

maid?" she asked.

"I'm actually interviewing one later. Come on in. Where are

all your boxes and such?" She asked as she ushered Rory into the


"The movers truck should be here soon. I think they got lost

about an hour ago."

"I can't believe you've made that miserable drive three times

in one week. Didn't Tristan drive with you here? Where is he?" Emily

said, looking outside.

"He saw Grandpa outside and they're talking," Rory answered.

She was grateful that she had Tristan's company on the drive to Hartford.

In fact, he had never even gone home. It had only been two days since

they had decided Rory was moving, and Tristan had stayed to help her


"Well I can't wait until he comes inside. I haven't seen that

boy since he was a baby and I was visiting his grandmother."

"Well I think you'll be seeing him a lot Grandma," Rory said


"Good. Tell him he is always welcome here."

"I will." Rory looked around the familiar house. She was so

happy to be back in Connecticut. Her grandfather had gotten her back

into Chilton and she would be starting tomorrow, bright and early.

It was definitely good to be back home.

Well, it was almost home. Only one thing was missing, Lorleai.

Looking around her grandparent's house she felt like a traitor, leaving

her mom hundreds of miles away to go live with the people Lorelai had

worked her whole life to get away from.

Rory felt sick to her stomach.


The doorbell rang for the fifth time, and still no one had

moved to answer it. Rory couldn't handle it anymore. She got out of bed

and grimaced at the clock which only read one fifteen.

By the time she walked the distance of the hall, she had

counted at least nine rings of the doorbell. Rory opened the heavy door

and her mouth fell open in shock at the figure.

"Jeez, bad service around here."

"Mom?" Rory cried.

"Hey hon. I thought I was going to stand out here forever. God

its cold."

"Come in. What are you doing here?"

"Well, I better wait until morning, you're going to scream and

wake the whole house up," Lorelai said.

"I'm pretty sure everyone is awake by now. That doorbell can

be heard from China," Rory said.

"Yah, well not if you are Richard and Emily. They sleep heavier

than a rock."

"A rock? Who came up with that saying?" Rory asked.

"Me. The caffeine is wearing off."

"I see. Now tell me why you're hear," she begged.

"Well, I spent all day on the phone with the real estate agent,"

"Go on," Rory prompted when Lorelai paused.

"And I'm selling the inn."

"You're what!" Rory cried. "Mom you can't do that! It's always

been your dream to have your own inn."

"But the timing isn't right. So anyway there's more."


"I bought our house back."

"Our house?"

"In Stars Hollow," Lorelai told her.

"Oh My GOD!" Rory yelled. "You didn't?" Lorelai nodded. "This

is so great. Luke's coffee, here we come!"


Rory sat in her room, looking around contentedly. She had just

finished putting up all of her old posters and shelving her books.

Everything was exactly the same way she remembered her room, except for

the new pictures she added.

Around the room was pictures of her and Tristan. Pictures that

she smiled at whenever she looked at them. She figured that even though

moving to North Carolina was probably the hardest thing she ever had

to do, it was the best in the long run. After all, it brought her to

Tristan, and without that storm, they would probably never have ended

up together.

The doorbell rang and Rory raced to answer it.

"Hey Tris," she said, smiling when she saw the familiar face.

He smiled back and pulled her into a long kiss.

Lorelai pulled into the driveway. She had been out doing errands.

Lorelai looked around at their house and the town that she had come to

love so much over the years. She stopped to watch Rory and Tristan.

"This is definitely the way things are supposed to be," she said

to herself.

And she couldn't have been more right.


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