Title: The Song of the Sea

Author: Di-chan

Rating: R

Pairings: Jack/Will, unrequited Will/Elizabeth, Norrington/Elizabeth, Barbossa/Will, possibly others

Warnings: Slash, het, violence, profanity, non-consensual sex, graphic scenes, spoilers

Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is the copyrighted property of Disney Enterprises, Inc. and affiliated companies and/or third-party licensors. I make no money from the publication of this story nor any of its components. I am not affiliated with Disney Enterprises, Inc. or its affiliated companies and/or third-party licensors. I own the plot and the various original characters who may or may not make appearances in this story, but nothing else.

Summary: Jack the Monkey is a smart little mammal. What happens when he brings the dead Captain Barbossa back to life? What if the undead Captain wanted revenge? But instead of going after Jack Sparrow, he makes the Captain come after him, by taking something important to him... or rather, someone.


Prologue: The Return of Captain Barbossa

The black water parted easily for the small form gliding through it, tiny black eyes glinting in the dim light. A series of small splashes was heard, as an equally small monkey climbed out of the water and scampered up the large pile of gold located in the middle of the cavern. The monkey climbed onto an old, beautifully crafted chest and picked up one of the pieces of gold laying on top. A ray of moonlight then spilled over the pile of gold and the small mammal.

The monkey's features morphed into something gruesome, of hanging grey skin and rotting bones. The mammal's ghastly face twisted into something like a sneer, before he leapt off the chest, gold in hand, with a screech.

Nimbly he landed on the gold again, his form changing back to normal as he entered the shadows again, darting down the pile and across some rocks to a fallen body that lay some feet away on the cold ground. He stopped a few feet from the body, next to a fallen, bloodied sword. Pausing only for a moment, the creature yanked his tail along the sharp blade, spilling precious blood. He shrieked and ran to the fallen man, sitting on his chest and letting the dripping blood trickle into the bullet wound in the man's chest.

Seconds ticked past, and the man's open eyes dilated. The monkey smiled as those yellowed blues focused on him. A smile crinkled across the man's face, and Captain Barbossa sat up and laughed.

The undead Captain rose from where he had fallen, the monkey scampering up to his shoulder, leaving the coin in his hands. He held it up to his face, letting his eyes roam over the etched features of the cursed coin. Turning abruptly he walked to the ancient chest and picked up the medallion, which his so-called savior, young William Turner, had worn. Pocketing it, he finally let a wicked smile spread over his features.

"Well, my dear Jack... looks like we have some hunting to do," he drawled, his deep voice hinting at dark things. The monkey screeched in agreement, and Barbossa laughed again. Turning haunted blue eyes toward the Aztec chest of gold, he whispered to himself, "Yes, my dear Jack... I will have you."


Miles away, on a ship sailing in the middle of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow looked up. Dark, black-lined eyes, painted for protection from the sun, narrowed as they glanced to the side, scanning the horizon for something invisible.

Anamaria stumbled over to him, her breath laden with alcohol and her shirt revealing much of her bosom. "'eeeey, Jack! Watchu lookin' at there, mate?"

The tanned pirate turned a wide grin on his crewmate, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her down to sit next to him. "Now, Anamaria, what would a pretty thing like you be doing visitin' some'un like me? Say! 'ave I ever told ya 'bout the time I..."

Soon he had the dark-skinned girl in the throes of a story made up on the dot. Even as he entranced her and the rest of his crew with wild hand motions and flagrant words, his mind's eye would return to that horizon, wondering what the sudden foreboding feeling in his gut meant.