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Just a cute. short Rott story.


Scott talked to a few of his guy friends during lunch.

"Hey Scott, there's your girlfriend!" One of his friends named Ted yelled, pointing to Jean as she sat down with her friends.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Scott defended.

"Basically! When will the two of you get over the whole 'I don't crush you' thing and just go ask her out. She knows you like her, and you know she likes you, so what's there to fear?" Another boy named Ben asked.

"Look, it's just not like that!" Scott replied before taking a bight of his food.

"Then what is it like?" Ben asked.

"Just. not like that." Scott answered quietly.

"Alright dude." Ted said with a shrug.

Another person came into Scott's sight then. Rogue was walking to an empty table with Risty.

Ted followed his gaze. "Oh, there's that Goth. What's with people today. Social phobia going around?"

"What do you mean?" Scott asked, not liking Ted's tone of dislike.

"She refuses to socialize! Ben asked her on a date the other day and she was down right cruel!" Ted explained.

Scott quickly looked over at his friend. "You? Asked Rogue on a date?" He asked in disbelief. For some reason, he almost felt angry at the boy.

Ben nodded. "Yeah, I didn't think she'd be so rude though!"

"Why Rogue?" Scott asked.

"Look at her! Just needs a change of make-up and she'd be hott. Come on man! Plus, everyone knows that she's just about the only girl that no one can have." Ben replied.

"Don't you live with her Scott?" Ted asked.

"Yeah, she lives at the institute. Why?" Scott asked, staring at the Goth.

"You think you could hook me up with her then?"


"What? She turned you down!" Ted defended.

Scott shook his head. "I can't just 'hook you up' with her. She's not that easily guided. She's just. Rogue!" Scott stated firmly.

Ted shrugged. "Whatever man, I'll just have to try for myself."

"Come on Ted! Leave her be. You don't even like her for who she is, and she's had a hard enough time as it is. She doesn't deserve that! Don't you think there's a reason for the way she is?!" Scott demanded.

"What does it matter to you Scott? You only live with her. Not like she's your girlfriend or your sister!" Ben pointed.

"It's not right guys, your being stupid! Leave her alone!" Scott said angrily.

"Scott! It's okay, it's not like I'd be cruel to her."

"Ted just don't-" "And what claim to you think you have for her anyway? You've never given her the time of day and you like Jean anyway." Ted said seriously.

"What do you mean, 'I've never given her the time of day'?" Scott asked defensively.

"Oh yeah, that's right. Before she joined the institute you gave her a lot of thought, but once she joined it was bubye Goth. Hello prep." Ben said in mock thought.

"Ya, you're confusing man. For heaven's sake, before she joined that institute of yours, I thought you had a crush on her. But then the second she joined, it was like she didn't matter anymore."

"That's not true!" Scott defended.

"Uh huh. Of course it's not. Look, even she noticed it, okay. Before she joined I could tell that she was attracted to you, but she kept denying it. Once she joined she accepted it, but that's when you began ignoring her. Geeze, I could 'see' how much it hurt her. I'm pretty sure she's gotten over it though." Ben replied.

Scott shook his head. "I didn't ignore her! It's just that I didn't have any reason to constantly talk to her or anything. I didn't just drop her and she knows it."

"Oh really? Go ask her then. She'd probably tell you different." Ted challenged, thrusting his head in the Goth's direction.

"Fine! I will!" Scott said, getting up and heading over to the table Rogue was at.

"Hi Risty." He said, setting his tray down next to her so he was facing Rogue.

"Oh. hi Scott." She said in an amused voice. "Rogue, I'm done with my food so I'm just going to dump the rest and get some homework done. Sorry not to stick around Summers." She said, standing up.

Scott nodded to her and Rogue watched her leave. "What do'ya want Scott?" Rogue asked.

"Nothing, can't I just sit with a friend?" He asked.

"Uh. yeah, y'can. That's a little besides tha point. What y'doin' here?" Rogue asked, playing with her food, her eyes staring at her tray.

"I'm just sitting with a friend!" Scott said a little annoyed.

Rogue nodded. "Right, and what does Scott want from 'is friend?"

"Nothing! I just want to sit with you." He said, wondering if Ted and Ben had been right.

He couldn't help noticing a little color form on Rogue's cheeks and wondered if he was imagining things.

"That's a little hard t'belive. Ya've never just come t'sit near me fer no reason." Rogue replied setting down her fork. "Wouldn' y'much prefer sittin' next t'Jean?" Rogue asked, glancing over at the red head.

Scott sighed. "Has it seemed like I've completely ignored you after you joined the X-men?" He blurted.

Rogue looked startled by this question. She then looked as if she were fighting about what she was going to say next.

Scott ran his hand through his hair. "It has hasn't it?" He asked quietly.

Rogue shook her head. "Yo've given me as much attention as a leader should."

Scott sighed. "I'm talking about the team Rogue, I'm talking about as friends."

"Well, Scott, we've nevah been much more then acquaintances really. Ah mean, off the team." Rogue answered.

"What do you mean?" Scott asked.

"Ah mean, other then when we're on a mission or trainin' we don do anythin' t'gether. Don' worry about it Scott. It was the same before Ah joined too. Y'talked t'me ta try and git me t'join. Nothin's changed." Rogue replied, and Scott thought he heard a small undertone of disappointment and regret. This sentence though, almost hurt him worse and didn't comfort him at all.

Scott entwined his fingers in his hair. "So, we've never been friends?" He asked.

Rogue shook her head. "Ah don' think that should hurt too much though Scott, yo've always got Jean." Rogue said before standing up with her tray in hand. He had heard another undertone though, of anger and envy in those words. He then watched the Goth walk off.

Ted and Ben sat down on either side of him. "So? Were we right? Or were we right?" Ben asked.

"I've got to go to class!" Scott snorted, standing up and walking off.