Kitty, Kurt, Scott, Jean, and Evan all walked down to the med lab with a quietly sober air about them. Xavier had called them down.

When they got to the door Jean put her hand on the knob but didn't open it right away. "Okay guys, whats ever on the other side of this door, try to stay calm." Jean said quietly to them. There was a couple of nods but mostly everyone was holding their breathes.

Jean opened the door to reveal three occupants. Xavier was the first one they saw. He was of course in his wheel chair looking rather stressed. Rogue lay in the center of the room, starch white and unconscious but clean and bandaged.

Logan was the last one in the room. He was sitting in a chair next to the bed Rogue was lying in. The thing that stood out most to the five teens though was that Logan's bare hands clasped Rogue's naked ones… and nothing was happening.

The first sound to pierce the eerie silence was a short high pitched yell from Kitty. Her knees gave out then and she crumpled to the ground crying. Kurt stumbled backward until he ran into the wall where he stared at Rogue with watering white eyes.

Scott's knees went weak as well and he fell hard onto them unbelievingly. Jean and Evan just stood there, jaws dropped.

Kitty began sobbing loudly and roughly banged her fists repeatedly against the tile floor. "No… no… this can't be happening! It can't!" She muttered quickly through sobs.

Kurt began speaking rapidly in German through gasps. He was beginning to hyperventilate and he began to shake vigorously. Jean and Evan hurried over to him to try and calm him but he began shaking his head furiously while ranting on in German between gasps, coughs, and random sobs.

Scott fell to his hands. Now on his knees and hands he pounded his fist once against the ground and he began to cry silently and shake his head slowly in disbelief.

Logan looked at the teens, his face stricken with grief, matching that of the other young mutants. He looked back at Rogue and laid his forehead on their entwined hands.

Kitty's attack on the floor was beginning to weaken but her sobbing remained just as violent.

Kurt was now speaking loudly in German and completely ignoring Evan, Xavier, and Jean's attempts to calm him. He was hyperventilating though and eventually his eyes rolled up into his head and he slid to the floor and just sat there on the floor nearly unconscious.

Kitty's sobbing finally began to calm for she was too tired to continue. Scott just remained on his hands and knees, his fists clenched and his chest heaving with his sobs. No one could believe what was happening!

When it was finally quiet enough Xavier cleared his throat. "I wish you would have let me speak first." He said in a wavering voice. Kitty swiveled her around to see the professor. Evan and Jean looked at him from their crouched positions on either side of Kurt. Scott just lifted his head, his eyes red from crying.

"She's not dead… she's just so far gone that her powers aren't working." He said quickly. Kitty and Scott looked as if they could have strangled him if they'd have had the strength. Kurt was too close to unconsciousness to even understand the professor and Jean and Evan sighed in relief.

"I was hoping to explain it better but, since the time for explanations have passed, I think it's time to try and bring her back." Xavier said. "I'm not guaranteeing. We'd need a miracle to save her.

"What do we like, need to do for her professor?" Kitty asked weakly.

"Well, first I'd like you all to leave. Even you Logan. All but Scott. I'd like to talk to him alone." Xavier told them.

Jean and Evan glanced at each other and Kitty just looked unbelieving. "You mean, you, like, want us to leave her again?"

"You'll be helping her Kitty. Now please, leave Scott and I." Xavier explained. Kitty then weakly got to her feet. Jean and Evan grabbed one of Kurt's arms each and they picked him up and lead him out. Kitty stood as well and left reluctantly. Logan on the other hand didn't move at all.

"Logan, please." Xavier asked.

Slowly, Logan pushed his chair out, stood, placed a small kiss on Rogue's forehead and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

"What do you want professor?" Scott asked with a wavering voice.

"Look Scott, she's just barely alive. She'll probably be dead by evening, but she's holding on. She could survive this if she tries. Something you said back in that room with her must have made her want to try though. I can't tell what, her psyche is too far gone as well. I can't reach it; I can hardly detect it."

"So you're saying?" Scott questioned.

"Talk to her. Logan tried but she didn't respond. I think that if anyone can reach her it'd be you. I'll leave you alone with her." Xavier said before turning and leaving.

Scott sighed. He had remembered her begging for him to let her go. He thought he had and had regretted it. Now he was wondering if he should again.

"No! You held on; I gave you your chance, this time I'm not letting go!" Scott said aloud, walking over to Rogue's bedside. He sat down on the bed beside her. "Come on Rogue. I've never seen you give up on anything, don't start now." Scott said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Not surprisingly, Rogue did not respond.

Scott lifted her upper body so he could move farther onto the bed and he laid her in his lap. Then, with his bare fingers he touched her forehead then ran his fingers through her two-toned hair. "We need you Rogue. You should have seen Kurt and Kitty! Do you really want to put them, me, through that again? If you don't come back for yourself, then come back for us." He told her as he absently stroked her hair back.

"You're so cold." He muttered, commenting on her skin. He then wondered if her skin always was cold. There was no way to find out though.

He sat like that for a while, hoping she'd come back to him.

"What do you want me to say Rogue? I'll do it! What do you want?" Scott suddenly demanded.

Silence was his only answer and he bowed his head.

He spoke again. "How could you do this to me Rogue? You're putting it all on me while you take the easy way out. I Know you can understand, know what it's like to love someone but to not be able to have them." Scott continued. He closed his eyes then opened them and just stared at her face. This was his final chance.

Scott bent down and carefully set his lips on hers. He then kissed her fully but she still did not respond and when he pulled away she was still as motionless as before. "I love you Rogue. Please come back to me. I've lived long enough with out you, must you still evade me? I thought you cared, you told me you did…"


He shook her vigorously. "Come on! You need to come back!" He said, but still there was no reply, no change. He lifted her further into his arms and cradled her. "Please!…. please…." He pleaded quietly. He sat like that for a good five minutes embracing the Goth.

_May we come in Scott? Have you had any luck?_ Xavier's voice went into his head.

I don't think I'm getting anywhere, and I don't think I can. You mine as well come in. Scott replied, lightening his embrace and just holding her in his arms.

The door opened and Xavier wheeled in followed by Logan. Jean came through next followed by a now conscious Kurt and Evan. Kitty came in last. Her eyes were red and she had circles under them.

"Any luck?" Evan asked concerned.

Scott looked down at the girl in his arms then shook his head. "No, I'm afraid not." He said as moisture began to press against his eyeballs.

Logan moved around to his seat and sat down. He sighed and reached his hand out to grab onto Rogue's. He wrapped his fingers around Rogue's and his eyes went suddenly wide. He gasped for air then fell to the ground unconscious.

The room went completely silent and everyone held their breathes. There was a soft moan and Rogue shifted in Scott's arms. Scott stiffened and so did Kitty and Kurt.

Rogue shuffled slightly and slowly she sat up. Kitty gasped then fainted and slowly a smile spread across Kurt's face.

Scott couldn't help the small smile that formed on his lips, nor could he help the tears of relief that escaped his eyes. Evan smiled big and Jean forced a smile.

"Oh my gosh! Logan! Ah'm so sorry!" Rogue said, leaning over the bed to look at the sprawled man.

"He'll be fine Rogue. How are you feeling?" Xavier asked concerned.

"Ah'm fine, Ah-"

"Professor! The Brother Hood have just forced entry." Ororo suddenly interrupted. "Mystique is with them."

"What?!" Rogue growled, jumping out of bed.

"Rogue, you need to get rested!" Xavier said firmly. Rogue was ripping off her bandages though and she grabbed some gloves and hurried out the door.

The others (not including Logan and Kitty) followed quickly behind her. When they got to the front doors the Brother Hood was dressed and ready with Mystique at their lead.

"We want to see Rogue!" Lance was saying to a rather annoyed Storm.

Rogue walked straight to the brother hood and as she reached Mystique they were all surprised as she flung her leg around in a round house kick and kicked Mystique in the chest and sent her instantly to the ground.

Mystique let out a scream of pain and once she was on the ground she looked shocked at the Goth as Rogue hovered over her, a foot on either side. Rogue then bent down so she was crouching over her and she grabbed the collar of her shirt.

"Give meh the disk!" She growled.

"The what?!" Mystique asked with wide eyes.

"Tha disk! Y'know what Ah'm talkin' about!" Rogue growled, shoving Mystique further into the ground.

"You mean…?" Mystqiue questioned quietly.

"Yes! The disk y'stole so ya had people t'black mail!" Rogue growled.

 Mystique's eyes went wider. "I don't have that on me." She said.

Rogue lifted a fist and punched her. "Don't lie t'me!"

Mystique didn't reply at first but instead just tried to recover from the blow. The Brother Hood and X-men just stared at her in surprised aw. They didn't understand what was going on and the Brother Hood were surprised to see Rogue looking so healthy after what they had heard.

"I don't have it now!" Mystique replied.

Rogue smirked and this surprised them all even more. "So how do you like it t'have someone askin' ya t'give them somethin' y'don't have!" Rogue growled. "How do you feel t'be gettin' hurt because y'can't tell them, or in yer case give them, what they're asking ya too!"

Mystique just stared at her as they all soaked in the info. Mystique's eyes went even wider. "It was them?!"

Rogue nodded. "And guess who they were aftah?" Rogue asked. Mystique knew that it was herself that they were after. "Yes, you. But what doya think they did when they coul'n' fihnd ya?"

Mystique winced and closed her eyes tightly. "Yeah, That's right!" Rogue growled. She then shoved her once then got off her.

Mystique stood and removed a disk from a small pouch no one had noticed before. Rogue narrowed her eyes and snatched it away. She immediately threw it to the ground and struck it with her heel. She then whirled around and ran up the stairs to her room.

"Lance! I think you should go!" Kitty; who had awoken and come upstairs to witness the second half of the event; growled.

Scott looked around then chased after Rogue. He followed her to her room.

"Rogue? Are you okay?" Scott asked as he entered the room.

"Yeah, fihne, why wouldn't Ah be?" Rogue asked.

"You were nearly dead three minutes ago!" Scott said incredulously.

"Ah'd prefer not t'talk about it." Rogue said, looking slightly ashamed.

"I think you need to." Scott said, taking her shoulders in his hands.

"What's there t'talk about?!" Rogue questioned stepping away.

"You were going to give up Rogue. I couldn't believe it! None of us could." Scott replied.

"Ya don't know what it's lihke…" Rogue said indifferently.

"But if you'd tell me, maybe I would." Scott said hopefully.

"Scott, why are ya doin' this?" Rogue asked, putting her head down.

"I told you Rogue. Do you not remember what I said?" He asked.

"Ah remember, it's what made meh come back." Rogue said quietly.

Scott couldn't help himself. He immediately opened his arms and wrapped them around her and pulled her to him.

Rogue was taken aback by this. "Ya-ya weren't jus' sayin' that t'bring meh back?" She asked in surprised.

"No Rogue, I meant it!" Scott replied, moving her back slightly so he could look her in the eye. "I mean it."

Rogue's eyes lit with hope. Suddenly they faltered and she looked down. "What about Jean?"

Scott shook his head. "You made me realize that I didn't really love her. I had just thought I did."

Rogue looked back up at him. "So this is real?" Rogue asked.

"Very real." Scott assured her. "I love you Rogue.

Rogue smiled. "I love ya too Scott," Rogue said, resting her head on his chest. "I love you too."




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