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With high expectations, in the 21st century, a large portion of mankind leaves Earth, to begin a new life in space colonies. However, the Earth Sphere Alliance government gains substantial military power, and uses this to bring the colonies under it's dictorial rule, in the name of justice, and peace.

In the year After Colony 195, rebel citizens of certain colonies start a scheme known as Operation Meteor, with the goals of bringing new weapons to earth to destroy the corrupt militaristic government and it's cruel armed forces, disguising them as shooting stars.

These weapons take the form of five massive humanoid robots known as Gundam mobile suits, each with it's own young, but highly skilled pilot, each trained in the art of war. For many months, these pilots fight a gureilla war against the government and the military organisation known as OZ. Fighting for peace, yet branded as terrorists, they face a bleak future.

In the year AC 196, this war is ended, and a temporary peace descends on the Eartb Sphere. However, there is always those who are not satisfied with peace, and fight for their own gain. A large revolution by the militaristic Barton Foundation proves this fact, and also the fact that in order to maintain peace, weapons will always be required, and a special organisation, the preventers are set up to gaurd this peace. As the ultimate weapons, the Gundams and their pilots are incorporated into this group.

The year now, is AC 198 and the future for mankind seems full of peace and promise under the guiding hand of the peace-promoting Vice Foriegn Minister Relena Dorlain..

But one thing no-one has planned for, is a threat originating from beyond known space...