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SG1 stepped out of the rippling blue event horizon, eyes scanning the view before them.

"Oh, look, trees." Jack commented, gaining an exasperated smile from Sam.

"According to the UAV readings there should be a settlement over that way." Daniel pointed off to their right.

"I'm sorry Daniel…d'you want to be a bit more specific than 'that way'" Jack said, rolling his eyes at the archaeologist as they headed out. They made it almost to the line of trees when they heard the sound of heavy feet on packed earth.

"O'Neill, I do not believe that the people headed our way are villagers." Jack looked at Teal'c, and decided to err on the side of caution, trusting his Jaffa friends judgement. Signalling them into the dense brush they lay in wait.

Their caution was rewarded when two Jaffa came into view, marching a tall figure, in a black cloak, hood raised, hiding their face. Their arms were bound tightly in front of them, shoulders slumped dejectedly.

"We have to help them." Daniel whispered urgently.

"Daniel NO, wait." Jack called back, equally urgently as he sprang out, zat raised and charging forwards. He Zatted one while Teal'c got the other, sprinting forward to help his friend. As soon as the two Jaffa dropped to the floor the cloaked figure twisted its arms, somehow freeing itself from its bonds. It glanced about once before darting off to the cover of the trees, ignoring Daniels frenzied calls.

"Will you stop doing that, you'll end up getting yourself killed. Dial up; I don't want to be here when their friends arrive." Daniel opened his mouth to object. "Now, Daniel!" The younger man glared at him but moved over to the DHD and started dialling.

"Sir!" Sam called from where the two fallen Jaffa lay.

"What is it Carter?" he asked, walking over to her, keeping an eye out for any more Jaffa. He nodded to Teal'c to join Daniel and moved to his Majors side.

"Well whoever that was they'd been tied with rope and somehow managed to cut it loose without any them noticing. More importantly though, these look like Nirrti's Jaffa, sir."

"As in likes to screw with your DNA Nirrti? Dead Nirrti?" At that point the familiar sound of the gate opening beckoned for their attention. Before they could travel more than a few steps daggers of blue energy swept toward them and they fell to the floor, unconscious. Sending Teal'c through Daniel turned just in time to see them fall, reflexively ducking a shot toward him and moving toward his friends.

"NO! GO BACK!" he looked up, surprised to see the tall, cloaked figure running toward him, miraculously keeping the hood up. HE paused mid-stride, thanking whatever local deity as the staff blast that would previously have hit him flashed past his torso. In that moment of indecision the figure caught up to him and grabbed him, slinging him over its shoulder and darting toward the Stargate. It thrust him bodily through before turning to run. It's luck ran out at that moment as a staff blast hit in front of its feet, throwing it off balance. With a hiss of pain as spots of molten rock hit it fell through the gate.


"Teal'c, What in gods name is going on? Where are the rest of SG1?"

"General Hammond. We encountered a few Jaffa and Colonel O'Neill decided it best that we return home." He frowned. "They should have been directly behind me." As if to punctuate his remark the event horizon rippled again as Daniel fell through, landing with a grunt of pain, annoyance and fear etched on his face.

"DR Jackson, are you alright?" he looked up at him slightly dazed.

"They shot Sam and Jack and they…picked me up and threw me through." NO sooner had he finished than an unknown figure, cloaked in black fell through landing heavily, with another hiss of pain. A blast of energy flew through after it and Hammond made the executive decision to close the iris.

The Figure rose immediately, hood still in place and turned to find more than a few weapons directed at it. Though Daniel wasn't impressed at being forced to leave his friends behind he wouldn't let an innocent creature be shot.

"NO, wait, don't shoot." He called out, moving toward the figure. It drew back in fear, still staying silent, the only sign of life the nervous movement of its head as it looked at the people arrayed in front of it.

"DR Jackson, just what is going on? Where are Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter and who is this."

"Well General, Sam and Jack were on their way to the Stargate when some Jaffa appeared and shot them with a at gun." Hammond could see the guilt and grief written on his face, mirrored by Teal'cs usually emotionless face. "I tried to go after them and...this person ran out of the woods, carried me back and threw me through the gate." Daniel was torn between hate and gratitude. Hate because he'd been stopped from helping his friends, gratitude because they'd saved his life.

"Had I known of the situation I too would have returned for them." Teal'c said, suddenly frowning at his friend. "DanielJackson are you hurt?" seeming to suddenly notice he was cradling his left arm to his body he looked at it in shock.

"Oh, its just my wrist." He said dismissively.

"I want you to get to the infirmary and once your finished see me for a debrief." Hammond ordered. "But first, I want to know who this is and are they a threat to my people?"

"Actually, sir, I'm not sure who this is. They were a prisoner of two Jaffa we encountered." Daniel replied, looking sheepish. Not waiting for any comment from Hammond he turned to the figure. "Hello, I'm Daniel Jackson. We need to know who you are, for safety reasons. We don't mean you any harm - the guns are just there for security, from the Goa'uld." The figure moved from its overly defensive posture and turned around, to face away from everyone. Hesitantly it raised it's hands and pulled back the hood, revealing dark, greenish hair. Then, as if steeling itself it removed the robe entirely and turned around, looking towards the floor, ready to bolt. A collective gasp went up from everyone in the Gate room and the Control room.

The creature looked part human, part reptile. It had waist length dark green hair and for the most part her skin was a light green but all over her ran a pattern of dark green scales, contrasting hugely. There was no doubt that she was a she, slender and shapely she looked almost human, but not quite and it was that which shocked them most. She stood stock still, yellow eyes with slit pupils stood out as they darted around the room unblinking. Her face, a pale green but with five points of dark scales and a line across her brows and down her nose - one from her chin to her bottom lip, two below each cheekbone halfway to her nose and the final two from her hairline mid-way to her eyebrows - showed very human emotions.

She was afraid, terrified of all the people staring at her, most of them armed and she could smell their fear, thick in the air they'd shoot at the slightest reason.


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