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"NO!" Jack heard Daniels anguished cry as the archaeologist ran forwards to the fallen figure of Green, shortly followed by a concerned Janet.

There was a moment's pause before Jack, Teal'c, Jacob and Sam simultaneously fired at the remnants of the bushes that had covered their ambusher's position. They caught the glimmer of a gold before one last, armoured figure slumped forwards. They quickly ran to catch up with Daniel, who was now kneeling beside their fallen friend.

Jacob fumbled for a moment before bringing out the healing device and moving it over the cracked and charred skin of Green. The blast had hit her in the chest but she was still alive, though barely and not for much longer.

Jack, ever aware, especially after his experiences of the last week, was the first to notice movement out of the corner of his eye and spun, weapon aimed at the figures chest.

A surge of anger and hatred rose through him, permeating every fibre of his body as he recognised the 'Voice', the one who had ordered the crucifixion of himself and Sam.

He pulled the trigger on his P90, his cold rage only increasing when the golden shield deflected the bullets harmlessly, Sam's bullets doing exactly the same, seconds later.

He turned to Teal'c, who had appeared by his side even as Sam had fired.

"Give me your knife!" he ordered. Teal'c raised his eyebrow and complied. The M9 Bayonet wasn't as well balanced, as a throwing knife but it would work just as well. Jack blocked out the sound of the Voice's mirthless laughter, barely registering the sound of Hammond's concerned voice over the radio, the signal coming form the open Stargate.

Jack didn't throw the knife straight away, content to glare at the Voice, as he walked towards them.

The Voice couldn't see what Jack could see though and carried on with his self-adoring dialogue. Leaving the forest behind him, where the Jaffa had recently hidden was a crowd of men, armed with bows, cross bows, knifes and swords.

"You think that your pathetic projectile weapons can kill me?" It laughed. "I am a God! Nirrti was a fool to allow herself to be killed by you."

"You are a false God!" Teal'c yelled back at him but was cut off by the other as he walk still nearer.

"I ought to thank you really, you did me a great service, allowing me to convince those pathetic peasants to follow me, to give me time to gain power after I matured. They were foolish enough to believe and to follow blindly and now I rule. Soon I shall have a great Empire and I will crush those who oppose me."

"That's close enough!" Jack finally decided. "Take a look around snakehead, you just dug yourself a hell of a hole." The voice's eyes flashed in anger and he started to raise his hand, intending to use the hand device on it but Jack moved faster and the knife he held was suddenly embedded in the throat of the young Goa'uld.

He turned to find Daniel once again knelt by the still injured lizard Girl.

"It didn't work." Jacob explained quietly. "The healing device just wouldn't work." He was baffled and Jack could see his own sorrow mirrored n the eye of his friends and comrades.

Daniel gripped her hand and looked into her pain filled yellow orbs. She stared up blankly, her eyes glazed, not noticing Janet's futile attempts to help her. The only people to have ever survived wounds like these had been placed in a sarcophagus, or had the Nox to help them.

All of a sudden she took a deep breath and turned to look at Daniel.

"A name." She said quietly, her eyes suddenly cleared of the pain they'd held before. Daniel looked at her incomprehensibly for a moment before nodding.

"Shen'tiel." He told her, his voice cracking. "It means Green Shoot in Abidonian." He let out an ironic laugh before continuing. "It symbolised new growth, new hope." He told her.

She smiled a wide smile at him, her eyes shining.

"Thank you. I can be free, I can be a new hope for others, like me." She told him, the words coming exceptionally easily.

Daniel looked at her in confusion as her body suddenly relaxed and she expelled one last breath.

Daniels heart screamed in anguish as Shen'tiel, who had suffered so much died from a wound gained in order for other to live and to be free. He closed his eyes, mentally screaming She didn't deserve this!

He didn't see what appeared to be a fine green mist rise from her body, swirling as if in a wind as it coalesced into the form of Shen'tiel.

He put the ruffling of his hair down to the wind.

He looked up when he felt a hand on his shoulder, expecting to see Jack or Sam but finding a smiling Shen'tiel instead.

He gazed at her in wonder, spluttering and noticing for the first time that a crowd of the villagers had arrived and had been talking to Jack and Teal'c.

Many of the older men made the sign of a cross and uttered a prayer to the gods.

The cry of a young girl made everyone turn and stare as a somewhat bruised and battered girl ran up, shouting.

"Do not kill her, do not kill the Green one. It was not her, she saved me." The girl yelled breathlessly, her face a mask of pain as she ran to stand in front of Shen'tiel.

"Vittorria!" the cry came from the man who headed the group, the one who had accused Shen'tiel of attacking his daughter. He had a large bruise on one temple and he rushed forward to embrace his daughter. "You should be in bed child, you must rest." He admonished her quietly.

"Father, I could not let you kill the green one. She saved me from Alderman Jones!" the Father turned to Shen'tiel, looking slightly fearful. He glanced at her motionless body before looking back to her now.

"You are an Angel?" he asked in awe.

She shook her head No, her dark green hair waving slightly in an unseen wind.

"No, I am a protector. A bringer of hope, nothing more." She told them, with a significant glance at Daniel.

"You are an Angel." The young Girl announced. "Angels protect us." She told the adults gathered, who agreed wholeheartedly.

"Not everything turns out as you want." She reminding Daniel and, with one last smile to them all she disappeared, a swirl of green mist whipped away by a wind that was felt only by Jack and Sam, who closed their eyes as it pulled gently at their hair.


When they finally reached the other side of the gate, much to the relief of General Hammond they were bundled off to the infirmary where a silent Sam and Jack were kept in overnight at Janet's demand. She didn't know what longer-term effects there might be. She was particularly concerned about Jacks knee and, much as she hated the idea and had dreaded telling him she had reluctantly informed him that she would have to take him off of regular active duty, restricting him to the occasional mission.

Jack had explained that the villagers had come after Shen'tiel, intending to kill her for harming eh child and killing the other man.

No one knew quite what had happened to Shen'tiel. The villagers had explained that the gods had called her into their service, that she had been made an angel but the sceptical humans dismissed it, assuming it was something like Daniels ascension – unexplainable but it happened nonetheless.

Daniel understood that she was happy where she was, that she would never have fit in anywhere and she would be able to help this way but he still grieved for her. He had only known her for a short while but he had liked her and it hurt him that someone so good had suffered so much.

Over time she became a legendary figure, still believed in thousands of years later, all over the Galaxy, by all races.

She was the protector of the innocent and the saviour of the victims.

Once Jack and Sam were finally left alone they could think of nothing to say to reach other.

With that finally contact with Shen'tiel both had felt a particular memory return, clear as day and imprinted on their minds. I love you were the echoes of the memories that played on their minds constantly and the feeling that there was something they should remember was finally gone.


Daniel looked up from the writing he was translating when breeze shuffled the paper on his desk. Why is there a breeze 20 floors underground? He thought, slightly concerned.

Realisation dawned as he saw a figure before him, a smile covering her features.

"Shen'tiel!" he greeted her, with a smile.

"There's someone you might like to see." She told him with a smile.

A few hours later they arrived on a new planet to find a bewildered Sarah Gardener, free of Osiris and waiting to go home.

Shen'tiel left them then, just one of a long list of the victims of the Goa'uld that she would help.


A year and a half later a daughter was born to Jonathon and Samantha O'Neill, named Chloe, in memory if the events that brought them together and the being that had saved them, and so many since then.

Daniel Jackson looked at his Fiancée and smiled down at their small goddaughter.

"Well Janet, don't you think Cassie deserves a little brother or Sister?" he asked her with a smile.


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