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Chapter Fifteen: The Truth

"Rin!" Kagome gasped, jolting into a sitting position. She glanced around sharply, then groaned. "Oh man, my head," she groaned, her hand resting on her head. She yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she glanced around the room.

"How did I get here?" she wondered. She was back in her time in her room.

She shoved the covers to the side and gasped. Instead of the white suit she had on when she blacked out, she had on a pair of wine colored silk boy shorts and a white tank top. Kagome shrugged and swung her legs off the bed, heading for her dresser drawer. She glanced to her chair in the corner and found the white suit draped across the back with the black armor beside it. Kagome sighed, still trying to figure out how she got to her time when she stepped into the hallway. A small voice came from downstairs, arguing with another.

"When can I wake Kagome?" Shippou asked. Kagome smiled. 'I wonder how he got here?' Then someone growled an answer, to which Shippou cried "Awww!" Kagome shook her head as she headed for the bathroom. Shippou continued asking questions, and was answered with growls. Kagome stepped inside the bathroom and closed the door. As she took her shower, she came to her own conclusions about things.

"Apparently Inuyasha brought me back after I passed out, Shippou came with him, and they've waited all day for me to wake up. I guess Mama changed my clothes, but where is she now?"

Kagome heard a shriek and a whirling downstairs. Recognizing the whirling as the trash compactor, Kagome grabbed a towel and dashed down the stairs to the kitchen, wrapping the towel around her as she went.

There in the kitchen was a startled Shippou, attached to the ceiling fan. He stared down at the sink as if it would eat him. He turned to Kagome and grinned, relieved. He leaped down from the fan and came barreling at Kagome. Kagome braced herself for the impact, grasping the front of the towel with her eyes squinted shut.

The impact never came.

Kagome cracked one eye open and nearly dropped her towel in surprise.

"I would suggest you keep that on," Sesshoumaru said as he put Shippou on the table. Kagome blushed, but tightened her grip on the towel. She glared at them both suddenly.

"What's going on?" she demanded. Sesshoumaru moved past her to the living room and turned on the t. v.

"I tried to tell the kitsune that the sink is dangerous, but he would not listen," Sesshoumaru said as he flipped through the channels. Finding a good samurai flick, he settled into the easy chair and ignored them completely.

"How's Rin?" she asked as she picked Shippou up.

"Rin is alive," Sesshoumaru said, his attention away from the TV for a moment.

"Did you use the Tenseiga on her again?" Kagome asked.

Shippou quirked an eyebrow curiously. "No, he didn't. You did."

Kagome frowned down at him. "I can't use the Tenseiga. You know that."

"He speaks the truth," Sesshoumaru said, turning off the TV. The movie on was a favorite of his, one Kagome showed him repeatedly when she taught him what TV's were for. He mentally sighed and turned to them.

"It is a shock to us all. After all, a mere human should not be able to use either sword."

"That's not all you did, Kagome," Shippou said, playing with a wet strand of her hair. "You ch-"

"A-hem," Sesshoumaru interrupted. Shippou quieted again, leaving Kagome confused. Sesshoumaru picked up before Kagome asked any questions. "You have been asleep for a week."

"A WEEK?!!!! Oh my God, what's Inuyasha gonna say? I can hear him now 'Come on, wench. We have shards to find.' I bet he'll be mad when he gets here!"

"You do not have to worry about the hanyou," Sesshoumaru said as he walked past her and Shippou to the fridge. He yanked out a bottle of water and sat down at the kitchen table, taking sips as he spoke. "He tried to take you back to your time while you were unconscious. He leaped into the well, but only you went through. He tried again but the well would not accept him."

"He and Sesshoumaru got into it," Shippou interrupted, earning a growl from Sesshoumaru. Shippou kept going, knowing that if things got too rough Kagome could always 'down' the youkai.

"Anyway, they started to fight, because Inuyasha was being such a jerk, and somehow Sesshoumaru landed in the well. We looked inside and found him gone. Inuyasha went crazy, to say the least. He smashed stuff up good. He even scared Rin."

Sesshoumaru growled. "Why did you not tell me that when you arrived?"

"You were so worried about Kagome, I thought I'd just tell you later-Eep!" Shippou scurried behind Kagome's head as Sesshoumaru reached for him.

Kagome sighed. "Don't make me say it, Sesshoumaru."

"Say what?" he growled, still intent on getting a hold of Shippou. Kagome sighed again. "You know something? You and Inuyasha have more in common than you think. Down."


Sesshoumaru crashed to the ground, subdued and angry. "I can NOT believe you did that!"

Shippou chuckled as Kagome shook her head. "Believe it. Now what did my mother say when she saw you?"

Sesshoumaru's tail twitched irritably. "When I arrived, you were still in the well. I carried you out and to your room."

"What about my mother? What did she say?"

Sesshoumaru's tail pointed to a note on the refrigerator. Kagome sat Shippou on the couch out of Sesshoumaru's immediate reach and read the note. It was written in English, but she read it easily. She paled as she read, realizing who changed her clothes.


Your brother, grandfather and I are going to your aunt's for two weeks. Have fun in the Feudal Era and tell Inuyasha Souta says hello.


"oh crap," Kagome gasped, glaring at Sesshoumaru. "You changed my clothes?" She thought about what she woke up in, and what she didn't. She blushed, embarrassed, then outraged. Kagome stomped over to Sesshoumaru, leaning over him and screaming for all she was worth.

"You saw me NUDE?!!! Who told you to UNDRESS me you HENTAI?!!!! I can't BELIEVE YOU!!!!"

Sesshoumaru and Shippou winced under the 'assault'. Shippou could cover his ears, but Sesshoumaru was still subdued. Shippou sacrificed his own well-being and jumped off the table to Sesshoumaru's shoulder. Using his tail for his own ears and his hands for Sesshoumaru's, he muffled her screaming fit until Kagome was blue in the face. She sat down and did a few breathing exercises until she calmed down. She stared at them both before realizing how loud she was.

"Oh. Sorry." She crossed her legs and turned to them, propping her elbow on her knee and resting her head in the palm of her hand.

"What happened to Naraku?" she asked.

"Kagome, it was awesome! You-"

"Fainted and Inuyasha and I destroyed the remaining youkai and the Naraku puppet. We brought you to the village afterwards," Sesshoumaru interrupted, earning a foul look from Shippou.

Kagome nodded. "I see. How long have you been here, Shippou?"

"Three days."

"And you, Sesshoumaru?"

"One week."

Kagome gasped in surprise. "You've been here, with me, for a week?"

Sesshoumaru stood up and rubbed his legs, willing away the numb feeling in them from the subdue. "Yes. Why are you surprised?"

"I just…well, I just thought you'd be with Rin or something."

"Rin is with Shorin, the exterminator, and the houshi. You, however, were alone and would be for a time if I read the note correctly."

Kagome slapped her forehead lightly. 'I forgot I taught him a little English. I wondered when that would come back to haunt me.' She sighed and stood up, scratching her back. "Oh well. If Inuyasha can't come and bother us, how about we have some fun?"

Shippou and Sesshoumaru looked at her questioningly as she disappeared. She came back down a few minutes later in a pair of denim shorts and a lime green baby t-shirt. She struggled to put her sneakers on and walk at the same time as she came back in the kitchen.

"O. k., Sesshoumaru. There's a change of clothes for you in the bathroom. I'm sure you know how to use it. Change and meet us back here."

Sesshoumaru nodded and left the room as Kagome picked up Shippou. She carried him to her mother's bathroom and filled the tub. As Shippou bathed, she searched the same chest she found Sesshoumaru's clothes in for something for Shippou. She found a pair of Souta's old shorts and a t-shirt with a red dragon eating its tail on the front. She brought them back to Shippou, who managed to dress himself with little help. They left the bathroom and headed downstairs, only to find Sesshoumaru already in front of the t. v., his bottle of water in hand as he searched for a movie. Kagome laughed as he grumbled about how nothing good was on.

"I've spoiled you, Sesshoumaru," she said as she sat down on the arm of the easy chair beside him. Sesshoumaru glanced at her, then returned to channel-surfing. Kagome shook her head and took in what he had on. He was dressed in a pair of her father's old blue jeans and a red johnny-collar t-shirt.

"How are the shoes?" she asked, noticing how his feet twitched every now and then.

"They are fine. Comfortable."

Kagome nodded, then hugged him. He blinked a moment, then hugged her back.

"What is this for?" he asked.

"I was so scared back there," she whispered, holding him tighter. Sesshoumaru tossed Shippou the remote and pulled her into his lap. He stroked her hair, waiting patiently for her to finish.

"I thought, 'I have to protect Rin. Maybe if I hold Naraku off long enough, you could get there and save her.' I wasn't concerned about myself, only what you would do without Rin. I know she means a lot to you, and I wouldn't forgive myself if she got hurt. That's just what happened. If I had ran when I first sensed him-"

"Then he would have chased you," Sesshoumaru interrupted, hooking a finger under Kagome's chin and tilting her face to his. "And you and Rin would have been hurt. You have done well, Kagome."



Kagome sighed and rested her head against his shoulder. "What would I do without you, Seishou-sensei?"

"You will never have to find out."

"Hey!" Kagome jerked up as Shippou landed on the back of the easy chair. "Are you guys through, or are you gonna glomp each other all day?"

Kagome blushed and climbed out of Sesshoumaru's lap, searching for her purse. Sesshoumaru waited until Kagome's back was turned, then


"OW!" Shippou wailed as he fell to the floor. Kagome whirled around and was at his side in an instant, comforting the crying kit.

"What happened?"

"Sesshoumaru-" Sesshoumaru growled and Shippou quieted. "I fell."

"Aww. You poor baby." Kagome picked Shippou up and carried him to the kitchen. As they crossed the kitchen threshold, Kagome glanced back at Sesshoumaru.

"We're leaving in a few minutes, so be ready." She turned to leave the room, then stopped again.

"And Sesshoumaru?"


"I'm not stupid. Down."


Shippou giggled as he and Kagome went into the kitchen.


Over the next two days, Kagome showed Sesshoumaru and Shippou exactly what her world was like. She took them to the movie theatre, the amusement parks and anything else that she thought might have interested them. Shippou clung to her like glue at the new sights, but Sesshoumaru walked around like it didn't bother him. Kagome figured it was because of her training, but Sesshoumaru was actually thinking about what happened with the swords in the Feudal Era.

'What am I to tell her?' he asked himself as they walked through the mall. 'I cannot tell her what the swords mean, because I am not sure she feels that way. I mean, how do you tell a woman like Kagome that she is destined to be your mate, whether she likes it or not?' Sesshoumaru shook his head as he walked out of the mall behind Kagome and Shippou back to her house. 'When did I care what someone said? I am the taiyoukai of my lands. If I say it, she will have to obey.'

'But you don't want her that way,' a little voice whispered in his head.

Sesshoumaru mentally groaned. 'You.'

'Yes, me. You know how you feel about her, and if you order her to stay with you, then you'll wonder for the rest of your life if she's there because she loves you or because she has no choice.'

'Why should that concern me?'

'You'll regret it. Sooner or later, you'll regret it.'

'Then what do I do?' he asked himself as Kagome opened the door and entered the house. He sat on the couch beside Shippou as she went upstairs to change. They were leaving for the Feudal Era today, and for some reason Sesshoumaru didn't want to go. He closed his eyes and lightly rubbed his temples, trying to ward off a headache.

'What do you want?' the voice asked.


'Why? Because she can wield the Tosusagia? Because she's the most powerful weapon in the land? Because she's the descendant of the most powerful youkai in existence?'

'No,' Sesshoumaru said to the voice, dismissing the idea entirely.

'Why not? Didn't you tell Inuyasha that you weren't interested in her? That you only cared for her well being because of how powerful she is?'

'I said that.'

'Then what has changed?'

Sesshoumaru watched as Kagome appeared at the top of the stairs, lugging the giant yellow pack behind her. He sat amused as she struggled to keep the pack from bowling her over and landing at the foot of the steps. Shippou cracked up as she grunted, cursing the bag for all she was worth. Sesshoumaru realized in that moment what changed.


'Then you don't need me. You know what to do,' the voice whispered as it faded away. Kagome finally made it downstairs without injury. She kicked the pack angrily, her white combat boot rebounding off the bag into the wall.


"Crap!" Kagome hissed, grabbing her foot. It throbbed angrily, seeming to say 'Kagome no BAKA!' as she hopped on one leg. Shippou darted to her side as Sesshoumaru picked her up and carried her to the couch. Kagome grimaced as Sesshoumaru tugged off the shoe. Her foot was red, but otherwise not injured.


SF: I've done this! This hurts like nothing else! Last time I did it, my foot decided to swell up! So to all the kiddies out there: DON'T KICK WALLS OR OVERSTUFFED BOOKBAGS! There, you have been warned.


"That was so dumb," Kagome groaned.

"I agree."

Kagome made a half hearted swat at Sesshoumaru's head. "Thanks for your sympathy, jerk."

Sesshoumaru shook his head in amusement as he put her shoe back on. He stood up and glanced over what she wore before grabbing her bag and lifting it effortlessly over his shoulder. Kagome was dressed in the same clothes she wore in the fight with Naraku, the white bird now facing toward him. Sesshoumaru watched as the bird's head nodded to him, then returned to its lifeless position.

He and Shippou waited until Kagome wrote a note for her family, then followed her to the well house. After Shippou jumped in and disappeared, Kagome straddled the edge of the well.

"Well, you coming or what?" she asked, her hand out toward him. Sesshoumaru grasped her hand and fought the urge to gasp when she unexpectedly fell backward into the well. They landed on the other side in a flash of light, Sesshoumaru falling on Kagome and her breath leaving her lungs with a whoosh. They grimaced as they sat up.

"What did you expect?" he growled as he helped Kagome out of the well.

"For one, I expected you to be ready."

Sesshoumaru jerked her out of the well in an instant, his arms enfolded around her tightly. Kagome oomphed again, staring in his golden eyes with contempt.

"What was that for?" she demanded. Sesshoumaru thought to reprimand her, to remind her of just who she was dealing with when a stray sunbeam landed in her hair. It flickered off her face and into her eyes, the bluish-gray dancing as she looked at him in anger. Sesshoumaru held his breath for a moment, then asked

"You said you were in love with someone. Who is he?"

Kagome stared at him a moment, trying to figure out if he was serious. The look on his face was his usual mask of indifference, but the look was a little less threatening in the cobalt blue open dress shirt and white tank top. She opened her mouth to answer him, then shut it again.

'What's wrong?' her subconscious asked her.

'I can't tell him how I feel about him. He'd only laugh.'

'No he wouldn't.'

'Why wouldn't he?'

'Have you looked into his eyes since he asked that question? Try doing that.'

Kagome did as she was told, staring into his honey-kissed orbs. There on the surface was a veil of indifference, but behind it she saw his concern…and a little of what looked like nervousness.

'He won't laugh, will he?'

'Not if you tell him why you feel what you feel.'

'But I'm human.'

'I bet he doesn't care anymore.'

Kagome sighed, thinking. She smiled suddenly as a song came to mind. She decided to use it, but she'd change a few things to suit her needs.

"Before I tell you who he is," Kagome started, not noticing the look in Sesshoumaru's eyes. "I need to explain why."

"It is not necessary-" he started, but Kagome pressed her finger to his lips. He stood, stunned, as she continued.

"Please. It's the least I can do." Sesshoumaru looked down at her again, and nodded. Kagome cleared her throat delicately, then said, "I remember the very first day I saw him. I found myself immediately intrigued by him."

'Not exactly a lie. After all, the first time I met Sesshoumaru he did try to kill me. I'd say that'd definitely make a guy intriguing.'

"The things I don't like about him are fine with me, because its not hard for me to understand him and its because he's so much like me."

'That's kinda true. I do feel like I know him, and maybe he and I are a lot alike. We would die for those we care about.'

"If he ever left me I wouldn't even be sad. I'd be glad that I knew him at all."

'That's for damn sure not true,' Kagome though as she smiled at Sesshoumaru. He waited patiently for her to finish, his heart chipping to the ground before them as she spoke.

"I love the way he speaks, I love the way he thinks. I love the way he treats me, I love the fangs in his teeth..."

'She's speaking of my brother,' Sesshoumaru thought, disgusted. 'Even after all the bastard has done to her, she still loves him.' He turned away suddenly, leaving Kagome in the middle of the field.

"Wha…what is it?" she asked him, tears in her eyes. Sesshoumaru stopped at the edge of the clearing, his back to her.

"I do not wish to hear of your foolish love for my halfbreed brother," he said, coldness and indifference in his voice. There was silence in the clearing for a while, then Kagome burst into laughter. Sesshoumaru whirled around and attacked her in an instant, his claws at her throat. Kagome stared at him a moment, then laughed again.

"It is not wise to laugh at me," he growled, his grip tightening. "I have at least taught you that."

Kagome nodded and calmed down enough for Sesshoumaru's pride. He sat her back on her feet gently, then turned to walk away again when her hand clasped his wrist. He glared at her over his shoulder, mentally telling her to release him. Kagome ignored the mental order, a smile on her face.

"Sesshoumaru no baka," she whispered with amusement in her voice. "I don't love Inuyasha. I told you that."

"Then who do you love?"

"If you'd let me finish, you'd find out," she said as she released his wrist. Sesshoumaru turned to face her again, his arms crossed against his chest.

"Make it quick."

"Fine," Kagome said, wondering again why she was telling him this. 'After all, he looks kinda mad.'

'Then stop playing and TELL HIM!!!'

'Shut up,' Kagome told the voice, shutting it down before it could say anything else. She gazed at Sesshoumaru and reached for him, her hand encircling in his. Sesshoumaru quirked a snow white eyebrow at her quizzically, watching her as she unfolded his arms and draped them around her. Kagome waited until he settled in this position, then cupped his face in her hands.

"I love you because you are the truth, and you are so real. I love the way that you make me feel, and if I could be a reflection of you; then I'd be so fly." Kagome smiled and kissed his cheek as Sesshoumaru stood there, stunned for the second time today. 'This is becoming a habit around her,' he told himself as she smiled at him. In her eyes shone the truth, and he saw that she meant every word she said.

"What is fly, Kagome?" he asked as his grip on her tightened. Kagome sighed against him, her head lying against his heart.

"Its you, Sesshoumaru. It's great, free and wonderful, just like you."

"Oh," he said as his chin rested on the crown of her head. They stood in the field beside the well for a while before Sesshoumaru spoke.

"Do you…love me, Kagome?"

"Hai. I love you Sesshoumaru," she whispered.


Kagome giggled. "Alright. Seishou-sensei."

Sesshoumaru shook his head, his silver hair flicking behind him contrasting with the blue of his shirt. "No, Seishou like I said."

"My, touchy aren't we?" Kagome giggled. Her face turned serious suddenly.

"Do you love me, Seishou?"

Sesshoumaru suddenly jerked away from her, flying across the clearing in a flash of white. He growled viciously as chains wrapped around him. Youkai suddenly fell from the trees, surrounding him and Kagome. Kagome stared in disbelief as Inuyasha was dragged into the clearing, chained as well. She watched as two inu youkai, dressed in golden armor, discussed the situation.

"Do we have them all?" the red-headed inu asked. The blonde inu nodded.

"Good. Let us return to the council."

Kagome stepped in front of them as they moved out of the clearing. Not far behind her were Sango, Shorin, Miroku, Shippou and Keni'Chi, waiting for her to give the first sign to attack. The blonde inu youkai tried to shove her out of the way, but faltered when she didn't move. Kagome snarled at the youkai, then demanded "Who are you and where are you going with them?"

The youkai blinked a moment before snarling back. "We're taking them to the High Council."

"Under who's orders?" Shorin demanded from behind Kagome, walking to her side. The red-headed youkai growled irritably.

"Your taiyoukai is to stand trial," he said as he and the other brushed past them, dragging a struggling Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha behind them. Kagome refused to let them by so easily, grabbing the blonde inu by his haori sleeve. He turned and snarled in an instant.

"Human, I do not share your taiyoukai's affections. I suggest you release me."

"Not until you tell me what he's standing trial for!"

"You DARE order an imperial guard! I should kill you for your insolence! If you must know, he stands trial for treason!!"



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