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* * *

Sakura sighed as she walked home alone again. The chill of the night air

nipped her cheeks, which were already red from her tears. The pink-haired

girl looked up at the stars, and sighed again as her house came into view.

'No one is home, yet again,' she thought sadly. 'I wish Sasuke-kun wouldn't

be so mean to me,' her Inner Self continued mournfully. 'I mean, he knows

that I love him and that I will always be there for him, but he just shoves

it in my face and takes me for granted. Such is my love life!' The girl

smiled ruefully as she dug the house key from her pocket, and unlocked the


* * *

Uzumaki Naruto was having similar thoughts as he brushed his teeth.

'I wish Sakura-chan would like me, instead of chasing after that ice-bitch

Sasuke all the time. I'm sure that she knows that I love her, but all she

ever does is yell at me when I try to say how I feel! This sucks!'

The blonde boy smiled foxily and rubbed his hands together.

'But Valentine's Day is coming up, and if she gets me something! Well, I

can make this work!' His mind continued plotting evilly as he slowly fell


* * *

Sakura sighed and looked down at the three packages in her hands as she

walked towards the day's meeting place. One package- wrapped appropriately

in pink paper that read 'I love you!' all over it- was larger than the

others two by far. She closed her eyes hopefully.

'I hope Sasuke-kun likes the shirt I made for him! I certainly spent long

enough on it, she thought, before looking at the other two. 'Heh, I only

got Naruto a thing of Ramen, but he will like it. Kakashi-sensei can use

this bookmark in his 'Icha Icha Paradise'. She looked forlornly at the

plain wrappings, but shook her head. 'I shouldn't feel bad, I don't love

them like Sasuke-kun,' she chided to herself. She put on her stony face as

she saw Naruto waiting at the spot.

"Sakura-chan, happy Valentine's Day!" the boy cried happily as she neared.

His eyes widened at the sight of the packages. "Ne, is one for me Sakura-

chan?" he said hopefully.

Sakura's heart melted as she saw his amazingly happy puppy eyes, and she

held out the orange package. He leapt up with a 'whoop!' and began

delicately undoing the wrapping paper. Inner Sakura laughed as she saw the

boy bite his tongue in concentration, trying not to rip the paper.

"Wow! Ramen! And my favorite flavor, too!" he cried happily. Before she

could move, the boy had leapt at Sakura and wrapped his arms around her,

kissing her cheek happily. Sakura stood there, wide-eyed and shocked.

As if on cue, Sasuke shuffled in, to find a drunkenly grinning Naruto with

his arms around a dazed Sakura. The girl blushed deeply and pulled away

from Naruto when she saw the raven-haired avenger walk over. She quickly

retrieved the boy's package and shoved it towards him, blushing deeply.

"T-this is for you, Sasuke-kun," she mumbled bashfully, wanly smiling. The

boy grunted lightly and took it, placing it next to him as he sat down.

Sakura sighed and flopped down next to him, hoping for acknowledgment.

However, Naruto plopped down next to her and wrapped an arm around Sakura's

shoulders, grinning foxily and making a 'V for victory' sign at Sasuke.

"Ne heh heh heh heh," he laughed at the glowering boy. "Sakura-chan got me

a gift!" Sakura promptly bopped him on the head.

"Get off me, Naruto!" she said, her old manner returning. The boy cowered

slightly, but still had that grin plastered on his face.

Two hours later!

"Happy Valentine's Day, class!" called Kakashi as he neared his students.

He was promptly met with a package being roughly shoved in his face by an

angry Sakura.

"Wha-?" he started.

"Just open it," ordered Sakura, whose temper was quite thin after

Naruto's constant passes at her. The jounin obeyed happily, ripping the

wrapping paper carelessly. He smiled as he pulled out the homemade bookmark

(that had a pattern of silver leaves on a black background) and swung it


"Sakura, I love it!" he cried gleefully, roughly pulling the girl into a

hug. He pressed her tiny body against his large one, swinging her around.

"Leggo of Sakura!" cried Naruto, pulling at Sakura's ankles. Kakashi

shrugged and let her go, letting her drop to the ground.

"Naruto!" she said angrily.

"Aw, Sakura! By the sound of it- and the present- I'd say that you like

me!" said Kakashi lecherously. Sakura spat angrily.

"Yeah right!" she said back. "I just didn't want anyone to feel bad!" she

finished huffily.

"Well, since I am so happy now because Sakura gave me a present, I will

cancel training today!" Sakura was the only one to cheer, while Naruto and

Sasuke sulked.

"But Sakura..." continued Kakashi slyly. "Isn't it true that when a lady

gives a man a Valentine, he has to take her out on a date in return *?âE?

Sakura fell backwards.

"Wah? No way! I only want to go on a date with Sasuke-kun, not you!" she

cried, panicking. "Really, it is okay!" Naruto stood up and cheered.

"Wahoo! I finally get a date with Sakura!" he cheered. Sasuke only glared

at them all, making Sakura's heart break when she saw the loathing in his

eyes. Kakashi only smiled.

"Okay then. We will work out a plan to make this work" Sasuke can take her

to lunch, Naruto to dinner, and I'll buy her ice cream tonight," he

concluded after a moment.

Sakura lowered her head, realizing that this would be a long, long day.

* * *

*= In Japan on Valentine's Day, a girl is supposed to give a guy a present.

In return, the guy has to take the girl on a date. (Source: Shonen Jump #2)

I am not sure what coupling I'll turn

h this into. Check back on a later date!