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Taming of the Twins

Chapter 1

The sound of people chattering and laughing filled the huge ballroom. Classical music echoed throughout the halls of the mansion. The chandelier hanged fifty feet above the ground, lighting the room with its golden glow. Men were dressed in tuxedo and women dressed in evening gowns. Some were gathered in their little cliques and some dancing on the dance floor.

Juunana-gou swayed among the crowd. His head spun and vision blurred when he tried to focus his sight on the surrounding people. To his surprise, no one seemed to notice his existence, even though he brushed against them a few times. When he started to calm and feel less nauseating, he realized even though he bumped into others, his body didn't connect with theirs. He brought his palms to his face, staring wondrously. He stretched his hand and reached out to the man in front of him. His hand went through the outer garments and into the body then through the other side of the man. He stared in disbelief. "What…?" He stuttered. His voice was silent to everyone's ear.

His surprise was interrupted with a sudden change in the music. A merry beat of a birthday song was played by the orchestra. Everyone stopped chattering and dancing instantly and looked toward the long staircase in the middle of the room. Two young children appeared at the top of the stairs and descended one step at a time. A boy with dark black hair slicked nicely back was holding hand with the blonde pig-tailed girl. He wore a light blue suit that matched perfectly with his aqua eyes. The young girl was dressed in a similar light blue dress that complements her pale complexion. Despite the color of the hair, Juunana-gou couldn't help but think they were two identical dolls slowing making their way into the world of the living.

Juunana-gou hypnotically watched the two young kids. They seemed familiar. He somehow felt close to them like he knew them since ancient time. The boy grabbed his attention the most. He stared into those aqua eyes and they stared back at him as if those two eyes could see through his very soul. Juunana-gou felt a sudden surge of nauseated sensation overpowering his five senses. He felt like his soul falling into the bottomless abyss and then felt a vacuum sucked this hollow body into the deepest void. Blackness took over his mind for a split second.

Juunana-gou blinked once then twice, confused and utterly bewildered. He gradually regained his consciousness but felt his movement was greatly restrained. He studied the crowd before him. They seemed taller than they were a few seconds ago. His head turned and saw the little girl standing beside him, flashing a weak smile. He felt her hand squeezed his but found it was not his hand, but the hand of the little boy. Full-blown realization blasted him in the face. He was now in the body of the little boy, viewing through his eyes. He could also read the mind and thought of this young boy. Juan…The name of this boy. 'Why do I feel like I belong in this body?' His head turned to the young blonde girl. 'She's Juan's sister, his twin sister, June'. Juunana-gou could read her thoughts as well.

Unwillingly, Junana-gou was forced back in the depths of the little boy's mind, observing yet not participating.

It was their birthday, Juan and June. Their parent had once again thrown them an over-sized party. Yet these weren't parties suited for young children such as themselves. The room was filled with adults and children of their age were few. They understood very well the purpose of the party; it was not for their entertainment, but for their parent's social gathering.

Juan stole a glance at his sister. She wore a smile similar to his, forced and miserable. They were told by their parent to be happy and so they obeyed.

'"Why does papa always make us go through this on our birthday?' June's thought was transmitted into Juan's mind. The bond they share was so intimidate that if one thinks the other could easily read it.

"Because papa has a lot of well known guest here," Juan responded, an answer that wasn't satisfying for either of them.

They continued down the stairs. Both of their feet landed on the next step in perfect unison. When they reached the bottom, a five layered cake rolled out from the kitchen by the servant. Everyone began to sing the birthday song. The twins found their parent among the crowd. They beamed; their cheeks reddened from the champagne. The song was finished. Their parent encouraged them to blow out the candles.

A wish before blowing out the candles. Juan glanced at June then closed his eyes. 'We wish things can be different from now on.' Both wished at the same time. They opened their eyes and blew out the eight candles on the bottom-layered cake with one breath. They glanced at each other and smiled with a little faith. A good omen. They thought.

Applauses filled the room as the flames faded from the candles. In a matter of seconds, they were surrounded by the guests. The ladies started to pinch their faces and praised them. "Oh look at how cute they are!" cried one woman.

"They have grown up so quickly," another lady said.

Their parents now stood behind them, welcoming the praises as if it was spoken to them. "Papa," Juan and June whispered. But their voice was lost among the chattering mouths.

"I'm jealous at both of you, Ikuno and Makoto," a man with lavender hair chuckled with amusement. His eyes fell upon the twins. "Look at them, they grew up to be quite a pair of lovely kids. And you two…don't know what to say…" the man shaking his head, grinning. "You two really boomed up the science field lately with all the androids you've been inventing. Who here in the science profession does not know the name of the Akira's?"

Ikuno waved his hand, dismissing the praise, but secretly absorbing it. "Oh…Takashi Brief, don't be silly. Our reputations as scientist are nothing compare to yours. Your invention of the capsule was brilliant. Our experiment with the androids are only in beginning stage. It probably won't see light of day for at least the next twenty years," Ikuno laughed.

Juan and June frowned. Most of the guests had returned to their business, only their parents and Dr. Brief were left beside them. They stood still with boredom as the adults continued to exchange words of praises.

"Well…he still has a lot to learn. Hmm…where is your brother, Gero. I haven't seen him all day," Takashi asked.

The mention of Gero's name caused the twins to cringe. Juan squeezed on June's hand. He could feel moisture forming in her little palm. Gero was their uncle, but his very existence terrified them. The twins could see their mother fidgeted uneasily. AZt the moment, they knew no one in their family could feel at ease. Makoto gathered her kids and left to join her friends. "You guys have fun." She glanced at her husband. He, too, was nervous.

'Gero…Could it be? Could he be our creator? Or is it just a coincidence.' Juunana-gou asked himself over and over again. The little boy he was trapped in turned his head toward the two men, one his father, the other a friend of his father, both scientists. Scientist…Gero was a scientist, too. Juunana-gou took a quick glimpse at both men. The father of the little boy fidgeted beside the other man. He held a glass of champagne in his hand, repeatedly swirling the liquid in the glass. He took a sip.

For the first time, Juunana-gou caught a full view of the man. His hair was jet-black and silky much like his own, although he wore it short with a streak of gray hair running from the side of his temple. Juunana-gou stared thoughtfully at the face of the man, a face he would see whenever he looked into a mirror. A sudden realization struck Juunana-gou. The little boy had a twin sister, and a father who was almost identical to him, even though the man was in his late thirties. And Gero…he thought bitterly. This was too much of a coincidence. Could this be my past, the past that was erased from my memories? Am I this little boy? Juunana-gou's head was throbbing. He needed to know more and see more. I need to get out of this body. Instantly, after that thought, Juunana-gou was standing beside the little boy. He was no longer inside his mind.

Juunana-gou relaxed a bit, then regarded the little boy with sympathy; the boy who could possibly be himself. From the short moment he was trapped in the boy's mind, Juunana-gou could sense loneliness and sadness, shared with his twin sister. Juunana-gou never really understood human emotions. Why should they feel sad when they were celebrating their birthday with so many people and why should they feel lonely when they have their parent? Juunana-gou and Juuhachi-gou could only wished they had the life these twins had, a normal life, not a life programmed by a madman. Sighing, Juunana-gou returned to the men's conversation. Maybe later, he might reentered the little boy's mind and learned more about himself, if that boy was indeed him and if he figured out how to get back in.

"Gero," Ikuno's snorted, "I didn't invite him today."

Takashi's brow arched upward, interested in Ikuno's sudden change of tone. He knew the brothers had the same interest in science, both majored in artificial human intelligence. Though Gero had different intentions. Ikuno only wanted to be well known through his accomplishment, which he had already reached. Gero, unlike his brother, was an introvert. Many scientists in his field had asked him what his purpose and goal was and he had brushed them away. Takashi, too, had wondered about Gero's real intention.

"Hmm…I'm surprised he didn't invite himself. He is very fond of the twins," Takashi replied, playing close attention to the body language of his friend.

Ikuno gripped his glass of champagne. His fingers turned a shade of white from the pressure. "I don't want him to have anything to do with my kids. That boy has serious problem. I rather not talk about him." Ikuno brought the remaining glass of the champagne to his lips and gulped it down in one sip. Even though Gero was his younger brother, he found no place in his heart to treat him like one. Not since the time he overheard what Gero had been feeding the mind of his kids.

"Do you know what I want most in the world?" Gero asked, grinning at the twins. Juan and June trembled, embracing each other, finding comfort in their own closeness. They shook their head.

Gero brought his face closer to the twins, the grin never left his face. "To take over the world," he hissed. "But of course, on my own, this dreams will never come true. Do you know how I'm going to make my dreams come true?"

Juan and June shook their head once more. They couldn't comprehend a word their uncle was saying. But his questions always required an answer, even if it was a simple nod. They feared if his questions were left unanswered, something horrible might happen.

"To build armies full of robots and androids." His arms swung in the air like a madman escaped from years of confinement. His eyes locked with the twins. The twins shivered. They could feel the cold sweat dripping from their neck, sliding down their back. "You see, humans are full of weakness. They will tire, they will injure, and they will die. Androids, on the other hand, are mere tools. They can feel no pain. They can't talk back. They are slaves, only to do as I programmed. They are filled with unlimited powers."

The twins whimpered when they saw their uncle's eyes clouded with menace and insanity. His word sounded like jumble of incoherent words. "But why! Why can't I succeed? I have all the formulas and equations to make this work. But all of my subjects are failures! Why?" His voice cracked. He gripped his head and started pulling on his hair. As soon as this display of maniacal uproar appeared, it subsided. Gero became piercingly quiet. He reached out and took locks of their hair in his hand and sniffed the sweet aroma. "So young, so innocent, so perfect…" He murmured, speaking to himself. The twins let out a cry of protest. Their body trembled so violently that they thought they could cause an earthquake. "How about helping your poor uncle out…" Before Gero could finished his question, the door slammed open. The twins pulled back as soon as their uncle let go of their hair.

"What do you think you're doing, Gero?" Ikuno screamed. The twins ran to their father and hid cowardly behind him.

Gero glared at his brother, eyes slitted. He growled, pissed at interruption. Then his face relaxed and he pulled his lips back to form an innocent smile. "I was just telling my niece and nephew bedtime stories. What's wrong with it?" Gero asked.

"What's wrong with it? Do you know what you're saying to them? Are you out of your mind? Get out my house and never come back!" Ikuno demanded, his hand protectively shielded the twins.

Gero smirked. "As you wish. Bye my dear Juan and June. I'll be back to finish my story, so don't worry," he concluded with a hint of promise that couldn't be ignored. He exited the room. Outside the doorway, they could hear an manical cackle. Ikuno shivered. He hadn't felt anything so foul in all his living days.

Juan and June's faces were completely buried in their father's pants after the cold warning from their uncles. They whimpered and grabbed Ikuno's pants as if their life depended on it, daring not to peek to see if Gero had left.

"Don't worry." A tint of guilt could be heard in his voice. He saw Gero sneaked in the twins' room but thought nothing of it. He should have noticed the uncanny aura that his brother emitted as of late but again he dismissed it. He knew he should take full responsibility not only for the terror that will probably deeply affect his children but the twisted state of mind his brother seemed to develop. If only he did not indulged so deeply in his work. He picked both his children up and immediately they wrapped their tiny hands around his neck. Their faces buried deep in his shoulder. Sighing, he whispered, "I will protect you no matter what."

Takashi sighed and said, "You're drunk, Ikuno. Let's not talk about unhappy stuff."

"I'm not drunk," Ikuno argued defensively. "It's just that yall don't know Gero like I do. He's…" At this moment, Takashi and Ikuno stopped abruptly in their conversation and turned her attention at the sound of creaking door. A very handsome young man with dark brown hair in his early twenty stepped into view. He was dressed nicely in a gray colored suit with a silver tie that greatly complements his outfit.

The man stopped and spotted Ikuno. He tipped his head and flashed a smile toward their direction, no, it was more like a smirk. Ikuno froze.

"Sorry I'm late," the man apologized.

"Gero…" Ikuno stuttered.

Gero made his way to Ikuno, carrying two identical boxes around his arm. "Hi, brother. I'm so disappointed you didn't invite me to my niece and nephew's birthday party. I am their uncle you know."

Ikuno growled. "What are you doing here, Gero?" Ikuno asked under his clenched teeth. Takashi excused himself and left to find his wife. Clearly his presence will make the situation even more awkward.

"Really brother. I was shocked to learn you invited everyone except for me." He put on a deliberate show of offensiveness. "But I'll excuse you. I'm just here to show a token of my love for my niece and nephew. I brought them a gift." He lifted the two boxes that were wrapped with red ribbons. "See? This is my true purpose of this visit, nothing more," Gero explained rather calmly.

The calmness in Gero's voice caused Ikuno's great discomfort. He couldn't help but think there were another malicious intention to Gero's visit than just bringing gifts. Ever since that night, Gero never appeared again. He never stepped into their house or made an appearance in public. Only few scientists were aware of his whereabouts. Why did he decided to show up after nearly three years? Ikuno thought suspiciously. And on his twins birthday.

"I thought I told you never to step into my house again," Ikuno snapped, but stopped when Gero's attention wasn't on him anymore. Gero's stared in the twins direction, observing them with utmost interest. Why is he so fascinated with the twins?

"They have grown up a lot since the last time I've saw them, yet to me they haven't changed a bit," Gero mumbled to himself. His voice was low and almost inaudible.

Ikuno was certain that his brother had came back for another purpose. What? Ikuno wasn't sure. He had never really figured out how his brother's mind worked, not when they were young and certainly not now. From the day Gero became a teen, he was obsessed with science. He would go on for days without rest if he found something interesting in his research. Ikuno disregarded his obsession, he was rather proud that his brother showed high interest in the science.

When the twins were born, Gero spent more time with them and slacked off his studies. It was natural then, or so it seemed to Ikuno, that uncles would treat their niece or nephew with love and affection. Now that he really gave Gero's interaction with the twins some serious thought, the way Gero cared about his kids, it was like he was studying a subject for his experiment. Ikuno gasped. He glanced at Gero's sinister expression on his face as he stared at the twins. Ikuno shook away the absurd thought. His brother might be crazy and untrustworthy, but he is not cruel and inhuman. He will never hurt the twins. Ikuno reasoned.

"I want you to leave, Gero," Ikuno said, "I'll give your present to them. They don't want to see you."

Gero frowned. "So you haven't forgiven me. I meant no harm, I swear," Gero pleaded, his eyes in a downward arch.

Ikuno's temper and rage died a little as well as his suspicion. Gero's pleading voice cried out to him. "I can't let you stay, Juan and June are afraid of you. Your presence will only make them uncomfortable."

Gero lowered his head. "I understand, here's the present I've brought them." Gero handed the identical boxes over to Ikuno and turned to walk away. His head was still lowered when he makes his way to the door, exchanging a few farewells to some of his old friend.

Ikuno watched as Gero left. Maybe he was wrong about Gero, maybe he did care for Juan and June. Ikuno was hopeful. Surely, everyone had a right for redemption.

Juunana-gou examined the slumbering boy in silence. When the boy finally fell asleep, Juunana-gou found himself standing beside a bed and the little boy comfortably sleeping beneath the quilted blanket. Juunana-gou turned away. His head was filled with confusion and fear. Confused at what's going on and fear of what he had learned.

He found a small desk in front of a slightly open window. The cool night air blew gently through the crack. He took a deep breath, clearing his thoughts. He made his way to the desk in the dark, carefully sitting on it. His back leaned against the window, allowing the cool breeze to brush against his back.

What's going on? He asked himself. Briefly he ran through the days' event in his mind. His sudden appearance in an unknown place; his invisibility, his body and mind trapped inside a little boy, it all didn't make any sense. He couldn't recall how he got here. Juunana-gou closed his eyes and concentrated on where was he before he came here, but drew a blank. He growled in frustration.

Giving up, he reopened his eyes and glanced at the little boy. Juunana-gou had an idea of who he was now. The truth was hard to believe, yet he couldn't dismiss the possibility. The more he tried to figure out what was going on, the more confused he became. If his speculation was true, then somehow he stumbled upon his past. But how?

He glanced at the boy again. Can he really be me? There were too much coincidences to deny that fact. The hair and eyes color and most of all Juan also had a twin sister who resembled too much like Juuhachi-gou. Juunana-gou smirked slightly. Juuhachi-gou and he would spend many sleepless nights talking about what their past will be like. Now that the opportunities were given to him, he found himself regretting it.

Gero. He frowned. There was no doubt now that Gero was the same person he had known throughout his android's life, the person whom he despised. What could this mean? Can he really be my uncle? Or is this all an illusion, a fragment of my imagination? The thought that Gero might be his uncle disgusted him. He didn't want to think his now human blood were the same blood running in Gero's.

Juunana-gou frowned deepened. During the opening of the birthday gifts, a pair of present caught not just his attention, but the twins as well. Two android dolls were wrapped in different boxes, one with the image of Juan and the other of June. Juan removed it from the box and instantly dropped it to the ground. June repeated the action only seconds later. They ran to their father and sobbed uncontrollably. From the kid's clutter thought, Juunana-gou managed to learn the present was from Gero. Juunana-gou pitied them when fear had surged through their heads. They had a right to be…Juunana-gou thought sadly. If only they know what's the real meaning behind those dolls. Maybe I should be grateful that Gero erased these memories from me. But why do I have to remember now, when all was better off buried.

Juunana-gou whipped his head to the creaking door. At first, he thought it was Juan's parents were checking on Juan, but when the head appeared behind the crack, Juunana-gou was shocked to find the brown-haired man.

Juunana-gou slit his eyes. The man…he had seen him before. Today at the party. Juunana-gou jumped off the desk and took a closer look him. Juunana-gou gasped. Gero! What is he doing here?

Gero sneaked in the room and closed the door. He turned to the boy sleeping soundly in the bed and grinned.

Juunana-gou noticed something in Gero's arm. However, the object was too small for him to make out. "What are you doing?" Juunana-gou cried, this time out loud. Gero ignored him and took a few steps toward the bed.

"This won't hurt." Juunana-gou heard Gero mumbled as he towered over Juan. Liquids squirted out the object. Juunana-gou was now standing beside Gero. His eyes widened with terror when he realized the object in Gero's hand was a needle.

"What are you planning to do with that!" Juunana-gou demanded. His word was once again ignored. Juunana-gou growled frustratingly.

Gero lowered the needle to Juan's exposed arm. "Be a good boy," Gero cooed.

In desperation, Juunana-gou reached out his hand and grabbed Gero's wrist. Like before, his hand went through as if he was grabbing air. "Monster!" Juunana-gou screamed when his attempt failed.

Gero finally finished injecting whatever he's injecting into Juan's arm. Juunana-gou looked down at Juan in defeat. Juan's breath slowed and began to sleep more comfortably. Gero carried the boy from the bed and quietly left the room. He's kidnapping Juan. He kidnapped me from my own house. He realized in horror.

Juunana-gou followed after Gero. Gero moved out the house swiftly without making a single noise or waking up a single soul.

A black car waited outside the mansion for its owner. Gero's grinned when he placed Juan next his twins in the rear seat.

Before Juunana-gou could follow, he felt a strong air suction pulling him back. Unable to grip on anything solid, his body flew past many objects before it disappeared into the oblivion.