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Taming of the Twins

Chapter 4

The transition was quicker than the last and the world swirled a little less. Before Juunana-gou knew it, he was already in the mind of the child. Immediately, he felt a fierce blow to his jaw and his body went tumbling across the room. He flipped backward and landed on one knee. He licked around his lips and felt heavy liquid sticking to the tip of his tongue. It has a distinct rusted metallic taste. Blood…The man did not give him time to recover and soon another fist appeared before him. He felt his head inched to the side, barely escaping another blow. His tried to bring forth his ki, but the body refused his command. Frustrated, he surrendered to the attacks and allowed the boy to fight the battle.

Juan's body was battered, broken to the point where no bones were intact and no skins were left unharmed. The adrenaline was what kept him going, fueling his body and mind with what little strength he had left. With a burst of energy, Juan arched his arms upward, just quick enough to block the punch. He breached through the man's defense and jumped toward the man's thigh. His mouth made its way into the opening of the man's torn pant and clamped down hard against the bare skin with his teeth. A loud howl broke out and Juan felt his head shook violently, swinging in all directions. Instead of letting go, Juan tightened his hold and began to pull back. He could feel bloods dripping down his mouth and the man's skin slowly departed his body.

The deepness of the man's voice filled the room as he roared in agonizing pain. Juan spit the chunk of flesh on the ground. Raising his head slowly, Juan sent a chilly stare to the man and the corner of his lips curled in a satisfied grin. He wiped the thick liquid from his mouth, smearing it across his cheek. The man touched his torn leg and his eyes widened through the opening of his dark mask. He crouched down and pulled a piece of metal from his boot. The man pointed at him, "You crazy shit! Die!"

"Stop! What do you think you're doing! Put that down now!"

"Professor!" the man cried, lowering his weapon to his side. Juan used this opportunity to pounce on the man, grabbing him by the ankle. Unprepared, the man toppled over. Juan jumped on him, locking the man's body with his short legs and started to send punches after punches on his head. Hearing a small crack from the man's skull, Juan smiled and increased his effort, not caring many eyes were upon him. The man ignored the stabbing pain in his head and swung his body sideways. He reached up with his hand and snatched a handful of Juan's hair, pulling it back until Juan could feel it tearing away from its follicle.

"MN17! Stop right now!" Gero commanded, motioning the other man to step forward. In one arm, he was holding a girl, head hanging down, dangling by his side. This man seemed like he too had been engaged in a fierce battle. His mask ripped in half and his face maimed with thick gashes running down the side of one cheek. Favoring his left leg, he limped to Gero's side.

Juan stopped his action when he saw June. "June!" Juan cried without moving. The one he was fighting took this chance to twist Juan's arms behind his back, forcing him to a kneeling position. Juan felt a kick to his spine. He would not give the man the satisfaction of hearing him scream so he bit down on his lower lips, hard.

Through Juan's eyes, Juunana-gou took a good look at the room for the first time. Shaped like an octagon, the room was comprised of entrances to four corridors located at each alternative wall. Juunana-gou suspected Juan was positioned close to southeast entrance. Between northwest and southwest, the fallen soldier laid face up. It was hard to see the lifeless eyes that were almost concealed by his mutilated face. If he had not known better, Juunana-gou would have thought it was done by a wild animal. A grown man taken down by two children, Juunana-gou thought. He did not know if he should feel amazed or repulsed by the fact that the twins had retaliated with such brutality that the man was barely recognizable as a human being.

Two soldiers, who accompanied Gero, situated themselves in front of the professor to shield him of any sudden attacks. Gero glanced to the fallen soldier and scanned the blood splattered wall, then dropped his gaze upon to the floor, which was now filled with red smeared footprints. Instead of anger and disgust, an expected reaction to the glorified scene, Juunana-gou saw the corner of Gero's lip twitched upward, approval and pleasure shined through the thick lens of his glass. Juunana-gou was appalled. Juuhachi-gou and he had been raised as a fighter and most likely a destroyer as well, but they did not take pleasure in killing. The only killing they did was due to self-defense.

"Bring him here," Gero commanded, side-stepping so he could avoid the red stream on the floor. He strolled to where the man with the girl stood, taking his time with no sense of urgency; his steps small and deliberate. "And MN17, if you do anything funny, your dear sister will suffer because of your disobedience," Gero warned as he removed a silver object from his white coat pocket. Gero grabbed a handful of June's pale hair and pulled upward so all could see. He placed sharp object against left cheek, digging only deep enough to draw some bloods.

If Juunana-gou could control his body, he would have looked away, but he was forced to see the gruesome image of June. Any resemblances to the girl in the mansion were gone. Gone were the beautiful golden threads on her head, replaced by spots of baldness and unevenly shredded, tangled hair. Junana-gou could not even make out how she really looked like beneath the mountains of purple and bluish bruises. There was one thing Juhachi-gou took pride in above all else, and that was her appearance. If she was here, Juunana-gou would have no doubt she would found a way to materialize into a solid body and sent their damn creator back to hell.

"Leave her alone!" Juan yelled. He dug his foot in the smooth slippery floor to prevent his body from being dragged across the room. It was a futile attempt since the floor has no traction. He struggled to loosen the man's hold, but with his hand behind his back, it was next to impossible.

"Don't worry, little one. She will not be harm if you obey me," Gero said.

"Monster!" Juan cried out, baring his teeth in a wide snarl.

"I can leave beautiful long lasting scars, MN17. Perhaps your sister will appreciate my work of art," Gero said as he slid the sharp edge downward, leaving a trickle of blood.

Juan snapped his mouth closed and glared at his captor with so much hatred, it could almost burn a hole through the vile scientist.

Without another second of hesitation, the soldier pulled the trigger. Juunana-gou felt a sharp prick on his skins and the world swayed once again. Before darkness engulfed him, he heard footsteps closing in and then someone kneeled beside him. Gero whispered in his ear, "I'm so proud of you."

Juunana-gou was once again in full control of his mind and body. He stood above the now unconscious boy. The boy, Juunana-gou realized, was in no better shape than his sister. The piece of cloth on Juan's body was stained with dried and fresh bloods belonging to either him or the one who tried to capture him.

"You two," Gero said, pointing at the uninjured soldiers as he rose from his kneeling position, "Throw them in the isolated room separately and make sure they don't escape again."

"And you two, get your ass to the infirmary. Your ineptness sickened me. Now leave!"

"Yes, professor!" they yelled as one. Juunana-gou saw them scattered about, each performing their respective tasks. One relinquished his captive to his healthy comrade and the other picked up the Juan from the ground. The two injured staggered across the room to the northeast exit.

Before the two with the captives left the room, Rolan and Terla walked in from the south corridor. The woman, Terla, did not show any emotions as she scanned the room. The spiked hair man, Rolan, took one step in and stopped when he witnessed the ghastly state of the room. His face stripped of color, and gradually replaced by sickly green shade. Juunana-gou could see bile rising from the man's throat and almost exiting the man's mouth. Rolan brought his palm to his mouth to prevent any substances from falling out.

The woman, Terla, did not react as strongly or reacted at all. With her hand in her pockets, she walked across the room, only browsing occasionally at the mess around her.

"Gero, I brought Rolan as you requested," Terla said, walking toward professor, avoiding the mess on the ground as best she could. She saw the two soldiers, each holding one of the twins, and again she said nothing.

Rolan reluctantly followed behind the woman while keeping his narrowed eyes on the two soldiers. Junana-gou could not decipher the reaction on the man's face. Was it disappointment?

"Are you shocked, Rolan?" Gero asked when the two stood before him. Without warning, Gero raised his hand and back slapped Rolan across the face, sending his glasses flying across the room, crashing against the ceramic wall.

If the man was shocked, he did a valiant job trying to hide it. The only movement from the man was his cheek rolling from his tongue, massaging his inner mouth. "Gero."

"Don't take me for a fool, Rolan. Do not think for a second that I do not know what happened here," Gero said as he paced in circle with this hand fastened behind his back. "

"I don't know what you're talking about, Gero," Rolan insisted, trying hard to suppress his anger. Anger that Juunana-gou could see was building up as the conversation lingered. The man's jaw was tight and his hand bulged in his pant's pocket.

"We have the best security in here, how do you suppose those two escaped? Care to enlighten me?" Gero asked. He was now face to face with the shorter man.

"Listen, Gero," the woman said, "Rolan has no part in this. He was no where near the room when the two escaped," Terla said, coming to Rolan's defense.

"Stay out of this, Terla," Gero threw her a warning stare. The woman stepped back and shrugged.

"Are you implying I freed them? I don't see how I can benefit by doing so," Rolan said as he raised his eyes to meet Gero. "You know me, I'm a coward. If it is not a sure plan, I will not try it. And this," Rolan looked around, "was obviously an unplanned escape."

Gero narrowed his eyes and studied Rolan, weighting every words the man said. For a few minutes, no one spoke, finally Gero broke the silence. "You are right. You do not have the guts to defy me."

It was undetectable to human's eyes, but Juunana-gou was trained in reading people. He could see a slight relief escaped from Rolan. The man was bluffing.

Gero turned to the two soldiers who lingered behind, "What are you two imbeciles waiting for?" The two soldiers saluted the professor and exited the room.

"Go back to your room," Gero ordered the man and woman as if they were a child. He waved them off.

Without uttering a word, the man and woman made their way to the southeast exit and disappeared from the room.

With everyone gone from the room, Gero examined the scene again. "Good work, my dear niece and nephew." A smirk slowly appeared on Gero's face.

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