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(The Present)

"I thought you were tired!" Grissom tried to catch his breath as he finally caught up with Catherine at the park bench.

"I was, which is why I rushed over here to the bench." She smirked as he sat down beside her, giving her one of his patented looks on the way.

"So are you gonna tell me what's on your mind or am I going to have to beat it out of you?"

"I love it when you play rough."

"Mmhmm, I know you do. I'm sorry but I don't have a penny so your thoughts will have to be for free."

"Do you remember your first day as a CSI?"

"August 10, 1985. I'll never forget that day."

"Neither will I."

"I scared you that day, didn't I?"

"You *surprised* me. Before that, I had never known anyone like you. I still don't know anyone like you."

"I can say the same thing about you."

"18 years, Cath."

"I can't believe it."


"I can't believe we haven't killed each other yet."

He laughed, putting an arm around her as she laid her head on his shoulder, "I can't believe you've stayed for so long."

She pulled away to look at him, "I would never ditch the guy who helped change my life. I wouldn't even be a CSI if it wasn't for you."

"After all these years, you still don't give yourself enough credit."

"And *you* still don't give *yourself* enough credit either."

"We could go on forever."

"I know." She grinned and got up from the bench, pulling him up by his hand, "I'd love to continue but let's do this over dinner, ok? I'm starving."

"Dinner, huh?"

"Yup. No lapdances, no tabletop dancing, no funny business."

"I hope that's not a promise." She turned to him with a look of a surprise. He smiled, "Can I still get that private show?"

*To be continued*