By Sabre275

Chapter 4:  Confrontations

Two days later Harry and Amelia Potter stood nervously outside of the Granger family house.  They had just arrived after Orbing in from Arizona.  Orbing was similar to apparating but allowed you to transport over long distances nearly instantaneously, while carrying several people if need be.  Amelia loved orbing, she thought it was so pretty, especially when she watched her father orb into or out of the room.  Harry also knew that even if the person had anti-apperation wards in place he could get into and out of a place with no one the wiser.

Amelia was a little cold, Harry had warned her that England was much cooler than Arizona.  She was wearing a nice dress, with a coat on, stockings, and black dress shoes.  She had been extremely hot while waiting to leave, but now that she was in England she was glad her father had the foresight to warn her.  Harry had Amelia stand off to the side while Harry awaited the Grangers to open the door.

Mr. Granger opened the door and immediately shook Harry's hand.  Harry asked if Hermione was around and he told her she would be out in a minute.  Harry quickly motioned for Amelia to come from the side.  Mr. Granger was shocked to say the least.  Hermione had warned them that someone would be coming with Harry, they just didn't suspect it would be a child.

Mr. Granger welcome them and introduced himself to the little girl and ushered them into the kitchen.  Hermoine and Mrs. Granger came out to see who was at the door.  Harry tapped his friend on the shoulder and she turned to find a smiling Harry standing behind her.  She gripped him in a bear like hug and held him tight, and closed her eyes as she felt her eyes well with tears.  She was so happy to have him back.  When she opened them again she suddenly flew out of Harry's embrace.  She had seen something she thought was impossible.  Amelia simply laughed at the scene, it reminded her of a cartoon.

"She doesn't bite Mione."  Harry chuckled.

"Everyone, this is my daughter, Amelia."  Harry said introducing the smiling girl.

Amelia stood up from the chair, walked over to the still shocked Hermione and pulled on her slacks, signaling that she wanted the girl to kneel down.  Hermione slowly did this.

"Dad says you're like a sister to him."  The little girl informed Hermione.

"Did he now?"  Hermione said hesitantly.

"Can I call you Aunt Herminione." The girl said.  Everyone laughed, including Hermione.

"That's Hermione.  Like this, her-my-on-e.  But how about you just call me Aunt Mione."  The older girl said now picking up her surrogate niece.

Amelia grabbed Mione by the back of her neck and squeezed herself hard against her.  When she let go she nodded yes.

The next hour was spent telling Hermione and the Granger's about his life in America; the joys and sorrows of single parent hood, the hardships of being in a new place, making new friends, and generally missing home.  While he went over the tale Amelia had fallen asleep.  She wasn't use to the different time zones and it was past her bed time in the US.  Mr. and Mrs. Granger had made up the guest room for them incase they wanted to stay the night.  Harry thanked them and said they would gladly stay the night.  He then carried the little girl to the room.

Hermione and her parents were smiling at how cute they looked until a sudden arrival broke the mood.

"Surprise Love."  Ron said as he apparated into the room.

"Ron."  Hermione yelped.  "Love, what're you doing here?  I thought you had to work all week."

"I got Neville to cover for me for two days.  I didn't want you to spend your time alone you know, no offense mum, dad."  Ron said, kissing his wife.  Mr. Granger tried to excuse himself to go let Harry know not to come out.  However he wasn't quick enough.

Harry stepped into the Hall and was already in mid sentence.

"Did I just hear Mione leave?"  Harry asked and stopped in his place.

Ron had turned at the haunting voice. It was one he would never forget.  It was a source of great pain and sorrow for him, as well as rage.  The two men stood their ground, neither saying a word.

"Harry, its not what you think."  Mione blurted out, breaking the silence.

"You don't know what I'm thinking Hermione."  Harry said coldly.

"Don't do anything stupid Ron."  Mr. Granger ordered.

"You knew he would be here?"  Ron asked Hermione.  "You knew he was coming?"

"It was a surprise.  They weren't expecting me."  Harry cut in, trying to cover for Hermione.  He could tell that she didn't set him up.

"I decided to come back for a visit.  Naturally I would look up my ONLY friend's parents to see if I could get in contact with her."  Barked an irritated Harry Potter.

"I see that I'm intruding so I'll just leave." Harry turned and walked towards the guest room. 

"Harry wait."  Ron asked.  He forcefully grabbed his former best mate's right shoulder.

Harry, not turning around, simply grabbed Ron's wrist, leaned forward and flipped the taller man over him.  The impact forced the wind out of Ron's lungs.

"Do Not Touch Me.  Ever!"  Harry ordered the man.  Ron was seeing spots, Harry had gotten the best of him and he was feeling it.  In his heart though, Ron knew he deserved far worse.  Harry exited the guest room carrying something that he couldn't focus on because of the dim lighting and the spots in his eyes.

"I'll be in touch." He whispered to Hermione, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.  Then he orbed out of the Granger's home, shocking Hermione and her parents.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

"How's your head."  Mr. Granger asked.

Ron, holding an icepack on the back of his skull simply muttered, "Its been better."

"How long was he here?"  Ron asked.

"A few hours before you showed up."  Mr. Granger answered.

Hermione was sitting on the couch across from the injured Ron.  She had not spoken to him since the incident with Harry.

"Would you excuse us please?"  Ron asked his In-Laws.  The parents said they were going for a walk.

"I didn't know, I thought I'd do something out of character and surprise you for once."  Ron informed his seething wife.

"I'm not mad that you showed up, contact was inevitable if he was going to be here awhile.  What I am upset about is that you didn't let me, the person who he wasn't upset with handle the situation.  No you had to go charge off and grab him."  Hermione said in a nagging tone.  "You're lucky he didn't hurt you after what you did to him."

"Why's he back."  Ron asked.

"Two reason's.  One he was visiting me."  Hermoine explained.

"And two?" Inquired Ron.

"I'm not at liberty to discuss it."  Hermione replied.

Ron looked at her in surprise.  "What do you mean you can't discuss it?  Did you tell him about Ginny, Daniel and Lilly?"

"I didn't get that far, he was still telling us about himself and….."  Hermione smacked her hand over her mouth.

"And Who?"  Ron said, staring diligently at his wife.

"It's not my place to say.  Hermione said lowering her head.  Ron was about to say something but Hermione cut him off.

"Look Ron, three and a half years ago I forgave you and Ginny for driving our best friend out of our lives for what I presumed was forever.  I'm not asking you, I'm telling you, I need to handle this if we're ever to get him to speaking terms with you and Ginny again."  Hermione enlightened her husband.

Ron was about to comment but Hermione interrupted him again.  "Furthermore, you are not to mention this to anyone.  I love you Ronald Weasley but if you don't do as I ask, then that's it.  We're done."  Hermione told her husband.

Ron looked into his wife's eyes.  Even when he'd been an utter prat, or during the first few months after Harry's departure, Ron had never seen Hermione like this.

He knew that she was serious.

"You have my word Mione, I will not seek out, confront nor discuss Harry Potter."  Ron said.

Hermione then walked over, kissed her husbands bruise, and gave her husband a hug.

"Now go to the house and get showered and changed, maybe I'll take you out to dinner."  Hermione offered.

Ron kissed his wife, and quickly departed, never missing an opportunity to dine with his love.  When he was gone, the telephone rang.

"Granger residence."  She answered.

"Is he gone?"  The voice on the other line asked.

"Harry, I didn't.."

"I know Hermione, its ok.  I knew the risks coming back here and took them anyways."  Harry told her.

"He has two days off, I told him not to say anything, look for you or if he should run into you to leave you be." 

"and he listened to you."  Harry asked with much surprise.

"I threatened to leave him if he didn't, and I was serious."  Hermione informed her friend before he could chuckle.

"Mione, you didn't have to…."

"Harry the reason He and I didn't get engaged for a year and a half was because I hadn't forgiven him for what he did to you.  Ginny had an acceptable reason, but Ron…"

"What was it?"  Harry asked.


"What was her reason for flying off the deep end with me."  Harry asked very curiously.

"I don't think I should be the one to tell you that Harry."  Hermione offered.

"I understand."

"Thanks.  Call me in two days, we'll make plans to take Amelia out.  Hermione requested.  Herminoe heard the little girl say that she would make sure he did.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

"Who might you be young one?"  Inquired a perplex Albus Dumbledore.

"Amelia."  The little girl responded.

"And how did you manage to get here Amelia."  The smiling Headmaster inquired.

"My daddy brought me to meet you."  The girl responded smiling back.

"Who might I ask is your father then little one."

"Harry Potter."  The girl answered.

The answer came as very little surprise to the headmaster. The girl looked exactly like Harry did.  She had his hair, his facial structure, and those green eyes that were becoming a Potter family Trait.

"Hello Professor Dumbledore."  Harry said popping out of the shadows.  Dumbledore flinched slightly.

"That is twice Mr. Potter that you've managed to surprise me in one day."

"I've learned a few things in my time away sir." Harry responded.

"So it would seem."

"We just stopped by to say hi.  I came to look up a friend and thought I'd see how Hogwarts was before I left."

"We manage to get by."  Announced Albus.

"Really, so tell us of life at Hogwarts after Harry Potter."  The young man asked sitting down to catch up with his old Headmaster.

"Rather dull I dare say.  No one to keep my on my toes like the Weasley twins or a certain Boy who lived."  Dumbledore chuckled.

"Well maybe if I return to England you'll have this little ball of energy to deal with."  Harry replied.

Amelia just smiled and clasped her hands together like a little angel.  She pretended to be the symbol of virtue and innocence.  Albus just laughed and began telling the young girl stories about her father's youth.

Chapter 5:  Decisions

Ginny Weasley was watching her twin children play in the field with their uncle's Bill and Charlie.  Lilly and Daniel adored all of their uncles, they were the only male roll models, besides their grandfather, that they'd ever known.  The children would occasionally ask about their father, Harry Potter.  They wanted to know what he was like and why he wasn't there.  Usually Grandma Weasley would suddenly appear with cookies or some kind of treat that would distract them but Ginny knew that as they got older this ruse wouldn't work much longer.

Not a day in the last five years went by that Ginny had regretted her actions of that day so long ago.  Ron hadn't helped matters but she couldn't blame him.  His only real crimes were over-reacting, over-protectiveness, and stupidity.  The blame for their father's departure lay squarely on her head.  If she'd kept her temper in check, compromised, or told Hermione and her mum about the situation her children would have a father.  Arthur Weasley had sent four investigators to try and track down Harry's whereabouts but after five months of looking even the Minister of Magic couldn't justify the investigators time away and call off the search.

"Ginny."  Molly called to her.

"Yes mum."  She answered, not taking her eyes off her children.

"I need you to go get a parcel for tonight."  Molly said.

"Where at."

"The Granger's.  Mrs. Granger left it on the kitchen table for us."

"Ok, I'll be back in a few."  Ginny yelled, then apparated to her destination.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

Ginny disapperated in the Granger living room and walked into the kitchen to grab the item for her mum.  It had been some time since she had been in the Granger's house.  Hermione was very cross with Ginny and Ron after Harry's departure, rightfully blaming them for it.  When Ginny announced her pregnancy Hermione took pity on the poor girl and helped her through the difficult time.  When the children were about three Hermione, realizing Ginny could handle them herself, with drew her assistance.  She loved her niece and nephew, but was now only civil with Ginny.

This hurt Ginny because she and Hermione were good friends prior to that day and she had hoped that because of the children that their friendship was restored. 

Not wanting to dawdle Ginny picked up the parcel and turned around and was surprise to see a five year old girl staring at her.  She looked adorable.  She had on a cute little dress and was clutching a stuffed unicorn.

"Hi."  The little girl said in a friendly, if not tired tone.

"Hello."  Ginny replied, bending down to look at the little girl.

"Who are you?"  Amelia asked.

"My name's Ginny Weasley.  I'm the sister-in-law of Hermione. She's married to my brother Ron."  Ginny answered.

Amelia slowly backed away from Ginny. "What's wrong."  Ginny asked, the girl looked frightened.

"Ron's the tall man that grabbed daddy.  I saw daddy flip him.  Then pretended to be asleep before daddy came back for me."  Amelia told her.

At that moment Hermione apparated into the room.  Amelia ran to her and jumped into her arms crying.

"Ginny, what?"

"I didn't do anything, I was talking to her and then I mentioned Ron and she panicked."  Ginny explained.  "She said something about seeing her daddy flipping Ron."

"Amelia, you told us you were asleep."  Mione said, trying to sooth the girl.

"I heard loud voices.  I heard Daddy's name then saw him flip him.  You're married to the man daddy flipped."

"Yes, honey, Aunt Mione is married to that man.  We'll talk about it in a moment, let me talk to Ginny."  Amelia slowly walked to the guest room, half expecting Ginny to chase after her.

"Hermione, who is she, what's going on here."

"Ginny, go home.  Forget what you saw and heard.  Don't even mention it to Ron, he won't discuss it with you."  Hermione ordered.

"What are you talking about I'm not going anywhere till you tell me what is going on."

"Go.  NOW!"  Hermione ordered again.

At that moment the Granger's and their house guest returned.  Ginny saw the form of a man she barely recognized.  Harry Potter had changed in the five years away.  He was still thin but had obviously toned up his muscles.  His hair, while still unruly was cut closer on the sides.  His hair was loner on the front, she guessed to hide his scar.  It was then that the pieces finally fell into place for Ginny.  It was Harry that had flipped Ron.  And Harry was the little girls father.  Ginny fell into a seat, suddenly overcome with grief.

"Would you like to join us for a walk Amelia." Hermione called to the little girl.

Amelia ran out and hugged her daddy.  Harry kissed the girls forehead and handed her to Mione. 

"Be good for Aunt Mione.  I have to talk to Ms. Weasley."  Harry told her.  Amelia gave her father a kiss on the cheek, this made Ginny cry harder.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

Harry had gone for tissue and placed the box in front of Ginny.  It took Gin several minutes to calm down enough to even start getting verbal.

"When did you get back."  Ginny finally managed to ask.

"I've been in the area for a week."  Harry replied coldly.

"I see you've been busy since last I saw you."  Ginny stated.

The statement was obviously the wrong one to make.  Harry rose and headed for the door.

"Wait…. I'm sorry.  I didn't mean it like that."  Ginny implored.

"I don't know what hurts more.  The memory of you and Ron turning on me, or they way you just spoke to me as if you were the injured party."  Harry said, not even looking at the crying red head.

"It wasn't supposed to happen like that Harry."  Ginny moaned.

"I had something that was going to affect our future to say and you interrupted me.  I was highly emotional and didn't realize until it was far to late what I had done.  Ron being Ron didn't help matters."  She mentioned.

"The two of you might have well have killed me.  It was have been far less painful."

"How old is your little girl?"

"Amelia turned five before we came here.  This was her birthday present.  I don't think I'll be bringing her on any trips to Europe, they seem detrimental to her mental well being."  Harry mentioned as he sat on the couch rubbing his temples.

"Where's her mum."  Ginny asked in her most neutral tone.

"That's not your concern."  Harry said shooting her an annoyed glare.

"Listen Gin, it was nice to see you again, but as you may guess, I have a daughter to attend to so please show yourself out."  Harry yelled.

He reached for the door handle but Ginny grabbed him before it was open.  He looked at her and before he knew what was happening Ginny Weasley was kissing him.  Harry tried to push her away but she was kissing him with passion so intense it could melt glaciers.  Harry reached and lifted her up.  He walked to the couch where the continued to duel only stopping to gasp between kisses.

"I'm sorry Harry Potter."  Ginny finally mumbled.

"I'm sorry I let struck you."  She said tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry I left you." She said crying.

"And I'm sorry I let you go."  She told him before pulling her to him and crying on her shoulder.

Harry just held her.  As much as he wanted to not care for this woman, he loved her,  he'd never stopped.

"Harry, my hormones were out of control the day you showed up to ask me to marry you."  Ginny said, starting her explanation.

"What do you mean?"

"I was two months pregnant."  Ginny explained.

Harry looked at his love in disbelief.  The ramifications hitting him like a slamming into a brick wall.

"Boy or Girl?"  Harry asked in shock.  "Both."  Ginny answered, tears starting to well.

"I'm so sorry Ginny."  Harry said crying back.

Ginny just held her love in his arms.  "I think, I think its time for you to return to  your family.

Harry nodded his head in agreement.  Then something occurred to him.  "Amelia."

"What about her?" 

"I have to break all this to her."  And Harry leaned back against the wall.  Ginny snuggled up to him and kissed him.

Chapter 6:  The Return

Harry and Ginny waited patiently for Hermione and Amelia's return.  To calm his nerves, Ginny began telling him about their children.  Lilly was first born and has red hair and green eyes.  Daniel has a dark red hair and green eyes.  They were born on the 14th of February.  Ginny didn't have her purse with her with pictures, she wasn't intending to be gone this long.  Harry showed Ginny a few of the pictures he had of Amelia and him.  Amelia was born in late July, very near his own birthday and the anniversary of their violet break up.  Before Ginny could say anything though Harry kissed her and said that, whatever happened before today was forgiven.  It was time to move on.  Ginny smiled and give him a quick kiss.

Ginny, seeing the time, had Harry leave the room so she could call her mother and tell her she was detained for the moment and would arrive home soon.  She asked her to have the kids clean up and stay out of trouble till she got back.  When the call ended Harry and Ginny sat back on the couch waiting for Hermione.  It was Harry's turn to tell Ginny his story of the past six years.  She sat up and listened as Harry described what had happened.  Ginny wept for Amelia, her mother was not only selfish and ungrateful, she'd threatened the girl's life before she was born.

"That's unthinkable."  She said holding her love.

They heard the key at the door and Ginny pulled away slightly so Amelia wouldn't be intimidated by the situation.

Hermione carried in the toddlers as the Grangers followed.  Amelia hid behind Hermione's long curly hair, not looking at Ginny.  Harry stood and took his daughter.

"Lets have a talk love."  Harry said to his daughter.

"I'll see you at the Burrow."  Ginny said to Harry.  Hermione glared between the two.

Ginny then apparated out of the Granger house.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

"Daddy, who's that lady?"  Amelia asked her father.

"She is someone very special to me."  Harry answered.

"Special like mommy was?"  The observant little girl asked.

Harry shook his head.  "More special than your mommy honey.  Daddy loved Ginny very much before he left to come to the America."

Amelia began to cry. 

"Honey, look at me.  I know you want to know more about your mommy, and I know what daddy is saying right now may not make much sense, but you know I love you right?"

Wiping her eyes, Amelia shook her head yes.  "How much do you love me?"  Amelia opened her arms wide.

"I have something to tell you honey, something I didn't know until I talked to Ginny."  Harry told his whimpering daughter.

"Now before I start, how much do I love you?"  Amelia opened her arms wide again. 

"All right then.  Amelia… you have a brother and sister."  Harry told his youngest child.

Amelia started at her father.  "I… I have a brother and sister?"

"Yes.  Before I left for America Ginny was going to have a baby, or should I say two babies.  The three of you have different mommy's but you have the same daddy so you are all brother and sisters."  Harry explained as best he could.

Some of the fear that Amelia had displayed was washed away by this sudden realization that Amelia had more family.  "Where are they?"  She asked.

"If you want, we can go see them tonight."  Harry offered.

Amelia thought about it for a moment.  She looked like she was really trying to prolong Harry's agony but he knew better.  "Kay."  Amelia finally said.

"I'll send Aunt Hermione in to help you get ready, you want to look pretty for them right?"  Amelia shook her head yes.

Once the door was closed Harry leaned back against it.  Hermione was standing next to him, waiting to see how things went.


"That went better than expected."  Harry signed.

"And you and Ginny?" Hermione asked.

"She told me everything."

"Did you forgive her."  Hermione asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You could say that yes."  Harry said grinning.

"Good, now I don't have to be mad at her anymore."  Smiled Hermione.

"Hermione, I'm not going now, but I believe you have something that belongs to me?"

Hermione pulled a necklace from around her neck.  Attached to it was a small key.  Harry placed it around his neck.  He then gave Hermione a brotherly kiss, and asked her to help Amelia get ready for the party.  He had one loose end to tie up.

"Just don't kill him."  Hermione yelled as Harry orbed out of the house.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

Ron Weasley was outside his house putting away some personal items when he felt a presence directly behind him.  He turned slowly and stared right at his former best mate.  Harry quickly pulled back and let his fist slam against the side of Ron's face, sending the man to the ground.  Ron lay there for a moment, contemplating his response.

"Ok Mate, I guess I deserved that."  Ron said sitting up, rubbing his jaw.

"You deserve more than that.  But that was what I owed you for six years ago."  Harry said, cracking his knuckles and shaking his hand.

"We square then?"  Ron asked.

"On the punch, yeah, we're square.  The rest… I don't think we'll ever be square."  Harry said.  Ron nodded in agreement.

"But I forgive you."  Harry informed him as he started to walk away.

"I'll see you at the Burrow tonight, keep your yap shut until then."  Harry said and orbed out of Ron's yard.

"Well, this should be an interesting night."  Ron said as he rubbed his jaw.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

When Ginny returned to the Burrow she found her twins still outside, still dirty.  Apparently George and Fred took Ginny's request more as a suggestion and disregarded it.  Ginny yelled for the twins to get into the house and get cleaned up.  She then sent a few hexes at George and Fred for ignoring her request.  This sent her older brothers running for their lives.

Molly noticed that since her return Ginny appeared anxious.  She could sense   something was on her daughter's mind but could think of anything.  She had been at the Granger's for quite some time.  She hoped that Ginny and Hermione had finally patched up their differences.  The Grangers arrived just before six o' clock and said their hello's to everyone present.  Hermione informed Molly that Ron would be along shortly, and requested that two more seats be added.    Molly was puzzled by this and was about to ask why when Ginny, who had heard the request, confirmed that they would need two additional seats.

When Ron arrived the first thing molly noticed before kissing her son was a giant bruise on his left cheek. Hermione informed her mother-in-law that Ron had finally reaped what he'd sown. It was then that Molly looked to the door and saw a little girl with black hair and emerald green eyes.  Eyes so unmistakable, that they could only have come from one person.

Harry Potter walked into the Burrow slowly bringing in his youngest child.  Molly raised her had to her mouth.  She walked over and hugged the young man, welcoming him back.  She then greeted the little girl.  Amelia smiled at the friendly woman and said, "Hi."

Harry then walked into the living room and said hello to the now shocked Weasley family.  Bill was the first to walk over to Harry and give him a hug.  Fleur, his wife, took the little girl in her arms; greeted, and introduced her to the other Weasley's.

"She's so precious."  Molly told Harry.

"Ginny and I have talked, and worked out our differences."  Harry informed a smiling Molly.

"I'm sorry that I haven't been here for…" Molly cut him off.

"Everything worked out in the end.  You can't dwell on what might have been, just on what you intend to do from now on."  She told Harry.  Harry just leaned over and kissed the woman on the cheek. 

While they were upstairs the twins had wanted to know why Ginny was so nervous and why they were getting so dressed up.  Once they were ready Ginny sat her two children down and told the children that their father was down stairs.  It took them a moment to ready themselves then Ginny walked Lilly and Daniel down the stairs.  The children slowly followed behind their mother towards Harry and the gaping Amelia.  Lilly looked like she was going to cry as she saw her father for the first time.  Daniel was afraid to get to close.  He kept thinking this was a dream as he neared their father.

Lilly, tears falling down her face ran up to and hugged her dad.  Harry tears in his eyes hugged the little girl.  Daniel walked over to his father and sister and held his arms up.  Harry placed Lilly by Amelia, and picked up the now smiling boy.  Ginny was crying, as were most of the women, and Fred who couldn't help but act like a stupid git.

The twins didn't say much but suddenly became very aware of a little girl sitting next to their father.  Ginny and Harry then introduced Amelia to them.  He told the twins that she was their sister.  The three children looked at each other for some time.  While looking similar the color of all the children's hair was completely different.  The one common factor they had was their striking green eyes.  The children didn't quite know how to act around the other. 

Lilly was the first to do something.  She hugged her younger sister.

"I'm Lilly Potter."  She proudly stated.

"I'm Daniel Potter."  Her brother said proudly smiling.

"I… I'm Amelia… Amelia Potter."  The girl said crying.

The three children scooted over and hugged their smiling father.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

Several hours later the three Potter children were put to bed in Ginny's old room.  The Burrow had been redecorated in the last six years and Ginny's room now had more space and a double bed.  The three children were tucked in and sleeping with smiles on their faces.

"Well the kids all seem to love each other, where does that leave us?"  Ginny whispered as she  sat in her love's lap.

"I love you Gin, and I want to marry you…"  Harry told her. 

"But, I can't."

Ginny looked at him in shock.

"See, I'm still the injured party here.  I accepted your apology and have forgiven you, but there is still something you have to do."  Harry informed her, trying to keep his face neutral.

"Harry, I apologized for everything that happened and we made up.  What more is there to do?"

Harry smiled and kissed her.  Ginny responded until Harry broke the kiss.

"See that little girl there."  Harry pointed to Amelia.  Ginny nodded her head yes.

"When she give you her blessing, I'll marry you.  Until then I will spend my time getting to know my children, and loving you."  Harry said kissing her again.

Ginny smiled.  "I convinced you that I loved you, twice now.  I'll win her over too, somehow."

"Do you think…"  Ginny started to ask, staring at the little girl.

"What's that love?"

"Do you think she'll, ever love me?"  Ginny asked Harry.

"I can't answer that love.  But if you love her like you love Daniel, Lilly and I, I'm sure she will definitely return your love."

Ginny stood up, walked over to the bed, and looked at the sleeping children. 

"She's special, I can tell."  Ginny said, "Sweet dreams Amelia, welcome to the family."  She kissed the little girl on her forehead.  She then gave her own twins a peck on the cheek before returning to Harry's lap.  She wrapped her arms around him and just held him as they watched the kids sleep.

~~**~~                ~~**~~                ~~**~~

Amelia was once again pretending to be asleep.  She had heard every word that her father and Ginny had said.  Amelia had never had a mother.  She always wanted to know more about her real mother but her father insisted on waiting till she was older.  When they came to England she became very attached to Aunt Mione.  She was pretty, and fun and smart.  Unfortunately she was only her dad's friend.

When she had first met Ginny she didn't like her.  Ginny was the sister of the man that her daddy had flipped.  In Amelia's book that meant all Weasley's were bad.  Her dad had explained, as best he could, that she shouldn't hate them just because he flipped Ron.  When she asked why he simply said, "Do you hate your Aunt 'Mione?"

Amelia had shaken her head no.  "Aunt Mione is married to that man, if you hate him you have to hate her."  Harry explained, hoping that this would defuse a potentially difficult problem.

"Ohhhhh Kay daddy."  Amelia relented.

She was glad her dad had talked her out of hating the Weasley's because they were all nice and funny people, particularly Uncle Fred and George.  After a while she even warmed up to Ron, who her dad had forgiven.  As she lay there listening to Ginny  she couldn't help but smile that the woman loved her father.  Her father even said he wanted to marry her.  Amelia knew that that would make Ginny her mom.

She smiled wide when she heard that in the end Ginny had to get her permission to marry her father.  A moment later Amelia heard Ginny whispering that she was special and that Ginny wished her sweet dreams, just before she kissed her forehead.  It was at that moment that Amelia decided that she would do everything she could to like this woman so her daddy would finally be happy.


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