Chapter one :'The Job'

2002, Vice City, Florida

He walked in past the neon lights and entered the air conditioned zone of the Malibu. Past the iron knuckeled guards, past the security guards. He went over to a small table and watched as some of the scanky women do what they did best: shake their asses. Brad Katen hated nights like these, humid and muggy. As he sat here watching the hip little teenagers with a small alchoalic beverage, three men walked over to him from the entrance. "Hey tin man!" one of the said. Everyone called him this due to the fact he was always carrying a weapon of some sort. He glanced up. "Whats up Johnny?" he said. "Nothing much. You?" the one replied. They glanced towards the others. "Ready?" Johnny asked them in a low tone. They nodded. Brad got up. He was the tallest about 6 '4' and dirty blonde hair but it was more light than brown which had gel in it making very small spikes sticking up in different directions.

They walked over to the bar. Imediatly Brad pulled out a chromed shotgun but still keeping it under his long black leather trench coat so no one could make it out. The woman held her hands up. "The safe." Brad said calmly. She nodded and bent down but quickly came back up with a small Python. She pulled the trigger and and as Brad jumped it hit one of their men in the shoulder. Johnny drawed double colts and pelted the woman with bullets. Imediatly the unijured man rushed upstairs and snipered the guards coming to them in the crowd of frantic people from the balcony as the injured man got behind the counter and uncovered the safe and with his working arm began to pick the small lock. With in seconds he opened the safe as Brad held bags open and Johnny poured money in them.

Then as they were about to leave a blaring alarm went off ringing their ears. They realized they were the only one left in the place. Luckily theri was a hidden back door behind the counter and the four of them bailed out of the bar and came out behind the Malibu next to the canal. Their were two dingys there in the water. "Johnny take him." Brad said and pointed to the guy that wasnt shot. Johnny nodded and Brad took the other one and they each jumped into a dingy. "Meet back at the hideout." Brad said as he cranked the motor and they each took a different way out. Soon the small inflatable boat was crashing on on coming waves propelling it into the air every now and then. Soon two police boat were after them. As the injured man drove, Brad shot his shotgun towards the oncoming boats.

Eventually he hit a fuel tank in one of them blowing it into pieces. The other now began to fire. Double bullets flied by his head as he shot at the boat. Then a low roar came in and from nowhere there was a skimmer flying up behind the dingy. Suddnly there was a loud poping noise. The dingy had been hit and was losing air. Slowly water came into the still speeding boat as the skimmer was over head and Brad helped the injured man up on it and then he himself jumped up and grabbed one of the buoys that the skimmer uses to land as the boat before him went under. He held onto the landing float as the skimmer slowly gained altitude. "Here the man tried to reach down to Brad. Brad used one hand to reach up and just as he was about to grab the mans hand his other arm slipped off. All he knew was falling.


Then a sudden rush of cold water. He swam to the surface and began swimming as fast as he could from the approaching police boat. But before he knew it he had to guns on him and was pulled out of the water. He was driven back to the police station. "Get in ther you piece of shit!" the cop said as he threw him into the cell. They had given him a change from the wet clothes. He was in there for two days before he was visited by Johnny. "What happened to the money?" Brad asked as quiet as possible. "We have it and your share is untouched. Well have you outta here soon." he said. "No. Ive got an idea. Just stay away. Ill be at the hideout in two days. Be there." Brad said. The next day when his officer came to get him for lunch, he back kicked the cop and punched him in the face while on the ground. He then stole the cops uniform, gun and billy club. He then procceded to casually walk out of the station and cranked up the car and pulled out. In the car he found three canisters of tear gas and a shotgun, pump action.

'Backup requested repeat backup requested, we have a young male with black short hair and a pair of jeans robbing a convieniece store in Washington Beach.' That sounded like Johnny. Brad sped to the store to find it surrounded by cops. He got out and walked over and saw Johnny being arrested by a fat man. "So, if it isnt John the bomber." Brad said sounding very coply. "S' cuse me sir?" the fat cop said. "Special division agent murphy." Brad said flipping open his wallet quickly and closing. "Have you checked this area for bombs?" Brad asked. The cop shook his head. "Well wh y the hell not! This guy is a master mind. Ill take him from here. You go search the area for suspicious uh..stuff." Brad said taking Johnny by the scruff of his neck. "But.." the cop started. "No buts! Now!" Brad yelled as he shoved Johnny in the car. The fat little cop ran off expecting a promotion. Brad got in and started driving. "Better speed it up. Theres gonna be a bang in a second. I thought i was done for when that cop was reading the entire rights to me in front of the store!" he said. Brad smiled then a shaking blast bounced the car off the road. He pulled over and looked back. "Shit."he thoought as he saw the entire block nearly destoryed.

"Whatd you put in that thing?" Brad asked. "Normal." Johnny replied. Brad cranked the car backup and drove across the bridge over to the three abondoned mansions after the gangs there were assualted by a helicopter sniper. They patched it up a small bit. As in doors, tv, couch, frigerator, you know, the normal. When they got there Brad walked in to find the other two sitting on the couch watching a football game. "Who playin?" Brad asked. "Vice city and Liberty." one of the men replied. Brad pulled a beer out of the fidge and sat down on a love seat by himself. Johnny had a place on the couch. Before Brad knew it he had passed out seeing B.J. Smith tackle some guy to the ground.