Chapter six: The End

Then he came back out of his gaze. He got up and walked over to where Tommys body lay, his back burnt crispy. "Help me." he stuttered out. Brad knew he didnt want to help him by taking him to the hospitale. He wanted him to kill him. Brad could understand that. No man should suffer like that. He picked up a gun out of the nearby chopper and pointed the barrel to the back of his head and pulled the trigger. He was dead instantly. By this time Alex, Joe, Kevin and Johnny had got up there. "Lets go." Brad said and soon they parked at home. The day was almost over. It was great to fall into bed and sleep. But then the eyes came back to him in his sleep. What was that thing? He wondered. When he woke up the next morning what he saw made him scream. He pulled himself up groggily. He walked past the other three bedroom doors and everyone was in their room except Kevin. At this point he didnt think anything of it. Until he walked down stairs. As he did he saw a gun lying on the ground. As he cornered the bottom of the stair way he saw a couple drops of blood which lead into a great speam leading into the living room. In the living room lay a headless body. It was Kevins. "Oh my god!" he screamed and soon everyone was up and either puking or in shock. Who or what wouldve done such a thing? Then Brad remembered hearing about something similar happen to king Willie.

"Get in the cars. Follow me." Brad said and they followed. Brad led them back to the mansion which was now deserted and they went to the roof. Brad searched around as the others watched. He knew he wasnt seeing things. "This thing is hunting the best of us. It attcked Tommy yesterday. Now us. Its hunting us for sport." Brad said as he walked around the helipad. Then as he looked over the edge there was a weird sound. Like a purring, clicking noise. Then the blast came again and a screeching cry. He turned just in time to see Joes right arm blow off of his shoulder. Then behind him came the outline again. Very fastly Joes head looked as if it ripped itself out of its socket. "NOOO!" Brad screamed and pulled out his colts and began firing as Alex and Johnny jumped out of the way. He watched as the outline jumped of the edge. He looked over and saw the outline head for the woods.

With out thinking, Brad ran foreward and jumped off the roof landing in the pool below. Soon he heard two more splashes as Alex and Johnny jumped aswell. The thing was quick and he was no match. He ran for the infernus and jumped in keeping the outline in sight which wasnt to hard because it was carrying joes head. What was hard was driving through the bushes and over the edges of yards. Soon he was on the tail of the thing when it jumped. He lost sight of it and then a crashing noise came and the roof of the infernus collapsed. Then it was gone and he got out and saw the thing running. He summoned up all the strength he had and ran. Slowly, as they ran on the waters edge, he gained. Then in one burst of speed he jumped and tackled the invisible 'hunter'. They went over the edge in the water. He saw electricity surround some weird figure. He climbed out of the freezing water and watched the thing turn visible. It crawled out of the water flashing and surging with electricity. Then he saw it. Its skin was a pale yellow. It had a shoulder mounted thing and a metal pack. It stood on two feet which had long black nails. Its face was covered with a brown bronze metal mask. It gave that clicking noise again. Tears formed in Brads eyes.

They were burning. Tears from anger. From sadness. And from fear of what this thing was. Then he heard a roar. He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw a blue streak. He jumped out of the way just in time for the car to go flying past him and hit the creature. The car slowed to a stop. The creature lay on the hood as Johnny and Alex got out. "What the hell was that thing!" Alex asked Brad. "Well i guess we kicked its ass." Johnny said leaning against the car. Suddenly his eyes shot open. He couldnt scream or talk. Suddenly there was a high scream and his head was ripped from his body and the creature stood up behind him. It gave a high cry as it held both Joes and Johnnys head high above his head. Then it took off running. Brad was now about to explode. His face was in shock. His best friend was just killed. "Car." was all he could manage out as he jumped in. He got in the drivers seat and took off just as Alex got in. The creature was far ahead as they sped through the woods and towards the main street. It began to rain and get cloudy.

The creature got to the street and jumped in the bed of a nearby barracks ol. Brad raced behind it. "Take the wheel." He said and opened his window. He could see the creature bending down in the bed of the truck. Alex steered behind the truck. Soon Brad was on the hood of his car and Alex was driving. Brad motioned for him to get closer to the truck. As the car got closer, Brad got a jump and leaped onto the back of the truck. He had nearly missed and grabbed onto the bumper of the huge truck. He screamed as his legs were scraped past his jeans. He pulled himself up, not noticing the bloody knee he had. The creature didnt see him. It was looking in the fron of the truck. Brad clenched his teeth. He prepared and jumped foreward at the creature. He grabbed the creature and slung it around in the bed of the truck. He punched as hard as he could into its stomach, but it did nothing. The creature grabbed him by the throat and picked him up. Brad pulled out his colt and pulled the trigger in the creatures gut. It let out a horrible cry as it slung Brad across the bed.

Brad saw it was injured and took the chance. He ran towards it while it screamed and tackled it knocking him and the thing out of the trucks bed. He rolled on the ground and felt his forehead be sliced open from the pavement. He looked over and saw the creature get up as green blood dripped from its stomach. It dropped the two heads and took off running. It took Brad a moment to realize where he was. Then he saw where the creature was running to. The lighthouse. He got up a little dazed and took off running after it. He traced it to the lighthouse where he saw a trail of blood leading up the stairs. He followed it up to the top. Before he got to the top, he pulled out his two colt 45s. Then he went through. He looked around. There was no sign of blood. He looked over the edge. Heading toward the lighthouse he saw Alex in the blue infernus. He tasted blood from a cut on his lip and where the blood from his forehead flowed down over his face. Then he heard a small sound. It was from above. He grabbed the roof edge and pulled himself over the large light. He saw it. It was standing there. Looking at him. Waiting.

Then it did something. It pulled a small wire and steam came out for a moment. He pulled of the shoulder launcher which Brad saw destroy the helicopter and his friend. It tossed it over the edge. Then it pulled two more wires. It slowly placed its hands over its maks. Slowly it removed it and revealed a hideous monster. It had four finger like things in the corners of its mouth with talons on the end of them. It was a pale green and yellow. It then gave a terrifying growl and began to circle Brad. "Go to hell." he said and ran towards the edge and jumped down to the level with the large light. It soon followed. Brad dropped the colts seeing it wanted an even fight. He put his fists up and then gave it a jumping backkick. It was a little stunned and had not expected to be hit so hard. It screamed again and ran at Brad. Brad jumped out of the way and as he did the thing jumped to in front of him. It grabbed him by the neck and pushed him back towards the edge of the platform. Brad stuggled for air. Then he rememberred. He pulled out a hunting knife from his leg sheath an stabbed the creature with it. It dropped him on the platform and let off a low cry.

Brad saw it and rushed it again and this time kicked it in the stomach wher it had been shot. This had enough force to make the creature fall back towards the light. Brad clenched his teeth as he saw the thing stuggle for air. "Die you fuck!" he shouted as he jumped in the air as high as he could in a 360 and gave a kick in mid-air to its face. The creature was knocked off its feet and fell back. In an instant one hundred million volts surged through the creature. As its body shook with electicity it gave a shattered cry. It then fell foreward and hit the ground hard motionless and looked dead. It had some steam rising from it. 'Over. Its finally over.' Brad thought to himself. Then behind him came the low buzz of a chopper. He turned around and saw himself in a spotlight. He tried to cover his face from the blinding light. "Freeze! This is the Vice City police." a voice on a loud speaker came. From behind, he heard a small beeping noise. Brad turned around and saw the creature messing with his wrist. It had some sort of device on it. Then Alex just got to the top of the staris. "You ok?" he asked as he saw the thing.

Then another beeping noise came. A continuouse one that got higher in sound as it went on. "Does that mean what i think it does?" Alex asked with a scorn on his face. A low laugh came from the creature. "Come on!" Brad said as he and Alex ran towards the edge. He grabbed a colt from the ground as he ran. Alex jumped first and with the great leap he made he grabbed a leg of the chopper. The creature was still laughing as Brad pointed the gun at its head. "Laugh at this, bitch." he said as he pulled the trigger and imediatly the laughing ceased as blood gushed from its head. The beeping continued and got faster. Brad backed up and took a running jump towards the chopper. He too got a leg. They pulled themselves up and as much as the officer warned them to back up, Brad threw him and the pilot out. He took the controls and tried as fast as he could to pull away, but not fast enough. As he got about fifty feet away the entire lighthouse exploded and the shochwave alone sent the chopper flying out of control at a angle towards the beach. People in leaf links felt the shockwave.

A few people around the light house were imediatly blown to pieces. The base of the lighthouse cracked before shattering with fire. The light at the top was blown away as an amass of fire, smoke, and debris shot away. The fire keep spreading and anything within half a mile or more was engulfed in flames. Mostly the beach area around the lighthouse was destroyed but about a block of buildings near the lighthouse was blown away. Slowly the lighthouse or what was left of it crumbled down into fire and smoke. From afar, the lighthouse was not visible. Just a big gust of smoke. The chopper was still spinning wildly. As it spun wildly, pieces of cement hit the chopper from the explosion. "We have to bail!" Alex said. When they were about twenty feet above the sand they got ready by hanging on to the door as it flew towards the ground and just as the chopper hit they jumped. Then without warning, the chopper exploded, sending their bodies flying across the beach. Brad hit first and as he did his body hit the sand with enough force to tip a car. His body was slung rolling across the beach. Alexs did much the same and landed only a few feet away. From afar the explosion was still heard and smoke was mixing with the the rain. The helicopter debris finally slid to a stop about eighty meters away. As they lay there they did not notice the quick burst of metal from acroos the beach shoot up from the sand and into space.

Just as it did a peak of sun slid over the ocean and hit their faces. From not too far, police sirens came on. Brad tried to open his eyes. At first all he saw was white. Then it all faded in. He looked over at Alex. Alex was looking back. "Got a cigarette?" Alex said. Brad laughed but soon stopped due to a most likley broken rib. Police arrived soon and picked them up. They were taken to interogation but said nothing. They were soon released on no charges. Somewhere in Vice City a television is turned on. On it stands a reporter standing in fron of some flameing debris. "Just earlier last night, a huge explosion took place at the Ocean Beaches lighthouse. All that is left now is a flaming pile of debris. So far the body count is over a hundred. No one knows how the explosion happened but the government says there a possible way it was a terorrist bombing. A destroyed police helicopter was found half a mile away along with four bodies.

Two were police and are deceased. The other two were anymous. They were put in critical condition and are expected to be ok. More news when it comes up." the reporter ends. The cameraman showes the debris and firemen working and uncovering things. On the far left of the screen a fireman pickes up a bronze looking thing. It has wires hanging from it. He shows it to his partner. His partner looks at it and shrugs. At the top of the screen shows an slow moving object in space which noone seems to notice. The tv is cut off and the screen goes black. A few monthes later the case is closed under the subject of terorrist bombing. Thats the last thats heard of it. But two people in Vice City knows what happened.

And two people in Vice City will keep there secret to the grave.