By Rei

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Chapter 2:

Yukata-Wearing Angel

"Hatori! Get in here, Hari..." Akito called weakly. Hatori looked up from the sheaf of papers in his hand. He'd been reading Shigure's latest work, half a story, really. Shigure showed him every time he wrote a few pages. It was very well written, and made Hatori wish he had some kind of creative talent of his own. His own abilities tangled him up with Akito, which was the last thing he wanted. Such cruelty from someone so beautiful surely could not be natural.


Hatori stood up, putting the story on his desk for another time. He knew Shigure would call him within an hour, asking what he'd thought, but he really didn't have time for that now. Akito needed him. "Yes?" Hatori asked, pulling open Akito's sliding door. This room was so odd. Most of the Main House was decorated in western style, with beds and doors and carpeting. But Akito had a futon, tatami mats, a sliding door. He'd insisted on this as soon as he was old enough to know the difference. Hatori remembered being assigned the job of redecorating, along with Shigure and Ayame. Well, those two hadn't done much more then throw the mats at each other; it was Hatori who'd done all the work. And it had been hard, with Akito's dark eyes glaring at him the whole time.

"Could you go check on Yuki-kun?" Akito asked. He seemed to be glued to his futon; he looked completely drained. "I had to punish him...would you please make sure he's alright?"

Hatori sighed. He hated these jobs. The abused child would be hysterical or depressed, always in need of comfort. He could treat their physical wounds, but their minds were scarred as well, and that was something he could do nothing for. Luckily, this didn't happen very often, Akito was usually not feeling up to the punishment he thought necessary. Really, their had only been three such occasions that Hatori knew of. One was when Akito had strangled Mimosa, who was two years old, and crying too hard for his mother. Mother wasn't coming, and the baby was disturbing Akito's sleep. The other child had been Ritsu, who was assigned to watch Akito that day. (Hatori had been away, and Akito was recovering from a serious illness.) Ritsu, being Ritsu, had apologized one too many times, and Akito had simply lost his temper.

The worst time, was when Hatori's own mother, Yumi had been punished, and with the whip too. She'd been a bit of a mother figure for Akito as well, as she was the family doctor before Hatori, and she felt responsibility for Akito, for that reason and one more. She'd apparently had an affair with Akito's mother Mika. Akito had been enraged when he'd heard about this, so much so that he'd banished Yumi from the Souma family. She was even required to change her last name. She had, and it was a good thing Akito never found out what it now was. She was now Yumi Masahiko, the same last name Mika had taken when she married Akito's father.

Hatori had no idea why Akito had been so upset. Was he homophobic? Or was he one of those spoiled brats who couldn't stand the idea of Mommy loving anyone else but him? But his mother had never really loved him to begin with, and if she did, it was in a twisted, unrecognizable way. That was why Akito was a Souma, instead of a Masahiko, and why he hadn't seen his mother in two tears, and not for seven years before that.

Anyway, Hatori's mother was gone now, meaning Hatori had to drop out of medical school, and use the skills he'd gained so far, to be the Souma family doctor. This family needed a doctor as badly as they needed a head, and for the same reason. Survival.

"Yes, I'll do that, but Akito? I need to know how you punished him," Hatori said.

"I whipped him...really hard. I think he had an asthma attack too..." Akito's eyes were closing, and Hatori knew he wasn't going to get much more information out of him. He was sick that day, so he needed his sleep.

"Did you," Hatori said quietly. "I'll go see to him, then."

He walked out of the room, sliding the door closed behind him. He walked down the hall to Yuki's room, hoping he'd be there. He couldn't be sure; the boy might've been moved by his parents, to some place 'safer.' That happened sometimes, for example, Ritsu had gone straight back home after being whipped, even though he was meant to stay the rest of the week. "Yuki?" Hatori said, opening the door. "Are you in here?"

"Yeah..." Yuki's face was stained with tears, and he was lying under his bed. Hatori had told him millions of times not to do that, all the dust was terrible for his lungs, but he thought it better not to bring that up now.

"So...Akito hurt you, did he?" Hatori said softly, kneeling down beside him. "Where are the wounds?"

"On my back mostly. Some on my arms and legs. A lot of my face, too," Yuki said dispassionately, as though he were talking about today's weather. But he looked like he'd been sobbing only minutes before; he couldn't be unaffected.

"I see," Hatori said. The whip-marks on his face didn't seem too bad, they probably only needed cleaning and band-aids. Yuki could do this himself, but people tend to ignore the care of their own wounds. Besides, he was ten. He couldn't stoically endure the sting of the alcohol.

He explained to Yuki what he was about to do, and explained that it was probably going to hurt a lot when he cleaned the wounds, but it was necessary to avoid infection. The same speech he gave anyone with a minor injury. Yuki crawled out from under the bed, and looked at Hatori mournfully.

"I didn't do anything wrong," Yuki insisted, as if he'd been accused. "It's not my fault, what happened."

"What did happen?" Hatori asked, distracted. Once he knew, he'd have to try and comfort the child, and he knew he was incapable of this. But he had to ask, anyway, to be polite. Yuki would tell him anyway, they all did. He began applying alcohol to the cuts on Yuki's face.

"I brought Akito out to play with Kyou and Kagura...they didn't like him, and they made fun of him. Then Akito ripped out Kagura's hair and we left. Akito was really mad at me, so he whipped me."

"I'm confused. What did you do wrong, exactly? According to your story, it's everyone else who's done something wrong."

"I made him come with me. He said I humiliated and betrayed him, and he called me stupid. I guess I am stupid, for ever being his friend!" Good, he was angry, rather then depressed. He'd heal quickly, then. "It's not fair...I hate Akito, he's so mean..." Yuki whined. "No wonder Kyou and Kagura hate him so much, he's a jerk! He's always complaining about that, how no one likes him, well he deserves it! And he deserves to be sick all the time too!"

Hatori didn't know what to say. He didn't agree with Yuki, but he understood where all this rage was coming from. Of course he was mad, he needed the anger to deal with what had happened to him. But Akito did not deserve the life he had, no one did. So he said nothing.

"I want him to die!" Yuki yelled. "And that'll be soon, right Hatori?" His voice was suddenly hopeful. "Akito said, someone will take his place, and we're not in danger if he does. So, he'll die soon, right?" How morbid, Yuki, how vengeful. You can't seriously want that, and you can't really believe that we are safe. Akito was lying to you; he knows very well what will happen when he's gone.

"I don't know," Hatori said, his voice like ice. "He's pretty healthy at the moment, better then usual."

"But he was really sick today!" Yuki cried, he was obvious distress."

"Yuki, today's illness was nothing. He'll get through it just fine."

"Well, next time you see him, tell him we're not friends anymore, and I hate him!"

"I'll do that," Hatori said. "Yuki, I'm sorry this happened."

"What are you apologizing for? You didn't do anything, Hari."

"I know...anyway, Yuki, you really need to just forget what happened. You've done nothing wrong, Akito's just...he's not right in the head. He probably wanted to teach you a lesson, well don't learn anything. Just stay away from him, and you shouldn't have any problems." Hatori sighed; knowing this was poor advice. If Akito wanted to hurt Yuki, he'd find him. Likely, Hatori would play some part in it; he'd obey Akito even if he knew it was wrong.

"Right...I'll forget...I'll try," Yuki said.

"Please take off your shirt," Hatori said. "I've got to clean the cuts on your back."

"Okay." Yuki obeyed, unbuttoning the shirt, and pulling it off.

"You've been very good, not complaining at all," Hatori felt obligated to add this, although it was diminutive. Yuki was behaving himself very well.

"Thanks," Yuki said, though he was wincing at the pain.

Hatori would have to speak with Akito. He had no business abusing this poor child, no business at all. Yuki had done nothing. If it were Kyou or Kagura who he'd hurt, that might be more acceptable but...not this. Yuki was innocent.

"Ne, Yuki? Akito tells me you had an attack while he was...whipping you. Is that true?"

"Yeah, but I'm okay. I just got really scared, and I was crying...I get attacks if I cry, sometimes," Yuki said guiltily, as if the asthma was some forbidden pleasure.

"You're sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine."

"Good...good. I'm almost done now...just a few more cuts left on your leg." He finished the last of them, and stood up quickly. "Okay, bye Yuki. I'm going to go talk to Akito."

"Hari-chan..." Akito whispered, his voice hoarse from coughing. "Is Yuki alright?"

"Yes, he's fine, no thanks to you," Hatori grunted, kneeling beside the futon. "I cannot believe what you did. It's disgusting, Akito."

"I know," he said simply, like it didn't matter at all. "I'm sorry, Hari, but he just made me so angry."

"Yuki told me what happened, and it didn't sound as though he'd done anything wrong." Though Hatori knew there were two sides to every story, he was reluctant to listen to Akito's version. He knew he'd take his side, no matter how wrong it was...and he couldn't side with a monster. If he could just prevent him from speaking, he could leave here, his opinions intact.

"He did Hari, he did!" Akito said excitedly, trying to make Hatori see it his way. "He made me go with him, he set me up! He knew his friends would hate me, we both knew that, but he made me go anyway! He just wanted to hurt me!"

"Akito, you know Yuki had no such intention. It's not okay for you to hurt him."

"Everyone hates me, everyone in the world," Akito said, staring the ceiling. "The Soumas...they'd all kill me, if it didn't threaten their own lives..."

"They would not," Hatori did not elaborate, though he knew he probably should. He was being completely unconvincing. And he wasn't telling Akito off at all! He hadn't managed to convince him of anything; Akito had just gone off on a tangent about how everyone hated him. Of course they did, what choice did they have, the way he was? How could you like someone who whipped you?

"You're just trying to make me feel better..." Akito was curling into a ball, rocking himself. He only did this when he was hurting, when something was wrong with him...

"Hey, are you okay? Akito?"

"Fine, fine..." he said, but he didn't come out of fetal position.

"Are you in pain?"

"It's nothing, just my stomach hurts a little," he said, squirming in discomfort. This was wonderful, just great. There was no way Hatori could yell at him now, not when he was ill...but then when could he say it? Akito never seemed to be fully recovered from anything; his life was like one composite disease. And he always felt strange, accusing him. Because Akito wouldn't take it in, he would sit there, blinking innocently like a fawn, and then he'd narrow his eyes and growl, 'I own you. I'll do whatever I want.' And it would be like he'd never said anything at all.

And right now, it was impossible; there was no way he could say anything bad about beautiful, sick Akito. He was perfect, a yukata-wearing angel. Odd though, he wasn't wearing the yukata right then, but his black outfit. Maybe, if he had that on, it would be easier, in the black outfit, he looked scary, skeletal.

"Akito, you're a--" he started, but it was useless. What had he been going to call him? Something bad, yes, but what? He couldn't think of a single insult. He' d done something wrong, but it seemed insignificant now, watching him. Who cared about Yuki, when Akito was right here? He was so cute and vulnerable, really, just a sweet twelve-year-old, he was their leader, their god. Hatori hated him, feared him, just as everyone else did, but...

But he didn't. He wanted to feel like everyone else, but he also wanted everyone else to feel like he did. He wanted the others to like Akito, to care about him. Akito could be happy, if he wasn't despised by everyone, and what Hatori wanted most at that moment was Akito's happiness.

Maybe the best thing to do would be to give Akito that happiness, to show him that he was loved, if only by one person. That person had been Yuki, but Akito had ruined that, and Hatori could not fix it for him, no matter how he wanted to. If their relationship was to be repaired at all, Akito would have to apologize, and he wasn't capable of that.

The only choice, then, was to love Akito himself. He could do that. It was so easy, to fall in love, to make himself feel it. Maybe it was this way because he'd already loved him? He didn't know, but regardless, now it was time to show Akito.

He reached over, and placed his hands on Akito's bony face. "Hatori...your hands are so cold..." Akito murmured, so close now to sleep. Hatori leaned in, and pressed his lips against Akito's. They were predictably warm, a sure sign that his fever was rising. But it was hard to think like that, when here he was, kissing Akito. His feelings were no longer confused; he did love this child, beyond all reason. As Hatori began to move his lips, so did Akito, he returning the kiss. Now, should he involve tongue, in this, or was that too much? How Hatori wanted to. He wondered, briefly, what his two cousins would do, faced with this sort of decision. Of course, they'd use tongues. Ayame had actually taught a class of horny adolescents, on the proper methods of kissing.' The class' slogan had been, 'French the bitch already!" But why was he thinking about Ayame, when he had Akito in his arms? Wasn't this supposed to be a magic moment, when thinking disappeared?

No, he was just as conscious as he usually was, just as alert and alive. Akito's kiss didn't change that, but that didn't mean it wasn't nice, that he wasn't loving every second of it. There would be no tongues, unless Akito decided there should be.

But Akito was already falling asleep, so tired from his day. Hatori slowly pulled away, ending their first kiss. Might there be more, in the future? Likely not, that was too much to hope for. Kissing back was a reflex; Akito couldn't feel the same way he did... "Goodnight...Hatori..." Akito said, closing his eyes.

"Goodnight, Akito. I'll see you in the morning,"

"In the...morning...Hari?"


"You''re a really good kisser...and a really great...person...I like you a lot..."

"And I love you, Akito."

"Really...?" His voice was so quiet; he was going to fall asleep any second now. "That's you too...Hari..."

Even after speaking those words, Akito could somehow sleep. And later that night, Hatori would sleep. Life would go on as usual, but they had this new thing, this love. It was nice, thinking about it. No, not nice, wonderful. Hatori smiled, leaving the room quietly, so as not to wake his yukata-wearing angel.


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