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Author's Note: I don't know much about Cyborg 009, but I've been watching the show lately and on a desperate hunt for 003 and 009 fics I found that there was only one fic in the Cyborg 009 department.  It's grown to 10 but I wanted to contribute to the Cyborg fics.  I know absolutely nothing about Cyborg 009 because I've only seen the show like a couple times but anyway, this takes place directly after the episode about 006's struggling restaurant. 

            He dragged the large wooden box through the back alley, stopping to breath before straightening his back and tossing the accursed object into the dumpster.  He had used up his last iota of strength ages ago, and as soon as he had released the box from his grasp, he slouched over, hardly able to stand by himself.  After running around all day for 006, this was like torture.  The thing that was keeping him going barely, was the thought of what it would feel like to crumple into his nice comfortable bed after a long day of work.  At this rate, he'd probably fall asleep before he even landed on the bed.  His body felt worn already and he doubted that once he was asleep he would be able to wake for days, or maybe even weeks.  He put his hands on his knees to keep himself from falling over, and his breath became more labored and his sight was starting to fog.  His knees became weeks and it became harder than usual to stand.  He started to hear the tap-tap of shoes skimming the pavement somewhere near, but he could hardly focus.  Unable to keep himself up any longer, he fell against the brick of an alley building.  His joints were locked and his knees felt like warm jello.  Suddenly he felt a hand on his back and a presence next to him.

            "Oh dear, 009!  009 are you ok?" he heard the soft voice of 003 calling to him.  He started to regain his sight and looked up to her with glazed eyes.

            "I . . . I . . .," he tried to form the words, "I guess, I guess I got a little lightheaded there," he forced, managing to stand up despite the struggle it took.  He wavered a bit, and leaned against the wall for support.  His eyes shot open when he felt 003 position herself underneath his arm, holding him up, "Oh dear," she said, "You definitely won't be able to get far by yourself!"

            He held out his hand in protest and closed his eyes trying to focus, "I-it's ok, I can walk."

            "Don't be silly!" she replied, "You can hardly stand, just hold onto me and I'll help you inside."

            He sighed but finally consented and let her support some of his weight.  Together, they started to slowly make their way back to the restaurant.  It was a bit of a struggle since his large frame weighed so much more than her petite one, but as they went on, he regained more and more of his strength.  By the time they reached the restaurant, he was pretty much back to himself.  They trudged in through the back door and it didn't take long for 009 to locate a seat and plant himself in it.  He sat, slouched over, holding his chest.  Resting like that, it didn't take long for his breathing to return to normal but he could hardly keep himself awake.

            To his surprise, when he had been concentrating on steadying his breathing, 003 had made him a pot of tea, "Here," she said, bringing him a mug full of the steaming liquid, "It will make you feel better," she added, taking a seat next to him in the cramped little kitchen. 

            "Thank you," he said after taking a small swig of the tea.  She was right though, it had made him feel better, not substantially of course, but it had helped, "Thank you for everything, for helping me out there in the alley . . . I was just so tired from running around all day, I guess it just caught up to me."

            She looked down at her hands and smiled slightly, "Oh, it was no problem really, I couldn't have just left you out there could I?  It's the least I could do." 

            Silence filled the kitchen and she wondered what he was thinking, she looked up to him only to see that he looked dreadfully ragged in the pale kitchen light.  He had dark circles under his eyes and his hair was strewn all in his face.  He still looked awfully handsome, she noticed, looking down and blushing at her thoughts.  But more importantly, it was imperative that she get him to sleep before he passed out right there in the kitchen.

            "Well," she sighed, "We should really get you into bed, you look dreadfully tired." 

            They both went to stand and as she turned away, he put his hand on her arm, "I would like that," he said, smiling. 

            If it was possible, she fancied her face had turned redder than it ever had.  She smiled back and lowered her eyes to the floor, fidgeting with her hands, feeling slightly uncomfortable, but not in a bad way.  As they walked to the apartment above the restaurant, she couldn't help but wonder why this man always had the ability to make her act like a little schoolgirl with a first crush.  When they reached his door he turned back to her and smiled, "Thanks again," he whispered. 

            She smiled back courteously and turned to leave before being stopped by his words, "You really did look beautiful today."

            When she looked back, the hall was empty.  She smiled, thinking he was probably already asleep.  Walking down the hallway to her room, she wondered what tomorrow would bring. 

To Be Continued . . .