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Chapter Two: Better Think Twice

**Hey yo! Wake up! Yer girlfriend is here!**
Pietro woke up to Todd who was bouncing on his bed. He picked up a book and threw it at his forehead. Todd bounced off of the bed, slamming his back against the ground.
**Hey!! She is waiting for you you know!** Todd waited for a response from the sleepy silver haired boy.
Pietro mumbled a few words in Latin and pulled the covers over him. Todd shrugged and hopped out of the room. Faint voices were heard from downstairs.

**Is he coming? Kitty is waiting in the kitchen.**

**I smell cake yo!**

**Kitty is making the cake.**


**You idiot! Remember!?**

**Ouu, I think I remember now...**

**Now go wake up Pietro!!!!!**

**Okay! Okay! Sheesh...**

**No, let me go wake him up.**

**You sure?**

**Yeah, I'll go get him.**

Pietro opened one eye and looked around his room. Another victim to torture he thought. He heard steps coming into his room. Suddenly, the steps stopped. Pietro froze thinking that the person was above them. He shifted sides and saw Kitty sleeping in his bed. Her eyes shot open as Pietro raised his eyebrow.
**Pietro, arent you supposed to be downstairs? Its already 1:00.**
] **No.**

**And why not?**



**Just because.**

Kitty looked at him strangely then gave him the puppy dog eyes. He couldn't resist. Pietro sat up and looked back at Kitty strangely. **Fine, but Im doing it you.**

Kitty smiled and hopped off out of the bed. **Then we will see you downstairs!**

After Pietro took his shower and got dressed, he dashed downstairs to find Kitty frosting her cake. It was a strawberry with french vanilla frosting. She was talking with Wanda about what the institute is going to do for Christmas. **Yeah, Bobby is planning on making icicles on the roof inside. I thought it would be nice.** said Kitty as she closed the frosting top. Wanda looked over and saw Pietro digging around in the fridge. She then left the kitchen to the living room to see what everyone else was doing. Pietro moved away from the fridge and moved over to Kitty. **So Kitty cat, what do you want for Christmas?** he said with a grin. **I dont know, but that is why we are going shopping!!** Kitty bounced off and ran into the living room to get her coat. Pietro watched her and followed. Everyone was in the living room watching television while Wanda, Kitty, and Lance waited by the door. **Where are we going shopping?** he asked while putting on his coat. **At the mall of course!**

the Bayville Mall~

**Wanda and I are gonna go to this way. You and Lance can head that way. Well, see you later!**
Kitty and Wanda started for the left until Lance stopped them. **Where are we gonna meet at 2:00?**
**The ice cream parlor. Buh bye.** said Wanda irritatedly.

The Snow-globe shop~

Kitty and Wanda looked through the snow globe store, wondering what to buy their friends. Kitty grabbed two snowmen globes, and five teddy bear globes. She smiled as she shook them up.
**Arent these like, the cutest!?**
Wanda nodded as she looked through some Christmas cards. She didnt really have anyone to give gifts to. She definitely did not want to get anything for her father, or brother. Kitty looked over Wanda's shoulder and narrowed her eyes on the card.
**You are going to get something arent you?**
Wanda shrugged. **Probably not. I dont really have anyone in particular.**
Kitty looked at her strangely and walked beside her as they walked to the counter. She handed her money to the cashier and paid for her globes. Wanda scanned the room. She couldn't think of anyone for Christmas besides her friends.
**Maybe Todd would like a gift? I am sure he is going to get you one.**
Wanda suddenly turned her face into a disgusted look. **You must be crazy! Not that frog boy!**
Kitty sighed and grabbed her bag. They started to leave the door. (Todd does so much for Wanda. She is blinded by her own problems that she cannot see what Todd truly is...) Kitty thought.

the west wing of Bayville Mall~

**You do still like Kitty doncha?** asked Pietro as he looked through the windows.
Lance looked to him strangely. **Yeah, but she loves you. I just want her to be happy. You are one lucky bastard Maximoff to have someone like Kitty Pryde.**
Pietro sneered at him until he saw something at the window. In big bold letters read: Want your gift to be complete? Have us box and wrap your gift in the special new wrapping paper by Belle!
**Lets go in here. I need to wrap Kitty her gift.**
Lance followed Pietro inside as golden lights glowed outside of the shop.

Belles Shop~

Pietro was having trouble choosing what wrapping paper he wanted the box to be. The female cashier kept fixing her glasses which disturbed him for some reason. (Gee, maybe because she is a nerd??) Lance just watched the people pass by the window. He nudged Pietro in the arm to hurry up.
**Maybe the pink glittery one? Nah, maybe the baby blue. No, no, maybe the periwinkle. Gawd! Will you ever stop messing with your glasses!? Its VERY disturbing!!!!**
The girl looked at Pietro strangely as Lance glared at him. He leaned over and began whispering to him.
**Pietro, just choose a color and lets get going before she calls security!!**
The nerdy cashier finally spoke with her mouse-like voice. **Umm, sir, you have been standing there for exactly five minutes. Can you please decide? There are other customers.**
Pietro looked behind him and saw no customers behind him. Just Lance who was getting very impatient.
**I dont see any customers. Now, before you really tick me off, just get me the goddamn silvery pink one.**
The girl nodded and took out a sheet of the silvery pink paper and a small box fit for a necklace.
**May I see your gift?**
Pietro handed her the Teardrop necklace. She eyed it for a moment then placed it in the box. As she began wrapping it, Pietro wondered.
**I know the gem is beautiful but you dont need to stare at it like that.**
The girl looked up at him. **Oh I am sorry sir. It is just that this gem looks like the one that was sold to a very strange man. Everyone figured that (snort) no one would buy it.**
Pietro thought for a moment. He shook his head and smiled impatiently. **Just please wrap the gift.**

~At the Ice Cream Parlor~

**You know Kitty, we are 15 minutes early?** said Wanda as she sipped her blackberry smoothie.
Kitty sipped her strawberry smoothie and glimsped at her watch, then her bag full of gifts.
**Well, its alright. My feet hurt from all that walking.** Kitty began digging through her bag, looking through the gifts that she bought. **Lets see, I bought Kurt a mini organizer, Jean, Scott, and the new recruits snow globes, Logan a new jacket....**
Wanda looked at her with amusement. **Wow, you must really care for all of them. You spent almost 800 dollars today.**
Kitty smiled. **Of course! They are like family to me you know.**
Wanda leaned in, trying to see what else Kitty had bought. **What did you get my silly brother?**
Kitty smirked. **I got him one of those platinum necklaces. I couldn't really think of anything to get him.**
**How about a mirror? Everytime he sees one, he spends like two minutes looking at himself, fixing his hair.**
Kitty giggled.
**I heard that Wanda.**
They both turned. There was Pietro and Lance waiting to go. Kitty stood up and kissed him.
**So what did you get me for Christmas?**
Pietro looked at her strangely then grinned. **It's a surprise Pryde. Dont you know how Christmas works?**

~While driving home in the Jeep (which belongs to Lance)~

Pietro looked off to the side of the road, thinking once more why his father, Magneto would hand over something so expensive. Including a bundle of fifties. (And why didnt he use the door?! How does he know about Kitty and me? Nothing makes sense with him around.)
He turned and saw Kitty, with her hair blowing as the jeep drove fast along the road side. Pietro looked at her for a moment and waited for a response.
**You look like something is bothering you. Is there something you would like, want to talk about?**
Pietro shook his head and breathed in deeply. **Nothin wrong. Just tired.**
Kitty giggled and leaned on him. **You were sleeping until I woke you up around 1:00! How can you be tired?**
A quick sinking feeling struck Pietro. Suddenly, he felt something was going to happen. (He is coming again tonight.)

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