A Note From Quicksilverzgurl!~

Hiya everyone! I have decided to answer some questions that I have received.

*My Pietro/Kitty/John Love Triangle- I know those stories were like, your favorites. But somehow, they got all messed up and deleted. Sadly, I cannot find them so I guess you can say.. Crap. But do not fear!! I have a plan for my newest story: Fallen Angels. Yes, for all of you that want that love triangle back, its coming! So do not worry that little cute head of yours!! ^_^

*The Review Numbers- Yeah, whut is up with dat? I honestly do not get it. (Gawd, I hate talking normally normal) But oh well. It will be better I hope.

*Continues- Every day, I work on my chapters so once again, do not fear! Kitty is here!!

Now some of my requests to you!! (You do not have to do them)

*Read all of my stories!!! Yay!! (Hee, I am just joking. But you can if you wanna)

*Does anyone know what the hell is up with those funky symbols like this: " or ` or ' ? It gets rid of my quotations and apostrophes when I post them up!

Anyways, I would like to thank you all again!! Thank you very very much!! I would not be here typing my stories without any of your reviews!