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To wake up the next morning, around dawn, and find that none of it had been a dream was unsettling to say the least. He opened his eyes, only to stare straight into a pair of silver ones, just in front of him, where Draco was standing, shaking him awake.

"Wake up, sleepyhead; you're going to be late for breakfast." The blond boy said.

Cole growled at him and hit him with the pillow. Draco ducked it and chuckled a bit before leaving him alone to wake up properly and get dressed. Cole grumbled, but did get out of the sinfully comfortable bed, and started searching for his clothes.

He had just picked up a pair of jeans, the same ones he'd been wearing when Snape came ´abducted´ him, when Draco came in through the door again. He spotted Cole with the jeans in his hands, and got an amused look on his face.

"You can't wear that; dress code and school uniforms, you know." Draco commented.

"Draco, do I look stupid to you? Or are you merely blind as a bat? I was wearing the bloody uniform yesterday, and I am wearing it today." Cole asked, raising an eyebrow. "I was going through my jeans to find something I left in one of the pockets."

"Oh." Draco said, looking a bit less confused than he had before.

"How articulate. Now, are you going to watch me get dressed or are you going to leave me alone?"

"I'm going to leave you; Crabbe and Goyle shouldn't be left alone for an extended period of time. They seem to have a habit of breaking things. You know valuable items, tables, chairs, people, that kind of thing."

"Be on your merry little way then. I could use some damn privacy." Cole shot back, and began to look around for his uniform.

Draco left, chuckling out loud, and Cole pulled out a small sketchbook from his jeans pocket, and proceeded to get dressed. He had, apparently, been granted the favour of wearing one of the silver and green ties that all Slytherins had. He had made the transition from tie-less to tie-wearing in less than twenty-four hours. Not bad.

He picked up his walkman and, popping a CD in it, he walked out the door, to meet his first day at Hogwarts. It would prove to hold many surprises, some greater than others. But as he always had before, he would come out on top of it.

The question was; would his classmates be able to say the same, when the day was at an end?


Pushing play on his walkman, he walked down the winding stairs to the dungeon-housed Common Room. To his surprise, nothing happened. Not a sound; not evens static could be heard. Confused, he pulled it out and checked the batteries.

"Bloody hell; the damn batteries are dead! But how? I changed them yesterday." He muttered.

"What're you mumbling about now?" Blaise, coming out of a door in front of him asked.

"My walkman died." He said, waving the offending item in her face.

"Muggle contraption, is it?" She asked, looking at it with a hint of interest.

"No, it's the most magical thing in the world. I just happened to find it moments before the evil villain who was trying to take over the world revealed that he was in fact my father." Cole snorted, "Of course it's Muggle."

Blaise looked mildly amused at his outburst and pulled out her wand. She muttered something under her breath, and suddenly, the walkman was working again, blasting music in his ears. He grinned by way of thanks, and headed down to the Common Room, Blaise in a tow. ¨

Down there was Draco, standing by the entrance, impatiently tapping his foot. He looked immaculate, as if he had spent hours grooming his hair, but Cole knew for a fact that he hadn't. It seemed the blond boy was just born with natural good looks. Too bad he didn't have the same head start, he grinned to himself.

It seemed that Blaise had that head start herself. He had to admit that the girl was stunning. Her black hair hung to mid-back and her face was one of the most beautiful he had ever seen. Yet he doubted he would ever see her as more than a face to draw and possibly a friend.

Maybe it was the way she looked at Draco. Maybe it was because of himself. Maybe it was because that, she, except for the eye colour, could have been his twin. It was rather freakish. Of course, she couldn't be a relative of his; he knew who his father was, he knew who his mother was, and there was no way either of them could have been Blaise's parent's as well.

He shook of his rather jumbled thoughts and greeted Draco with a cheery wave. Draco raised an eyebrow, while Blaise snorted, but Cole ignored their amused expressions.

"Breakfast, lessons?" He asked.

"Your speech patters are incredibly confusing at times, Cole. But thankfully, I am intelligent enough to figure them out. Yes, breakfast is about to start, and then we have, indeed, got lessons to attend to." Draco said dryly.

"Good, I guess." Cole shrugged, "But right now, I'm starving."

"And God help us if we don't feed you immediately; who knows what horrors will be visited upon us?" Blaise smirked good-naturedly

"Now you get it." Cole nodded approvingly.


When they entered the Great Hall, Draco and Blaise were deep in a conversation about Defence Against the Dark Arts, while Cole kept looking around, trying to take everything in at once.

They sat down at the end of the Slytherin table, and Cole, being very hungry, immediately started to eat. Draco and Blaise watched in amusement for a while, before eating as well, although without the same hurry.

Pushing his plate away, Cole looked around the hall, waiting for his newly found friends to finish. Once again, he noticed some of the Gryffindors, sitting across from him, were glaring at him and Draco, but mostly at Draco. He raised an eyebrow; that was certainly strange.

"Hey, Draco." He said, not looking away from the Gryffindors, "Don't look now, but those Gryffindors are glaring at you."

Draco looked over at the opposite table and sneered.

"That's just the Wonder Trio; ignore them." He said, and turned back to Blaise, "So, any bets on which dysfunction this year's DADA teacher has?"

"Any bets on who this year's DADA teacher is, first of all?" Blaise shot back, smiling.

"Why are you betting?" Cole broke in.

"Oh. Well, all our DADA teachers have been weird to say the least. One was possessed and died; the second was obsessed with himself and his looks, and lost his memory. The third turned out to be a werewolf, but aside from that, he's the most normal teacher we've had in that subject. In fourth year, we had a teacher who wasn't who he appeared to be, but rather personating another, and he should, by all rights, have been in Azkaban. The fifth, let me tell you, that one was crazy. Completely psychotic. The sixth, well, let's just say that I'd rather take poison than have lessons with Professor Branagh again." Draco ticked them off on his fingers.

"Werewolf? Azkaban?" Cole echoed, confused. "Werewolves actually exist? And what the bloody hell is Azkaban?"

Blaise seemed to have trouble breathing through her attacks of silent laughter, and Draco blinked, looked acutely shocked and confused. Cole tapped his fingers on the table, waiting for either of them to answer his queries.

"Gods, I keep forgetting you're Muggle-born. Azkaban is the wizard prison. No one, except that psycho Black has ever been able to escape it without help. And even those who escaped with help were sent back again, due to the foolishness of running into Potter and Dumbledore." Draco said, after regaining his senses.

"Potter who?" Cole asked, getting more confused by the minute.

"Alright, now I know you're Muggle-born; everyone has heard of Potter. Saint Potter, Wonder boy, the Boy-Who-Lived. A-ringing a bell?" Blaise asked.

"Nope. Snape didn't tell me much after he kidnapped me." Cole shrugged.

"Kidnapped? Cole, one day, you are going to tell us what exactly happened, but not right now, since we have Charms in ten minutes and really should be going." Draco said, getting to his feet.

"Right." Cole mumbled and followed him.

The ´Wonder Trio´, as Draco had dubbed them, glared at the three of them all the way out. It was a bit annoying, but he pushed it from his mind in favour for his new class.


Being taller than average, Cole had a hard time folding himself into one of the chairs in the Charms classroom. He glanced at Draco, as his fellow Slytherin pulled out a quill, and then reached into his own pocket and pulled out a ballpoint pen, and began to draw absently in his sketchbook. And thankfully, even though it was as Muggle as they come, it still worked.

When Professor Flitwick climbed on top of all his books, he blinked, and immediately turned a page in the sketchbook, and started a new outline. That guy he had to draw. Smirking a bit (something he had picked up very fast) he listened to the professor's speech.

"Welcome to a new and exciting term!" The small man squeaked, "And I hope you all had a good summer."

The class' answer was a sleepy murmur, but the small professor didn't seem bothered by this in the least. Apparently, he was used to the lack of reaction in his morning classes. Cole grinned; the Math teacher at Aton was like that too, with the exception that he was blind as a bat and often confused the students with chairs, tables or whatever other furniture was in the vicinity.

"Today we will be practising the Shield Charm." The professor went on, "Even though I know most of you have perfected it already, it will more than likely come up on your N.E.W.T's."

Cole blinked. Newts? What did reptiles have to do with anything? He remained confused until Blaise leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"Nearly Exhausting Wizarding Tests; our exams at the end of the years." She explained.

He nodded to show he had understood, but couldn't keep from smiling a little at the name. Wizards had strange ideas, alright.

The lesson started around him, but he was just about to ask what to do when the professor came over to him, wearing a smile so wide it looked ready to crack his face in two. He was so small that he didn't even come up to the desk properly, but had to use what looked like a stepladder.

"And you are the new student." Flitwick stated.

Cole nodded silently.

"Well, Albus has told us to give you the basics in the subject, so we will start with a simple Levitation Charm." Flitwick said cheerfully.

Cole nodded again, and listened to the instructions. He had a feeling this was going to be a long day. If all lessons were like this one, he would be proven right.


The next lesson was, terrifyingly enough, Potions with the Gryffindors. Cole was given a summary of the last six years of Potions lessons with the same red-and-gold wearing crowd by Draco and Blaise. It summed up as "Bad. Worse. Hell." Needless to say, it made him a little apprehensive about attending the class, but when he heard Snape was teaching it, he couldn't resist a chance to torment him.

So, there he was, standing outside the Potions classroom, waiting for Snape to come and let them in. The Gryffindors were lined up against the opposite wall, looking like they were about to be executed by a squad of soldiers, like in those old Western movies. The Slytherins, on the other hand, were standing across from their rivals, looking rather happy with the situation.

However, some of them were only putting on a show; Pansy was there, and that girl was enough to make anyone wish they hadn't eaten breakfast. She was currently trying to hit on Cole, but he only raised an eyebrow at her, before ignoring her. That was made impossible when she stepped up right in front of him and put her hand on his chest.

"You have beautiful eyes." She breathed.

"Get. Off. My. Face." He hissed.

Pansy only leaned forward, gazing at him adoringly. In the background, the Gryffindors were laughing. She tried to pull his face down, doubtlessly to kiss him, but grabbed her wrist, and fixed her with a glare worthy of Snape himself.

"I will say this in easy, simple words that idiots such as you can comprehend; get the fuck away from me. If you ever touch me again, I will chop off your hands so help me God!" He growled.

"But - "She began, pouting, making her look even uglier than usual.

"No. Just shut the fuck up, and stay that way, alright?" He brushed her off, or rather pushed her away so she stumbled into a Gryffindor across the hall, who did nothing to catch her as she fell.

Pansy got up and was about to say something when Snape came around the corner, and the class immediately fell silent, staring at him. Since a sneer says more than a thousand words, he let them in just as silently.

Draco and Blaise sat down beside each other, and since he didn't have much of a choice, Cole sat down next to them. He scratched his chin; the beard was itching annoyingly enough, and looked at Snape expectantly.

"I expressed my sincerest wishes that I would not be seeing you again at the beginning of Fifth year. However it seems like I didn't get through to certain dunderheads. It also seems I will have to put up with you for another year. You won't have to worry though; the Headmaster will be sure to come to your untimely funeral." He sneered.

"How ´bout you?" Cole asked.

The silence was deafening. No one had ever dared to interrupt Snape's ´Start-of-term-speech´. Ever. And now, the new students, apparently suicidal, had done so and even dared to ask a question. Obviously, something was wrong with his sanity. It appeared to have taken a vacation.

"I will not come to your funeral, McLaughlin, as it would force me to stand your presence longer than absolutely necessary. I would rather you just die and leave me out of it. However, do not interrupt me again or you will be serving detention with Filch." Snape said, not even batting an eyelash.

"Right-o." Cole said, grinning, "I wouldn't want you at my funeral anyway, Snape."

"Do you have a death wish, Cole?" Draco

"Yep. Santa Claus dreads reading my wish list every year." Cole grinned.

"Can it, you two." Snape snapped, "We have a lot to do, so belt up you lot and let me speak."

The rest of the class stared in amazement, but Snape ignored them and started the lesson briskly, taking points off every Gryffindor to open their mouths. Cole noticed this, but kept his mouth shut about it after Draco told him some horror stories about detention with Filch.

The lesson was over too soon in his opinion, since he was starting to like Potions. He hadn't been allowed to actually brew a potion, but he'd helped Blaise and Draco cut up ingredients, and watched as Snape showed the class how to brew a certain part of the potion.

The ease with which the Potions professor chopped the ingredients, and who simple he made it look only served to make Cole wish he'd come to Hogwarts at eleven years of age, since then he might have been somewhere near how good Snape was at Potions. It was outright fascinating.

As it was, he was not even allowed close to the cauldron without supervision. It was rather depressing, but he managed to find something fun to do; learn the names of every potion's ingredient they handled, before moving on to learned the names of all the students.


Sinking down in one of the overstuffed chairs in the Slytherin Common Room, Cole closed his eyes and sighed. It had been a long day. First, he'd been given homework by the Charms professor, to practise the Levitation Charm; second, he'd gotten homework from Snape, to write a two feet long essay on the properties of a bezoar, and to the rest of his lessons had been much the same.

There was no doubt magic was fascinating and wonderful, but it was also difficult, complicated and damn hard to figure out. His head was nearly imploding with all the new information that had been stuffed in it, and he had no clue of how he should ever be able to finish his homework.


He cracked one eye open, and looked Blaise straight in the eye. She was standing in front of the chair, grinning.

"If this is anything like a normal school day, please shoot me now." He said.

"Oh, this is only half as difficult as a normal school day. The teachers always start the year slowly, so they don't drop all work on us immediately." Draco commented, as he sat down across from Cole. "Only Snape gave us actual homework today, and that's probably because of you, you now."

Cole stared at him miserably, before leaning forward and banging his head on the armrest.

"I, "He said. "Hate school."

"Don't we all, Cole?" Draco asked, "And think, this isn't the worst day you'll ever have; the weeks before exams are usually when the infirmary has the most visitors; nervous break downs and such."

"Noooo!" Cole moaned, nearly falling out of his chair.


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