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The sun was starting to set in the Hero Garden. Rainbow was sitting on the long part of the pedestal that was next to the pool of water.

"Rainbow," Flash said from behind him.

The red chao turned around then turned a small shade of red when Flash sat down beside him.

"That was a very good battle you did today." The white chao said looking down at her reflection in the water.

"Thanks," Rainbow said still slightly blushing.

"I have a present for you." Flash said blushing a very very very unforeseen shade of pink.

Rainbow's blush disappeared, "Ooo I love presents, what's my present?" he asked.

Flash gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"That's your present," she said blushing deeper.

Rainbow now turned at least 10 shades of red but it could still not be seen.

"What was that for?" he asked turning away.

"For being able to stay here and never have to leave." Flash said smiling a little.

"Oh..." was all Rainbow said.

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Skim was pacing back and fourth behind a fallen alter, his spikes waving around with his movements.

'Must be brave, must be brave, must be brave...' he repeated in his mind.

He took in a deep breath then let it out slowly.

Skim peered out from behind the altar and saw Skipper playing on the rocking horse that Jewel had won from one of the chao races (A/N: Believe me, she has won EVERY single last chao race the whole game has.).

He then went back to pacing, 'Must be brave, must be brave, must be brave.'

"Hi Skim." Skipper said.

Skim yelped and nearly jumped 3 feet into the air.

"Oh, h-hi Skipper." He stammered.

"Whatcha doing?" she asked.

"Um n-nothing." Skim stammered again backing up a small step.

"Ok." Then Skipper went somewhere else in the garden to go to sleep.

Skim then let out the breath he had been holding for that entire time.

"Oh man that was too close for comfort." He said then he went to sleep too.

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