One Week After Hermione's Trial:

Severus Snape walked into a small group of Death Eater's in the cellar of Hogs' Head. Lucius, Bella, Peter, and Narcissa were standing about speaking with Voldemort.

"Ahh.Severus. Any news on how the Aurors were able to find us?" Voldemort asked.

"No, my Lord." Snape answered.

"Pity. Someone will pay for it. Starting with Remus Lupin." Voldemort growled.

"I was wondering, my Lord, when we might be retrieving Granger and Malfoy, from Azkaban." Snape asked quietly.

"We wont be retrieving them." Voldemort said, pacing around the room. The other Death Eaters looked up at him in surprise. "At least not any time in the near future. There are other plans to be made, that Hermione and Draco aren't a part of."

"But my son!" Lucius burst out. "He's rotting away in that place."

"Hold your tongue, Malfoy." Voldemort spat. "You dare question my motives?"

"No. my Lord." Lucius said quietly.

"I never trusted that girl anyway." Bellatrix spoke up. "Something just wasn't right about the Weasley boy disappearing."

"I agree Bella, honestly I believe Draco had something to do with it as well." Voldemort shot Lucius a dirty look. "We can't afford to suspect traitors on our side."

The next day, Snape had made the journey to Azkaban. It was a huge fortress on an island, in the center of a stormy sea. He checked in as a visitor, leaving his wand behind with the guard and found Hermione in a cell at the end of a long dark hall. She wore a ragged black robe and Snape could see runic symbols tattooed to her collarbone area.

"Hello, Miss Granger." He said softly. She stood up from her place on the tiny bed and walked over to Snape. The cells here had no bars, just invisible fields that blocked the front area.

"Professor! I'm so glad to see you." She smiled, stepped into the light.

Snape winced, her hair was tangled and her face looked thin. She was at one point such a happy girl, the Dementor's were probably feasting off her.

"I have to admit, I thought you were dead, until I saw you at my trial last week." She smiled. "Yes, Miss Granger, there are other spells that radiate green light, you of all people should know that." Snape said, his tone still quiet.

"When will Voldemort come for me?" she asked, hopefully.

"I don't know, Hermione." He said sadly. "It could be quite a long time."

She stayed quiet. "I - I understand." She said finally.

"Who are you talking to?" Draco's voice spoke up. As requested by Dumbledore, Hermione and Draco had connecting jail cells. Hermione thought Dumbledore was trying to help her keep her sanity, by having a human to speak with.

"Professor Snape is here." Hermione said.

"Hello Draco." Snape took a step to the side, looking at the blonde teenager, who looked just as miserable as Hermione did.

"When will he be getting us out?" Draco asked.

"I don't know." Snape sounded apologetic.

"Time's up." A guard yelled down the hallway.

"I must go. Good bye, you two." Snape said before they could get in another word, and left, his black robes flowing behind him.

Hermione sat back on her bed. Voldemort would come for them - he had to. He had come for Lucius and Bella, why not Draco and Hermione?

"Hey Draco?" she called.

"What?" he answered.

"I'm sorry, I never ate the peach."

Draco laughed quietly. "Why would you think of such a thing now?"

Hermione saw a Dementor float past her cell and a chill went down her spine, it was nearly time for their three o'clock feeding.

"The Dementors are coming." she said flatly.

______ _______

Yes, that is the conclusion to Into The Darkness. I really hope you liked my story. I plan on writing a sequel over the next few weeks where Snape and Lucius go on a mission to break them out. Keep an eye open for it. Review and let me know your thoughts on the entire Into The Darkness story.