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Carry On Dancing Chapter 1: Moonlight Shadow

Kaoru gasped in suprise as Kenshin hugged here intensely and with such emotion that she felt like she was melting in his arms. The fireflies danced around them hauntingly.

" Kaoru, ever since I started staying at your dojo my soul has felt replenished. But Shishio will plunge Japan into chaos if I don't leave and kill him.......that he will..." He let her go as tears fell down her face. He was leaving and this time he wasn't coming back. She began to sob in remorse.

'What am I doing?, I'm letting him leave me...' She thought. Kenshin was still in view, though just barely.

"Kenshin!" she yelled loudly running after him. "Please don't leave me, I don't want to be alone again!" She caught up to him and and hugged him from from his back. He stopped in his tracks instantly, eye's widening.

" You idiot...." Kaoru whispered " Don't you know what this will do to us? To your friends..."

" Miss Kaoru, I know you will miss me but think about what will happen to Japan if I don't leave. Do you really want to live the revolution all over again?" He broke off from her grasp. Kaoru started crying again, there was no way to make him stay here. Unless.....

" Then take me with you!" She exclaimed. He turned around and looked at her with suprise.


" Don't you 'oro' me Kenshin Himura." She said softly. " I'm going with you and that's that."

"I don't think that's a good idea. It's too dangerous."

" I don't care." She said back, "I going to follow you no matter what."

" You won't be able to protect yourself in that kimono." he said back to her. He couldn't believe she was doing this. "What if you die?"

" I'll change into my training clothing." she resorted, then her eyes softened, "Please Kenshin, I'm lost without you...."

" Fine. We'll take a quick detour to the dojo." Kenshin said to her, " Although I'm going to regret this later...." Kaoru smiled happily as Kenshin told her so. At least now I'm with him again, although I hope he's not mad.

Kaoru shook her head. ' Well he'll just have to be mad. If I have to, I'll keep Kenshin from killing himself in the battle with Shishio. '

She looked at the fireflies and sighed. Kenshin was always thinking that all others lives were so much more important than his own. But if he took time to look around.... he'd notice how much he meant to everyone else.

Kenshin motioned for her to follow and she smiled and did so. ' On second thought, I really hope he isn't mad at all.'


Yahiko woke up in the morning and noticed that he didn't smell breakfast cooking or the Kaoru rapping on his door telling him to start his morning exersises. His eyes widened.

'No way.' He raced out of his room and into Kenshin's room. His clothes were gone. There was no sign that he returned very late as Yahiko slept. That meant that Kenshin had left them. He went into Kaoru's room and her's was about in the same condition. Her training clothes were gone and so was her shinai. There was a note on the floor.

Dear Yahiko, Sanosuke, Megumi, and others,
I am sorry to say this but, Kenshin is indeed leaving for Kyoto. Before he left however, he agreed to take me with him. I could tell however that he wanted no one else to follow him. I hope that 'Kenshin's Group' will soon go to Kyoto. Yahiko I apologize for not saying goodbye. But I know that someone got a goodbye kiss. Kenshin thinks that you guys will not follow him, I hope you will prove him wrong. I will miss you all and Kenshin will too. Take care!

Kaoru Kamiya

Yahiko's hands shook as he finished the letter in his hands. But, instead of crying sadly or wearing an angry face, he wore a sad smile.

" Don't worry Kaoru. We're coming to Kyoto, don't you doubt that." he whispered "But as for the goodbye kiss, I'm not a little kid ugly!" Ah, now that's the Yahiko we know......

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Isn't the scenery beautiful Kenshin? .............. Kenshin?" Kaoru questioned as he didn't respond. She wore her training outfit and carried her Shinai in the belt of it. They travelled on a dirt path to Kyoto.

" Tell me Miss Kaoru..." He started.

" Yes?" She responded a bit fearfully. Did she do something wrong?

" Why did you follow me?"

" Because..... I'm not alone anymore. I don't feel lonely at night, nightmares of my parents deaths don't plauge me anymore. I feel like I have a true family. I feel complete...."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"Ever since you came. I feel this way Kenshin. To have you go, I would feel alone again even with my friends. You decided to stay with a girl who can not do the things a japanese woman should be able to do. I cannot cook, and I hate to clean and sew. Yet you stayed. I just couldn't let you leave from my life."She finished.

" I see...." and off they went, on the road to Kyoto.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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