"Class, you're new monthly English project is to write a report on a mythological creature, myth, or legend."

The whole class groaned. Yugi lowered his head on his arms and joined in with the rest. He'd never liked English class that much or any of his classes. It was just lots of work. He rather play games. Yet he knew it was his responsibility to pass high school, so he did it anyway to make his mom and grandpa proud. He lifted his head a little to hear the rest of what Ms. Hori had to say.

"To make things simple this time, I have written down topics for your reports on slips of paper and placed them in this here bag." She walked over to her desk and pulled out a small blue bag, supposedly filled of what she had said. "I don't want to hear any more excuses about not having anything to write about, ok class?"

The class mumbled in agreement.

"Good. Now who would like to go first?" She looked around the room and saw no one raised their hand. "All right then, I'll start just here."

She stepped over to the first desk in the front row, which happened to be Yugi's. "Motou, please pick a topic for your paper."

Yugi looked up at his teacher and slowly placed his hand in the blue bag.

Please let it be something good. He thought.

He grabbed a piece near his hand and slowly took it out of the bag. Ms. Hori moved on to the next student. Yugi opened the folded paper to reveal his topic.

On it, written in black ink, was the word vampires.