"The moon is so beautiful," Yami looked up from his spot on top of the game shop rooftop and sighed. Ever since he stayed with Yugi, an indescribable feeling has taken over his body. He felt no longer sad, lonely, or depressed like he was for the past hundreds of years. In fact, the last few days with Yugi were probably the best since he could remember. Sunday afternoon, they went to mall and had ice cream. On Monday, he had to wait seven hours for Yugi to come home from school, but it was well worth the wait for a night out in the park under the stars. Even better was tonight only a few moments ago which consisted of tv and snacks, Strange as it seems, it was a joy for him to see Yugi laugh as they watched repeats of old sitcoms and surprisingly, he found himself laughing along too. "Yugi," he sighed gazing at the stars.

Suddenly, a shadow moved in the corner of his eye. Yami quickly turned to the direction it came from. Again the figure appeared. It was leaping from building to building just like he was when he took Yugi home that fateful night.

What could it be? He wondered and jumped down from the roof. About to run off, he suddenly remembered Yugi. He couldn't just leave Yugi all by himself so he started to turn back, but his vampire sense was telling him there was danger lurking about.

"No, I have to go and find out what it is. It could be a threat to me and especially Yugi." With that, he made up his mind and started to take a few steps. "Don't worry, I'll return in a short while." He blew a kiss to the top bedroom window of the game shop where inside the beloved boy was soundly sleeping.

It was a long chase, but Yami carefully and quickly followed the figure across the rooftops. "Who is this guy?" He asked himself. "I can barely keep up with him." He jump down from the building to a dark, deserted street. The man had disappeared. Yami grunted. "I lost him." He was about to turn back when suddenly there was an ear-piercing scream.

"Noooooo! Nooooo!" It cried. "Leave me alone, you beast!"

Yami looked up and spotted an open window on a nearby building. "It's coming from up there," He sprinted across the street making sure no one saw him and climbed up the wall to the open window. Despite the white curtains, Yami peered in to see what was going on.

It was just a dark living room, but there was a unsettling feeling to it. One lamp seemed that it was thrown at the wall, most of the furniture was overturned, and papers were scattered everywhere. An attack immediately came to Yami's mind, but of what? The scream had to be from it's unfortunate victim.

Soon, a man clad in dark ragged clothing came out of the hallway and into sight with a young woman on his back. "Delightful," He said as he licked a dark substance off his fingers. "You were a perfect meal, my dear."

Yami cringed when he heard a small cackle. There was no doubt in his mind now that this person he was following was a vampire.

Footsteps were heading toward the window. Yami's heart started to pound. If he stays here, he will surely be caught. Without thinking, he dived into another nearby open window. He looked around and by the horrifying splatters of bloods on wall and carpet, he realized that he was in the victim's bedroom.

"Ah, what luck!" The man exclaimed. "Time to head back." He crawled up the side of the building and disappeared.

"I'm not losing him this time." Yami growled and took off in pursuit.

Yami soon found himself at Domino Harbor. He was hiding behind a crate when he spotted the man slip into a old warehouse.

"Not what I expected," Yami said and slightly snuck over to the door. He could suddenly smell the odor of rotting flesh mixed in with a of salty sea air. How did he know it was rotting flesh? It was only guess since he was following a vampire with a dead young woman over his shoulder.

"There has to be a way inside," He knew he would be caught if he used the door. To his luck, he found a broken window, big enough for him to slip in.

As soon as he dropped in, Yami gagged at the even stronger smell. "Oh god." He held his nose. "Why am I even here?"

"Who' s there!" The man yelled.

Yami froze. Just a whisper and he has already been caught. His shoulder was grabbed and he was swung around.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" In the light, Yami saw that the vampire he had been following had long white hair and devilish looking eyes.

"I'm following you, you filthy vampire." He spoke confidently.

"Is that so?" The man crossed his arms and walked around examining his new visitor. Yami could feel those eyes crawling his body surveying every detail. "You're a vampire too, eh?" The stranger concluded. Yami tensed a little, but he wasn't going to let this creep scare him. "What's your name?"

"Yami," He sneered. The vampire before him just grinned in amusement.

"Yami, huh? My name is Bakura." He snapped his fingers and candles lit up throughout the room.

Yami stared at his surroundings. It was like any other warehouse, filled up with crates and boxes, but there was still the odor of human blood. "What are you doing here, Bakura? I would have immediately known if there was another vampire in the city."

"The same as you, I guess. Looking for something to do, namely hunt for food and such." He motioned to a body lying on a wooden table covered with old blood stains. Yami made a disgusted face.

"What? You don't like it?" Bakura walked over to the table and caressed his victim's ice cold cheek. "She was a really beaut. Just as delicious as she looks." He gazed down at the girl and licked lips.

"I don't feed on humans," Yami firmly said.

"Oh really?" Bakura replied. He sat himself on the table and crossed his arms. "Then what are you following me for? If you need some help getting a good meal, this is all I got."

Yami blanked. "Well... I... I just saw you and I was curious to what you were doing and... now that I know... I might as well be going." He turned around to leave. The smell was getting unbearable driving his senses crazy. His mouth was even starting to water.

"Hold on," Bakura hopped off the table and walked over to Yami. "Surely you can stay for little while. I' ve got a few rats saved up that we can share." He winked.

Now Yami was really sick. This guy was hitting on him! "Sorry, no, but I better get going. I have other things to do."

"That's fine, but how about we meet up later? I'm hosting a party for all my fellow vampires," He began to dig around his long black trench coat and pulled out a white envelope. "Here, the address is inside."

Yami took the invitation. "I'll keep it in mind," He headed for the door. Once he was out, dawn was just about to break."

"I'll be expecting you there!" Bakura called. Yami glanced back to the warehouse and then to the envelope. Like he said, he'll keep it in mind.

Wow, I acutally updated. Stay tuned for more, because in the next chapter Yugi meets up few people as well. Actually, I don't know what's going to happen myself, but I'm planning for Jounouchi make an entrance. (Most likely as a secret vampire slayer, but who knows.)