Elessar's Consort: Legolas

By MysticHakai24

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone: Aragorn, Legolas, Arwen, Eldarion, etc. But I do own the repulsive Lord Hanmos and his people. The fabulous characters belong to Mister Tolkien.

Summary: With Arwen on another visit to Lothlorien, and the Lord of a large country demanding to see Gondor's King and his family, Aragorn has no choice but to get a substitute consort...Legolas, anyone? SLASH A/A*A/L

Chapter One: Gondor and its Queen

Aragorn, better known as Elessar King in his own realms, massaged his forehead to do better planning. Arwen had gone to visit her grandmother Galadriel a few days ago, and then a request had come, exactly after she left, from the Lord of Calintie, a large island off the coast of the Gulf of Lune.

Supposedly, the island, or rather, Kingdom of Calintie was rumoured to be even larger a land than Gondor. But with the cause of its isolation from the remains of Middle-Earth, the population paled in large. However, it had many natural resources that largely compared to Gondor's own. Their Lord had sent a messenger to recommend a meeting between the two kingdoms for friendship and trade. But they also requested to know each other well: learning of history, meeting your children, your spouse...

The thing was, with Arwen gone; Aragorn could simply say that his wife had gone visiting her grandmother in a distant land. But then the Lord could take it wrongly and suppose that the spouse of the King disliked Calintie's people and had dispersed, not wanting anything to do with them. That could result in non-peaceful gatherings, something Aragorn wanted to avoid.

There came a knock to the door. "Come in," Aragorn commanded.

A small boy with dark brown hair, pointed ears, and royal cloths approached him excitedly. "Father! Father!" he cried in pure delight. "Uncle Legolas is here!"

Aragorn smiled. He had forgotten out of toil. Legolas had sent a message over a few months ago that he would be visiting for Eldarion's birthday. Of course, his son did not know the reason for his supposed 'uncle's' coming, but Legolas always meant fun when he arrived. "Please welcome Legolas, Eldarion; I shall be down in a moment."

His son smiled brightly and left, running down the stairs lightly like an Elf, which he halfway was. Aragorn picked up his cloak and wore it, leaving his parchments on the table, and he followed his son down the many stairs. They spiraled and were carpeted in blue, with a slim black railing at the side which curled at the end of the stairs. Aragorn could barely see Eldarion as the boy ran quickly to the right and into the throne room.

Aragorn also turned right and he saw his royal advisor, along with some servants. A few guards were at the door. One blew a trumpet, and the tall golden doors opened. An Elf, accompanied by his own guards, approached. The center Elf was smiling: his hair was sun-kissed brightly and long, his dazzling emerald eyes were twinkling, he was clad in brown and green, and looked the same as ever.

"Prince Legolas of Mirkwood, I welcome you!" Aragorn greeted formally, bowing politely.

"And you, Lord Elessar of Gondor, I thank you for your hospitality," Legolas replied, also bowing lowly. His Elf guards dispersed and Aragorn led him around the palace and through the corridors. "So, Estel," Legolas addressed, "Does young Eldarion know yet?"

"Nay," Aragorn replied. "All he knows is that you are coming. I bet he wants to take advantage of you being a guest. 'Father, can Uncle Legolas and I go into the forests for hunting?' or 'Father, Uncle Legolas is hungry, can we get extra food?'"

Legolas laughed, a sound like the ringing of bells. "Let him," Legolas said while he kept smiling. "For the boy is only seven and still has much more years to go!" Legolas fingered a pink vase that he had not seen before. "So," he started once more, "What troubles do you have?"

"None too large for me to be swept from fair Legolas of Mirkwood," laughed Aragorn.

Legolas nodded.

"Tell me, Legolas, have you ever heard of the Kingdom of Calintie?" Aragorn questioned as he wondered himself.

Legolas's eyes widened. "Oh, Calintie! I rarely hear of it but my father had once sent a messenger there. Deceitful, lying people they are. Their Royal Advisor once made a fool out of my father and he has despised them since then. You could say we are very well without any Calintie people in our land."

Aragorn frowned. "Really? Because a messenger had said that their Lord will be visiting us people in Gondor."

"Good luck to you," sighed Legolas.

"They also want to meet my family, to get to know each other, is their excuse. But I have a problem," Aragorn explained. Legolas raised a golden eyebrow. "Arwen is on a visit to Lady Galadriel's in Lothlorien."

"Yes," Legolas nodded, "That could raise some diplomatic problems."

"So I am trying to find a substitute for Arwen until she returns," Aragorn stated.

Legolas shrugged. "Good luck."

"Uncle Legolas is here! Uncle Legolas is here!" Eldarion squealed. He ran out of his hiding spot behind a statue of Isildur's grandfather whom nobody remembered the name of. "Uncle Legolas, will you play with me? Please?" He then turned to Aragorn. "Father, can Legolas and I go into the forests for hunting? Please? I'll be careful and Uncle Legolas will be there!"

Aragorn and Legolas laughed. Aragorn supported an 'I-told-you-so' look. "Of course, Eldarion," Aragorn said. "Legolas, if you need any help just find me in the Northern Tower. Have fun!" Then he turned and strolled up the stairs.

"Come now, Eldarion, let us go," Legolas smiled. He retrieved his bow and quiver, allowing Eldarion to fetch his from his room. As soon as the boy returned, they went out to the forest together.

The forest was not as peaceful as the forests of any Elven home: Mirkwood, Lothlorien, or Imladris (Rivendell). Yet, for a residence of Men, they were in very well condition, probably the work of Lady Arwen. Two servants had been ordered to follow the two Princes.

Eldarion was telling Legolas all the tricks he and his friend had played on the palace guards. Legolas filled the boy in on the many pranks that he, Aragorn, Elladan and Elrohir had done on some of the Elves in Imladris and Eldarion had a higher respect for his father then.

"Uncle Legolas!" Eldarion whispered, "Look over there! See that white stag! I'll shoot it down!" Eldarion raised his bow and notched a furry arrow. He waited a moment and let it go. The arrow whizzed by, slashing the air as it flew and hit the animal squarely in the breast. The stag abandoned its nest and ran off. "Aw, it got away!" Eldarion pouted.

"'Tis all right," Legolas comforted. "You have incredible aiming. Watch me," Legolas notched one of his own arrows upon the bow that Galadriel had given him. Legolas looked up. There was a dark steed approaching, yet he went back to aiming the black raven in the treetops. But before he could let the arrow swing, the bird had cawed and flew away in terror.

The dark steed approached even closer. Upon it was a man in armour lovely, his face was shielded in a helmet. Legolas relaxed a bit, but his arrow remained in its place. "Who goes there in the woods of Gondor?" Legolas cried out.

The man dispatched from his horse. "I am a messenger of the Lord Hanmos of the Kingdom of Calintie. I am hear to give this message to the Lord of Gondor." The man held a parchment in his gloved hands.

"I will give it to the Lord here." Legolas said. "For I am a friend of his." He took the parchment. "Will you be staying overnight or leaving promptly?"

The messenger bowed. "I am to leave immediately. The arrival of Lord Hanmos will be in a few hours, favoured to be tomorrow. A royal escort to the kingdom will be welcomed." He took Legolas's hand and bowed. "I thank you Master..."

"Elf," Legolas replied.

"Master Elf," the messenger kissed his hand and settled on to the horse before leaving. Then the horse galloped away.

Legolas rubbed his hand with disgust. "Come, Eldarion, let us depart back into your home. I must give this to your father." They left.


A knock came to the door again. "Come in," Aragorn instructed. The door opened and his old friend came in. "Legolas, done hunting already? Usually you and Eldarion remain in the forests for several hours."

"Estel, a man came into your forests to give you this," Legolas released the parchment.

Aragorn took it and read it. He then handed it to Legolas for a further opinion:

Lord Elessar of Gondor: I am grateful to tell you that I, the Lord of Calintie, will be arriving
tomorrow with some men of my own. I am hoping dearly for some sort of escort into
your kingdom. As we have traveled hard for some days, we are also welcoming any
kind of hospitality. I am eager to meet you and your royal family and band of
Lord Hanmos
Lord of the Kingdom of Calintie

"You still have a little problem, though," Legolas said as he finished.

"Yes, my wife," Aragorn sighed. Then he raised his head. "Eldarion, come out from behind Legolas!" Sure enough, hugging Legolas's legs was his small seven-year-old son. Aragorn motioned for his son to come to him. "Eldarion, if Lady Arwen were not your mother, who would it be? Who would you like to be your mother?"

Eldarion was confused by the question. Did his father not like his mother? "You don't like Mommy?" Eldarion questioned sadly.

"No! No, son. It is just that Mommy is gone and we need someone to pretend to be your mother," Aragorn explained, patting his son's back.

"Oh!" Eldarion smiled. "Uncle Legolas would be my mommy!"

Legolas choked while Aragorn smirked. "M-Me?" Legolas coughed out, emerald eyes wide. Eldarion nodded. "Why me? Why not an actual woman?"

"Uncle Legolas plays with me and does not treat me like a priceless vase! And he always understands me and he promised to play a trick on Father with me!" Eldarion said. Aragorn raised an eyebrow. His son was unaware of his mistake while Legolas looked sheepish.

"Okay then," Aragorn said as he let go of his son. "Son, until Arwen returns from Lothlorien, call Legolas your 'mommy', all right?" Eldarion nodded. "Now, Legolas, let me take you to our tailor." Aragorn smirked.

"Oh, fine, just for this visit," Legolas pouted. Eldarion left to play on the guards. They went down two flights of stairs and finally found a door. It was maroon and had a diamond-shaped window.

Aragorn stepped in. The women inside bowed and addressed their ruler. "Ladies, for the time being, while the Lord of Calintie is here with us, Legolas shall pose as my wife. Please find him some fittings for convincement."

Legolas coughed. "Does Legolas not sound kind of manly for a woman?"

"It sounds fine, my dear!" an old woman announced as she found some measuring tape.

"But will the Lord of Calintie not recognize 'Greenleaf' from my father?" Legolas asked again.

"You like making things complicated, do you not?" Aragorn asked. "Well, since you put it that way, let me ponder over this. We should call you Arwen, in case they have news that the woman I married was her..."

Legolas was bemused. "But then they would know she is a dark-haired beauty!"

"True, true, I will ask Eldarion," Aragorn said. "I have to leave and tell the other servants as to not blow our cover. Find at least seven different clothes." He then left, not noticing the pout on Legolas's face.


An hour later, Aragorn returned. "I have told everybody in the palace and they announced it to the people of Gondor," he said happily. "I have also asked Eldarion and he has given you two choices. Your name could either be Songing or Pinebark."

"Songing or Pinebark?" Legolas asked. "What kind of names are those?"

"Surnames," Aragorn replied. "You maiden name. 'Legolas' sounds kind of nice and it fits you well. Oh, and ladies, very good matching attire." Aragorn stared at the way the clothing made Legolas's paleness stand out, it fit him indeed, he realized as he blushed.

Legolas was posing in a long silver dress, the texture was very soft but the decoration was that like a dragon scales, it was tied by a red band on the waist and he had on a red vest. This was attached with a red headband in his hair and matching colour shoes.

"Thank you, your highness!" a lady replied.

"Songing then," Legolas said.

"What?" Aragorn asked, raising out of his stupor.

"My 'maiden name' will be Songing."

"Very good!" Aragorn beamed.


Night had passed, and the servants had moved Legolas's things to Aragorn's room. For the first night they shared the same bed, simply snoring the night away. However, when the sun rose, they found their limbs crossing the other's.

Legolas had awoken first and grabbed the first outfit from his feminine wardrobe. He then had went into the bathing room. Aragorn dressed himself in a formal tunic, and he wore his sword and belt for a more warrior-like impression upon his guests. He then heard a wail. "Legolas, are you ill?" he asked worriedly.

"No! But this clothing!" the door opened a bit for Legolas's head to look out. "Do you promise not to laugh, Estel?"

"I swear. After all, what should I laugh about?" Aragorn swore.

"Fine." Legolas stepped out. His gown this time had a light purple, lavender tint. There were short slits in the side, only enough to see his calves. He had on a golden waistband, the hem was completely gold and the collar had tiny green leafs decorating, his braids and golden locks were pulled back by a violet piece of silk and upon his feet were small purple shoes.

Aragorn had the same blush from yesterday. "You-You do not look half bad, Leg-Legolas. It fits you fi-fine!"

"You think so?" Legolas asked hesitantly.

"Of course!" Aragorn said as he went into the bathing room to wash up.

It was not until a little before twilight that the escort brought the people from Hanmos into the palace. There were about thirteen people. Ten, dressed in valiant armour, were guards. One was a royal advisor, the Lord himself, and his thirteen-year-old son.

The Lord bent forward and bowed. "I am Lord Hanmos of Calintie! Greetings to you and your family!" Lord Hanmos was broad-shouldered, he had a trimmed mustache and beard, one of his eyes were patched by a black substance, and he was dressed in the skin of a leopard.

"Welcome!" Aragorn greeted as he also bowed low. "I am Lord Elessar of Gondor! I trust you will enjoy your stay here very much!"

The Lord Hanmos's eyes roamed over to Legolas who had suddenly pulled off a pout to look gracious in the corner. "I too trust we shall 'enjoy' our stay," he replied, smirking.


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