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Ginny has discovered that she is different from those that she loves and decides to embrace her new-founded individuality rather than fight against it.  As a result, she ends up tangled in a web of deception and betrayal.  To make matters worse, she learns that she is very important to the Death-Eaters plans to raise The Dark Lord to power.  But through the blackness of it all, she finds love… a pure love that she never thought possible… a love that most of the wizarding world will not accept or understand.  Can Ginny be saved from the dark forces pursuing her?  Will pure love prevail?  One can only hope…



Draco Malfoy exited Eeylops Owl Emporium, located in Diagon Alley, after buying a new cage for his regal-looking owl, Athena.  He nearly dropped the new and expensive cage when his steely gray eyes happened upon the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes upon. 

She stood there by herself just gazing into Madame Malkin's display window.  She was slender with curves in all the right places.  She wore a black strappy tank top and a short black skirt to match.  On her feet were black combat boots.  Her skin looked like smooth, milky porcelain and her hair… a bright, flaming red.  That can't be Weasley's sister…  But indeed it was.

Draco could not believe how much the girl had changed.  He did not recall her ever changing at all… she was always the shy, quiet weasel hanging on Potter's every word… was it possible that he was too wrapped up in other things to notice?  Regardless, he was noticing now.  And he liked what he saw.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted, "Come now, Draco… we have business… elsewhere."  Lucius Malfoy beckoned his son to follow him into Knockturn Alley.

Draco heaved a sigh, "Yes, father," he replied automatically. 


Draco did not care for wizards or witches that were not of pure blood, he did indeed crave power, and he was not always the nicest of people unless it helped him in some way…  Despite these flaws, he most definitely was not evil.  His father, however, was evil incarnate… a powerful Death-Eater and Voldemort's right-hand wizard.


"I saw you staring at the Weasley girl," Lucius began.

Draco looked down at the ground as they both continued to walk through the maze of alleyways leading deeper and deeper into Knockturn Alley.

"Pity really… being pure blood, but coming from such a disgrace of a family."  Lucius paused for a moment, carefully calculating his son's reactions.  But Draco had learned to hide all emotion.  "Be wary of her son.  Do with her as you will… and then be done with her.  I don't want you getting attached."  The man sneered with disgust.

"Yes, father."