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Epilogue:  New Innocence

"Breathe… come on…!" Draco shouted.

A panting Ginny looked over at him, "Breathe?" she shrieked.  "You try breathing when you have something the size of a watermelon trying to get out of you!!!"

Draco rolled his eyes, "Well the mediwitch said that you needed to breathe properly and you most certainly are not doing that!"

Ginny grabbed Draco's shirt collar, "I'll breathe… how I bloody well want to breathe!!!"  The girl's eyes were wild with anger and pain.  "OOOOWWWW!!!" she screamed.  She let go of Draco and grabbed at her belly.

A mediwitch ran into the room, "Oh dear… it looks like you are ready.  Ok… now I want you to try and relax for a moment."

Ginny's eyes widened at this preposterous suggestion.  Relax… how in the hell can I do that?

Ginny tried her best to do as the mediwitch said.  Draco held her hand and whispered words of love and encouragement into her ear.

"Now, I want you to bear down… be sure to breathe… very good, dear!  Push… one, two, three… okay, relax for a moment… continue breathing."

Ginny felt as though her insides were ripping apart.

"Again… push!  One… two… three…!  Wonderful!!  I can see the head!!" the mediwitch exclaimed.

Draco smiled and leaped down to see the baby's head beginning to crown.

"Oh my gods!  Ginny… I can see its head!!  It's a blond!!" he grinned.

"Okay dear… I need you to push again.  One, two, three…!!  That's it… one more time!  One… two… three!!!"

Suddenly, Ginny felt a slight relief and heard a baby's cry ringing through the air like sweet music.  She smiled and then began to cry due to the overwhelming emotions she suddenly felt.  Draco instantly rushed back to her side.

"Ginny… you are so amazingly wonderful!!  To bring something like that into the world!" he was beaming at his wife.  He gently kissed her forehead, "You are so beautiful!"

Ginny looked up into Draco's gray eyes, "I love you."

"I love you too… you have to see him!  He's gorgeous!"

"A boy?  We have a son?" Ginny smiled.

Draco nodded, "Yeh… a little Malfoy to pass on the family name."

Ginny laughed to herself at her husband's words.  He's still the same old Draco… Slytherin extraordinaire!

The mediwitch cleaned off the baby and allowed Draco to cut the cord.  She then checked him over taking care to record his height and weight as well as the date and time of birth.  Date… Friday July 31, 1998.  Time… 1:53pm.

"Here you are Mrs. Malfoy… your brand new baby boy.  Congratulations… to you both," the mediwitch smiled as she handed the baby over to Ginny.

"He's beautiful…" Ginny whispered.  He had a mop of messy blond hair.

"Looks like me… no Weasley red hair!" Draco mused.

The baby opened his eyes.  Ginny and Draco gasped.  Their son had bright green eyes, with just a touch of gray.

Draco laughed, "Well… I guess he can't be perfect!"

Ginny frowned as she hugged her little child, "He is perfect!" she shouted as she kissed the baby's forehead.

"Of course he is!!  He's our son… that alone makes him perfect."

Ginny smiled.

"We should floo your family… they'll want to see the newest arrival.  It's a pity the hospital wouldn't allow more than one person with you during delivery!"

Ginny nodded and Draco left to go contact The Weasley Family… Hermione included.

'Now just to think of a name…' Ginny thought to herself.


Minutes later, Ginny's parents ran into the room.

"Oh my grandson!  He's wonderful!" Molly shouted.  Arthur was close behind her and grinning widely.

Ron and Hermione walked in all smiles.  Bill, Charlie and Percy entered next followed by Fred and George.

"Oy Fred… we gotta teach the little guy how to survive in this family!"

"Yeh… he can help us around the joke shop when he gets older… maybe he can even sample some of our new inventions!" Fred mused.

Ginny furrowed her eyebrows, "You two certainly will not!"

Everyone was soon laughing and fussing over the new baby.  Finally, Hermione spoke, "Draco… Ginny…?  Have you thought of a name for your new baby?"

Ginny looked over at Draco.  Her eyes were expressing so very much and Draco completely understood what she was thinking.

Simultaneously they said, "Harry Potter Malfoy."

Tears filled Hermione's eyes and she hugged Ginny. 

Ron gave Draco a brotherly pat on the back, "That's a good name.  I must say that I never would've guessed it… but I do like your choice…"

At that moment, everyone went silent… only the soft sounds that the baby made could be heard.

Draco picked up his son and hugged him tightly, "I love you my little Harry," he whispered.  He then looked over at his wife, "And I love you, Ginny Malfoy."

Ginny smiled brightly, "I love you too, Draco Malfoy."

Hermione gently brushed the baby's messy blond hair, "Harry Potter Malfoy…" she whispered with tears in her eyes and a slight smile on her lips as the room went silent once more.


Harry Potter.  It was a name that would always be remembered… it would become legend, at least in the wizarding world.  Harry Potter… known as 'The-Boy-Who-Lived.'  Harry Potter… the name of the boy who bore the mark of an evil curse, a curse that held him to a certain destiny written down as prophecy… a destiny without a known ending that resulted in his death.  Harry Potter… the name of the boy who bore The Dark Lord's mark… the legendary mark of a lightning-shaped scar.



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