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"Hey, thought you'd get away did you?" A man growled. He glared at the cloaked figure lying huddled in the dark corner of an ally. He grabbed the person roughly, and the hood fell, revealing a girl no older than 15. She was not, however, fully human. Far from it, a vibrant purple fur coat covered her face, and a long bushy three foot tail was curled around her waist. The girl whimpered and weakly tried to pull away, but was dragged into the bright light of a street lamp.

She raised her hands up to her blur eyes against the yellow glow of the lamp, they were not the normal five fingered hands of most people, but paws. The stubs of large claws were clear, but they had been sawed off messily. The girl's hair was short, a dark shade of blue, almost black.

"Please!" she whispered, her voice was raspy and almost too soft to hear. Tears started to stream down the girls face and sobs shook her entire frame, her thin face looking unfed and her eyes looked sunken and worn.

The man laughed coldly and yanked off the girl's cloak, revealing her skinny frame dressed only in a small bra and a thong. She grabbed the cloak and tried to pull it away, but the man only laughed harder, and raised a fist. The mutant saw the small club, but it was too late. The hand swung down and knocked the sobbing girl unconscious, she fell on the street with a dull thud.


(Two Days Later)

"I've found another mutant, her location is a small town near Huston, Texas. There is some undercover work and danger involved... the girl is currently held by a mutant protest group." Professor Xavier watched as the familiar reactions of the X Men took place. Scott, the 'fearless leader', was looking eager to get the mission going. Ororo, the only woman on the senior team at the time, was looking concerned and interested. For Hank and Kurt, both blue furred and obviously mutants, knew that they would most likely not go. Logan, the gruff Canadian, was looking bored and uninterested.

"Well, who's going?" he growled. It was easy to tell he was praying it wasn't him, but this job clearly needed him.

"You -don't groan, it's not a punishment- and Scott." The professor replied.

"What?" both men said at once in outraged and startled voices. They never got along, going on a mission together alone was clearly not going to work.

"Fine then, Kurt, you go to."

"Is she alright?" Ororo demanded. The professor shrugged.

"I have no idea, but we have to act quickly. Her name is Milana Kendent, oh, and don't be surprised if her hands turn into paws." Said the Professor. Logan had been taking a sip of beer, and he choked on it when he heard the last comment.

"What? She's got paws?" he asked. Professor Xavier nodded and then dismissed the X Men, Logan still grumbling about having to go on a mission with a Scooter and an elf. Two hours later the small group were preparing to land.

"So where is she anyway?" Logan asked. Scott landed the jet and landed in a small dried up pond. It was hot and the sun was extremely bright as the three men locked up the jet and looked around. Off in the distance they saw a small town.

"There, in one of the houses. I have a description of the place, a large two story place made of brick. Can you get us there a bit faster Kurt?" Scott asked. Kurt nodded and grabbed his friend's wrists, and with a loud bamf they disappeared in a puff of blue smoke. They reappeared about half a mile from the town, as close as Kurt dared to go.

The blue furred mutant had to remain away from the town, it was completely full of mutant haters and protesters, it was these kinds of places that made Logan think Magneto had the right idea about some things. Kurt would meet them in two hours at the same spot, and hopefully they would have Milana by then.

Cautiously Logan and Scott made their way into the town, taking note of the many signs that shouted out slogans like 'Mutants will be the Death of Everyone!' and 'Mutants are Devils, God Save Us'. Logan growled as one boy ran past them, screaming about a devil sighting somewhere in Huston. The response was almost frightening, several men armed to the teeth with guns, knives, and other weapons. One was even carrying what looked suspiciously like a box of grenades. They paid no attention to anything or anyone, jumping into several jeeps and driving off. They looked very ready for combat.

"Wow, don't want to mess with that lot," Logan muttered. Scott nodded and carefully adjusted his sunglasses, this town was no place to waltz around in his visors.

"There it is," Scott said, he pointed at a building that was bigger than the normal one story house. It looked like it could be haunted, and the only people hanging around it were fully grown men, menacing and all carrying guns. They glared at Logan and Scott suspiciously as the two made their way up to the house. It looked like a bar from the outside, and several men walked in and out of the place as the two X Men approached, so they just walked in.

It was indeed a bar, the smell of smoke and liquor was almost overwhelming, but there was something else in the air that even Scott could feel. Fear, anger, adrenaline. The glares and look-overs both men received were wary and not hidden, this town was extremely open. Logan was usually in a good mood in a bar, but this one was so intense even he was uneasy, he could only imagine how the uptight, straight Scott was handling it.

The two made their way over to the bar in the back, where a mean looking bartender eyed them suspiciously and refused to serve them until he had asked a few questions.

"So where d'ya come from?" he asked. Scott let Logan handle this, not being as practiced a liar as the older man.

"Up north, from Vermont," he replied.

"And what brings yeh here?

"Search of kindred spirits," Logan said. The bartender raised his eyebrows, so Logan continued. "Where we come from, yeh so much as mutter one curse at the mutant devils and you'll get blamed for being racist, and social exile fer a while. I want to be able to hit some of that scum, they shouldn't be alive. I have doubts they even have feelings," Scott was trying very hard to not growl, but he managed to keep a straight face. Logan had put up a splendid performance, and within five minutes he had convinced not only the bar tender but also every man around the two.

Suddenly, about half an hour after Logan and Scott had arrived, the doors to the bar burst open and a man stepped in, grinning.

"We got her, men!" he shouted. The men in the pub watched eagerly and started to smile. "The little bitch didn't get that far," he laughed. Stepping aside from the door it was thrown open again, and a purple blur shot through it. It was a girl, purple fur, seemingly black hair, and a bushy tail. Scott blushed and Logan shifted uncomfortably when they realized that she was wearing only very skimpy underwear. A few more men marched through the door, and the girl whimpered as they moved towards her again.

Her hands and feet were tied, and a gag was placed firmly in her mouth, and the skinny girl seemed to desperate to get out of the bar, when she couldn't get past the men she tried to crawl beneath a table. Laughing one of the men grabbed her and pulled her out, kicking her hard in the stomach. Instantly she curled in a defensive ball, receiving more kicks and jeering from the men. It was incredibly hard for Logan and Scott not to instantly jump up, kill the men, and grab the girl and get out of there, but these men were all armed and a whole town in their way if they did.

"Heya, whose this?" One of the men asked, pointing at Logan and Scott. The girl seemed to be forgotten for a moment as she lay sobbing softly on the dirty floor of the pub.

"Some men from Vermont," the bartender replied. "Don worry, they're in the right mind." But this seemed to not satisfy the men.

"Yeah? Then they can prove it. Why don't yeh come up with a suitable punishment fer this devil?" one asked. His friends agreed with loud yells and laughter. Logan and Scott glanced at eachother, this was getting dangerous.

**************************************************************************** *************************************************************************

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