Milana sat back, breathing hard after the labor she had just been through. Jean smiled at her.

"Great job," she said. "You did wonderfully." Milana smiled back.

"So what is it?" she asked. "Lily or Remy Jr.?" Jean laughed at the name Milana's husband had chosen if the baby were a boy, and then hank, wrapping the tiny body in blankets, walked over.

"It's Remy Jr.," he said, chuckling. "A healthy little Remy that will no doubt be as much trouble as his father. He even has his eyes."

"Let me hold him," Milana said, taking her baby in her arms. Remy Jr. looked up at her with big Red and black eyes, indeed just like Remy Sr.'s, and Milana smiled. "Yeah, but look at this," she said proudly, nodding at the baby's head, where there was already the makings of purple hair. Jean laughed.

"Oh boy, a Remy with purple hair," she said. "But he's cuter than the old Remy." All three laughed at that when they heard a knock on the door.

"Is Lan ok?" Remy called. "Are you done? Remy wants t' see 'is famly!" Hank looked at the two women and smiled.

"Maybe we should let him wait a little while longer, teach him patience," the doctor said. Milana laughed.

"He'd get someone to open the door for him," she said. "You can't keep Remy out of anywhere he wants to go." Jean nodded and used her telekinetic powers to unlock the door, which Remy fell through. He immediately sprang to his feet and was at Milana's side in an instant.

"Petite!" he cried, overjoyed when he saw the baby staring back at him. Milana laughed.

"Shh," she said. "Don't scare Remy Jr.!" Remy laughed and kissed her on the forehead, then picked up the child.

"Aw chere, he looks jus' like Remy!" he said happily. "Though he got your hair an' nose." Remy Jr. yawned, his mouth stretching open. Hank looked over and chuckled.

"He shares his father's mouth," he added. Just then the door opened and Kurt, Kitty, Jubilee, Rogue, Logan, Xavier, and Scott rushed in, all looking at the baby and Milana.

"Milana!" Kurt said, rushing over to his daughter. "Did it-?"

"Everything went find, dad," Milana said. "I mean, grandpa." Kurt laughed, and then he stood and walked over to Remy, who was surrounded by the women, who were all cooing and giggling as they looked at the baby. Remy grinned at Kurt and held out his son to the blue man.

"Remy t'ink dis de cutest baby I ever seen," Remy said happily. "Jus' like 'is mama when she was a lil baby." Kurt nodded and took Remy Jr. in his arms, looking down at him and smiling when he saw the purple hair.

"I vill agree, except for Milana," Kurt said, chuckling. Xavier and Scott looked at the baby and then went over to Milana and asked if she was alright.

"Yeah, and ready to get up," she replied.

"No, sorry, not yet," Hank said immediately. Milana rolled her eyes but laughed.

"So are we now going to have to deal with two Remy's?" Xavier asked.

"Yeah, and I was wondering if, when Remy Jr. starts school, he could come here?" Milana asked.

"Of course," Xavier said. "But you'll have a while to wait and figure everything out."

"Who chose the name again?" Scott asked. Milana grinned.

"I chose the name for a girl, Remy for the boy. It figures now I'll have to look out for two Remy's."

"An' they don't get better with age," Logan said, coming over. Milana nodded.

"Nope, they get worse," she said. By now Kitty, Ororo, and Jean had held the baby and Rogue and Jubilee were waiting non too patiently for their turn when Hank pulled out a camera.

"Alright now, we need the family to get over by Milana for the picture," he said.

"But we didn't get to hold him!" Jubilee said. Hank stared at her for a moment and she backed down, and Remy Jr. was returned to Milana, Kurt and Remy standing on either side of her.

"Say cheese," Hank said.

"Cheese," Remy called out, making some of the girls snicker as the flash momentarily blinded him. Hank looked at the camera.

"Whoops, forgot the flash. Milana blinked.

"That's alright," she laughed.

"Alright, now it's my turn to hold him!" Rogue said, pushing the others out of the way and taking Remy Jr. in her arms. "Hey little guy!" she crowed. The little boy looked up at her with wide eyes and then grabbed at the white streak in her hair. "Whoa!" the teen called out. Milana laughed as Rogue passed the baby to Jubilee.

"Wow, he's pretty active for just being born!" Jubilee commented as the little hand reached out for her hair.

"'Course he is, he's half LeBeau and half Wagner!" Kitty said. Milana grinned, watching her friends continue to pass the child around until he once again returned to her. She looked at her baby and smiled, leaning her head on Remy's arm when the Cajun picked it up and wrapped it around her.

"I love you," Milana said, looking up at him and smiling.

"Remy loves ya too," he answered. "An' I'm gonna teach Remy Jr. how t' fight wid a Bo staff when he's able t' walk, so de petite gets two fightin' Remy's t' deal wit, ha ha!" Milana scowled at him.

"All what you think, LeBeau," she answered. "Remy Jr. isn't going to learn any fighting till he's old enough, and that's when I say he is. I'm thinking twenty, professor, what's your opinion?" Xavier chuckled.

"Twenty still sounds a bit young, perhaps thirty?" he replied. Remy laughed and kissed Milana on the forehead again.

"Lan a good fibber," he said. "Remy almost t'ink you serous for a moment."

"Oh, I'm serious," Milana said with a straight face. "This kid is growing up clean, no fighting for him." Everyone in the room laughed at that, the thought of Remy's child growing up not learning how to fight made even Kurt and Logan chuckle. While Milana talked with her friends and father, Remy Jr. drifted off to sleep, not knowing his father was already making plans to find or make his son a small Bo staff.

**************************************************************************** *******

Just in case any of you were wondering, the tragedy is that Remy is now going to be chased around the mansion whenever he visits for news of his kid, not his looks. Poor Remy, but he's got a kid, yay, and thanks for all the reviews! I hope you liked this story, it was fun to write, even if it did take forever, lol. And have a good day!