Five months later, Jenny and Xander were back in Gotham though they were only passing through.  Jenny's book, 'Supercharged Shots', had just come out in bookstores.  It displayed photographs of various heroes and the words Jenny had typed up about each one.  The very last page in the book had the Joker's grinning and enraged face.

            She had sent a few signed copies to various people; one to each hero that she had photographed, one to Bruce, and to a few others who had helped her out.  She even revisited the Joker at Arkham and showed him, but left the book with the doctors of Arkham.

            She had dedicated the book to Bruce since he pulled her out of her slump.  The end of the book read as follows:

            This book would have never been made without the help of various heroes and Bruce Wayne of Gotham City.  A special thanks to Batman and Superman for being my first two heroes photographed.  I even want to thank the Joker for giving me the initial attention the media is well known for.

            Thank you for making a paper girl see her full potential.

                                                                                    Jennifer Pierce