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"Alright class that's the end of the period you are free to more on to your next class now," Mr. Remot the chemistry teacher announced.

The students began to pack up their things.

Gohan looked for Sharpner Erasa and Videl as he gathered his things only to find they had already left and there were only a few students left.

"I wonder why everyone is in such a hurry?" Gohan asked himself with a shrug.

Wandering down to his locker Gohan grabbed his gym clothes and headed to the senior change rooms.

For some reason when the school was built two sets of change rooms were made. One was downstairs next to the gym and the other was upstairs near the teacher's offices. The senior year students used the upstairs change room while the rest used the tackier downstairs ones.

Gohan had just stepped out of the change room and was about to run down to the gym cause he was now running late when someone grabbed his arm.

Gohan had to fight the instinctive urge to attack the person who had grabbed his arm.

Luckily for him cause he turned to find it was only Erasa.

"Come on Gohan were gonna be late!" Erasa whined grabbing his arm and dragging him along.

"Erasa why do you care we've only got gym," Gohan asked confused.

"Haven't you heard brains? We've got a famous sports star coming," Sharpner said almost beaming with excitement.

"Erasa thinks he'll be cute and can't wait to check him out," Videl added sounding bored.

The four got to the gym and took the back seats on the benches while they waited for their teachers.

The teacher arrived a few minutes later.

"Alright class as I promised we have a famous sports star in here today. He is the best baseball player ever and even has a history in martial arts from his younger years,"

Gohan groaned.

"Yamcha the Bandit!"

Cheers rose up from the students as Yamcha walked in and waved.

Gohan snorted.

"Aren't you excited?" Sharpner asked in disbelief.

"Nope not in the least." Gohan yawned.

Gohan laid back on the bench behind him covering his face with his hat.

Yamcha stopped in front of class and scanned the group.

Most were now staring at him or whispering about him.

One kid was asleep at the back under his hat and a small group of girls were filing their nails.

*I wonder which is Gohan's class. I haven't had him yet today so I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on him.*

"Hi guys!" Yamcha waved.

Once the cheers had died down Yamcha gave a speech.

"Ok before we get started how many of you know martial arts?" Yamcha asked.

Videl, Sharpner and White raised their hands.

"Ok and how many of you know how to play baseball?"

Over half the class raised their hands this time.

"Ok it looks like well be playing baseball."

Yamcha quickly split the class in two teams and they began to play leaving out the group of girls and the sleeping student.


They were playing with Yamcha teaching and umpiring at the same time.

While they were playing however the door opened and everyone froze jaws dropped in shock.

Whisper immediately began at who had just walked into their gym class.

"Hey Yamcha can I talk to you for a second?" called their guest.

"Yeah sure just give me a second," Yamcha called back and turned to the class. "Alright class, remember where you all are and we will continue in a moment."

The class headed back to the stands where Gohan was still sleeping and the girls were gossiping. They all sat and waited so they could watch the interaction between their two famous guests.