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Bardock and Toma stood their ground as Nappa, Turles and Raditz launched themselves at Gohan.

There was something about how calm Kakarot and the Princes group was so clam about this fight that put them on edge and there was no way they were stupid enough to charge into this without thinking like the revenge driven trio baring down upon the Young Demi-Saiyan.

Gohan spun so he could easily see the trio at the same time and fell into a defensive stance preparing for the fast approaching fight.


At Videl's panicked cry Gohan glanced to the stands to see Piccolo holding Videl and Sharpner back stopping them from entering the arena to help him. Just behind them was Seventeen holding a fainted Erasa trying to revive her.

"Gohan Focus!" Goku called from the sidelines but it was too late Nappa's punch landed across Gohan jaw sending him skidding in the dirt.

A cheer went up from the crowd as Gohan fell and stayed down

"GOKU!" "VEGETA" "YOUR MAJESTY" Chichi, Videl, Bulma, Niko, and Kisaki cried out expecting one of them to be able to do something.

"He's fine," Piccolo said calming the upset women slightly

As the crowd fell quiet there was only one sound that stood out in the arena the amused chuckling coming from the figure lying on the ground.

"Well Nappa…" Gohan said climbing to his feet, "You may have gotten stronger, but you're still a weakling" Gohan grinned facing the furious trio without a scratch on him.

"Get Him!" Raditz cried leaping at Gohan aiming a roundhouse kick at his chest.

Gohan caught the kick while jumping over a sweeping kick from Turles. Gohan swiftly punched Raditz in the face with enough force to knock him out before spinning and kicking Turles in the side of the neck as he rose from his crouched position, sending him back to the floor unconscious.

Using the momentum of his kick he swung Raditz' unconscious form around and release him so that he hit Turles and sent the pair sliding out of the way in time to land and face Nappa who was on the attack.

Gohan quickly Zakokened behind Nappa and elbowed him sharply in the kidney's causing him to pass out from extreme pain.

The entire stadium fell silent staring from the fallen Elite to the Demi-Saiyan who'd barely broken a sweat

Gohan grinned as he heard Goten, Trunks Bulma and his Mum cheering at him from the stand.

Movement in the Royal box caught everyone's attention as their shocked King was pushed forward by his smirking Son.

"The Boy has proven his worth, no one has ever taken down my elite's that quickly and as I need a few of them still conscious I am removing Bardock and Toma from the match. The three hybrids and their mothers are to be treated as Saiyans and as my personal guests, Is that clear?"

"Yes your majesty" was the murmur from the stunned crowd as they began to flitter out of the Stadium.

Guards get those three to the medical room and into Regen tanks immediately!" King Vegeta roared at the four guards standing near the doors and with a quick salute they began following his orders.

Bardock, Toma and Gohan casually walked towards the stands when Gohan placed a hand on Bardock shoulder to get his attention. Once Toma was further away Gohan lowered his voice enough so that only Bardock could hear him.

"Hey Grandpa, do you mind if we spar later? I'd love to see how strong you are, I can sense that you're stronger than you tell people,"

Bardock looked at his recently discovered Grandson for a few minutes debating his answer before nodding briefly "Sure Gohan, meet me in training room C tomorrow at Noon." Bardock replied

Seventeen walked over to meet Gohan on his way to the stands an unconscious Erasa still held in his arms. "Nicely done Gohan, I couldn't have done it better myself,"

"I know," Gohan grinned, "Is she still out from before?" Gohan asked concerned for his friend.

"Yeah she missed the whole fight, the other two however saw it and didn't take it to well, Blondie is just sitting in the corner staring into space muttering something about nerds and impossible and your-mate-to-be fainted," Seventeen explained

"She's not my mate-to-be she…. Wait a minute Videl fainted!" Gohan yelped in surprise

"Yep, Piccolo only just managed to catch her too." Seventeen explained

"Well where…." Gohan began only to be cut off by to bundles of hyperactive Chibi.



"Whoa up guys, not so fast, you've seen me fight tougher opponents then that before why was this one so special?" Gohan asked

"Because you were proving your worth to be admitted into your father's race," Bulma explained walking over and giving Gohan a huge hug

"Yeah but Bulma I've saved lives and the planet before?"

"Stay with the moment Son," Goku replied walking over with Chichi

"Are you Ok Gohan? That first hit looked a bit painful," Chichi asked standing in front of her son looking up into his face for any signs that he may lie to her to make her feel batter

"I'm fine mum, I promise, see not a mark," Gohan said gesturing to him cheek.

"Well alright then,"

The King cleared his throat from where he still stood in the Royal booth with Toma, Bardock, Niko, Kisaki and Vegeta.

"It's late and we all need rest, Vegeta will show you where you can stay but I'd like to see you all in the thrown room in the morning, Alright," The King said taking Kisaki's arm in his.

There was a general agreement from all in the room and with a nod (King, Bardock and Toma) or a smile (Kisaki and Niko) they left the Earth group in the stadium.

/Well done Brat/ Vegeta nodded to Gohan before jumping down from the Royal box into the arena to join the group.

/Thanks/ Gohan grinned as Vegeta reached them, Vegeta smirked back

"Where're the other humans?" Vegeta asked

"Here," Piccolo replied from where he still stood in the stands watching over Sharpner and Videl.

Gohan cursed softly under his breath before running over and hoping into the stands.

Upon seeing him Sharpner jumped in fright, "Relax Sharpner I'm not going to hurt you. Don't you think if I wanted to hurt you I would have by now after the hard time and teasing you gave me when I first came to school," Gohan said softly holding his hand out to help Sharpner up.

Sharpner stared at Gohan hand for and few minutes thinking over what Gohan had just said and what he'd done that would have provoked him in the past, which Gohan never responded too. Sharpner reached up and clasped Gohan's hand letting him pull him to his feet.

"What you did, that was amazing, I've never seen…" Sharpner began still trembling slightly from either fear or shock which one Gohan wasn't sure about.

"I know, I'll explain it all later I promise," Gohan replied bending down and scooping Videl up. "Right now though we all need some rest," Gohan said as the three of them jumped down into the arena to join the others.

"You did good Kid," Piccolo said as Sharpner ran ahead of them to check on Erasa who was starting to stir in Seventeen's arms.

"Thanks Piccolo,"


End of Chapter 31


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