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"Captain Jack Sparrow, of the Black Pearl. One of the most known fictional pirates of all time." Serena read from her book of mythical pirates. She looked to the picture of the infamous captain, standing at the huge wheel and steering his ship.

Serena had been interested with pirates since she had been just a girl, and still was at twenty years old. Her father and elder brothers relived the lives of pirates like La Salle in reenactments. She was showered with books of real life pirates as well as fictional ones and best of all; she was given trinkets that had belonged to pirates who had lived years ago.

However, as much as she loved hearing about the adventures of real life pirates that actually sailed where she had been, her favorite stories were of the make-believe pirates, the larger than life characters that were fearless and hilarious. She never tired of hearing about them, their ships, and their lives. But there was one pirate that she could not resist reading about at least once a day: Captain Jack Sparrow.

She loved hearing of how clever and witty he was. How he was one of the best swordsmen that ever was. She knew his story by heart and loved thinking about it. It was so captivating and racy. Serena was on the edge of her seat every time she read the story.

Serena looked down at the book, and over to the page that his drawing was on. She dreamed of sailing on the famed Black Pearl, meeting Captain Sparrow, living the life of a pirate. She knew the whole song, "A Pirate's Life," but then again, that wasn't saying much, considering every one of her family members knew it.

That's when she realized something. She admired Captain Jack Sparrow. More like idolized. The little sayings that he had said in her book, she would repeat; for example, at the end of some of her sentences she would say, "Savvy?" Serena thought of the captain all the time, and tried to be as witty and brave as he was.

She looked down at the picture of the captain and carefully ran her hand over the picture, almost caressing it. "My captain." She whispered softly, smiling down at the picture.

Suddenly, Serena felt wind all around her and before she knew what was happening, she was sucked into the book, into that very page and picture. The heavy book closed and landed on the floor, Serena not seen anywhere.

Just as Serena had disappeared, her mother opened the door and said, "Serena, honey, dinner is ready." When she heard no answer, she looked up from the magazine she was reading and her eyes searched the room for Serena. She saw the pirate book on the floor and raised an eyebrow. She looked to the window, which was not open.

"Serena, darling, stop playing!" After searching through the closet and under the bed, and even under the desk, she concluded that Serena was missing. Her eyes went to the pirate book and she picked it up angrily. "Bill!" She screamed shrilly, turned, and ran down the stairs.

Bill Turner, Serena's father, turned to his wife as she came fuming down the stairs. He dodged the heavy pirate book being thrown at him, and stood back up and gave his wife a look like she was insane.

"What was that for, woman?!" He cried, holding his hands up in the air.

Mary Turner growled and looked him dead in the eye. "That book! I told you never to give it to Serena!"

Bill rolled his eyes. "It's not a bad influence on her, Mary."

Mary shook her fists at him. "Bill, she is missing, and this was on the floor in her bedroom. Now what do you suppose happened to our baby girl?!"

Bill's eyes widened. "She's?" He hesitated. "She's been transported?"

Mary nodded slowly, fuming. "Probably, William. And I don't even know where, because it was closed when I got there!"

Bill growled and grabbed the book. "We will have to find out. She wasn't meant for my time." He announced, and sat down on the sofa and began to look through the book.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Meanwhile, Serena could see nothing but a blur around her until she had arrived, out of the strange portal. She landed right on her bottom and shrieked.

When she stood up, she saw people dressed strangely around her. She turned in a circle and saw that she was on a ship, and the open ocean was out to her left and right. In addition, when Serena's eyes trailed up the stairs, she laid eyes on the man from her book, the man of her dreams: Captain Jack Sparrow. She gasped and passed out.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

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