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Serena stared, dumbfounded at the results. She sat on the edge of the bathtub, holding the test in her hand. How could this be?

She could hear soft music playing from her parent's room, just down the hall, and a tear slowly rolled down her face.


Pregnant. Alone. How could she tell her parents? How could she reveal her secret of her lovemaking with Jack, and that she was baring his child?

She sobbed and tried to wipe the tears away, pondering her life thus far. A bloody mess it was. She had already been an emotional wreck for the past month, and perhaps part of the reason was her hormones.

"Serena? What are you doing in there?" Mary called, knocking on the bathroom door.

Serena ignored it, shaking her head. She glanced once more at the pregnancy test, glaring icily at it.

Perhaps it was wrong? What if it was a big mistake?

She looked at the other five tests in the trash, and rolled her eyes. What was she to do? She was trapped and right now she felt like dying.

Suddenly, a wave of nausea overtook her, and she braced herself, holding onto the toilet seat as she vomited the contents of her stomach out.

Another loud knock at the door came, and Serena yelled, "Leave me the hell alone!"

"Serena? Let me in right now! What's gotten into you?! Dinner's ready!" Her mother demanded, banging her fist on the door.

"A child's gotten into me," she whispered softly, and vomited once more.

Mary rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in the air. "Come down for dinner when you're done, I suppose!"

Serena sighed and stood, going to the sink. She washed off her face and hands, and then looked down at her stomach.

"Great, now I'm even going to be fat, too."


"Hello Pumpkin! Hungry?" Bill handed his daughter a plate of food and she plopped down at the dinner table, grabbing her fork.

When she didn't answer, Bill looked to Mary and she shrugged, and they sat down at the table themselves.

Everyone quietly ate his or her food, and occasionally Tom would say something about his date. Mayhap that is why Serena picked that time to reveal to her family what had happened.

"I'm pregnant," she stated simply, and forked a piece of meat, chomping down on it.

All heads shot up to look in her direction, but she did not look away from her food.

"Come again, Dear Daughter?" Bill requested, gritting his teeth.

"I'm pregnant," she repeated, and then added, "With Captain Jack Sparrow's child."

Mary laughed and shook her head. "Dare to dream, Serena."

For the first time, Serena made eye contact with her mother. "Don't believe me? Go check all five pregnancy tests in the trash… and take my word for it, he's the only man I've slept with."

Mary's laugh stopped, and she looked over at her husband. "Bill, do something!"

Serena stood abruptly, her chair toppling over. "What can he do?! To me or to Jack?! I refuse to get an abortion, and Jack is in another time! None of you have power over me!" She shouted, and ran to the stairs, jogging up them easily from years of experience. She ran down the hall to her room and locked it.

"I promised I would go back… and I am!" Serena searched the room for the book, and finally sunk to her knees and scanned under the bed.

"Eureka!" she shouted, and pulled it out. She sat on her legs and flipped through the pages of the book, searching for her Captain.

"I'm coming, My Love," she whispered, and placed a hand on her stomach as she looked at the picture. "Take me home."

There was a gust of wind… and then she was gone.


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