Summary:What if Anakin decided to stay. How would things be different. Short, Song fic! Plz R/R and chapter telling how she stopped him from turning coming soon.

Padme sat on the front porch of her small, cozy house on Naboo reading her favorite book and listening to the birds sing. She heard the distant sound of giggling in the background and looked up and smiled at the sight before her. She saw her husband rolling and playing with their beautiful babies. Well, they aren't babies any more. They are almost seven years old. She sighed as she watched them. Had it really been that long? She remembered all the good things that had happened to her in these few years. She wouldnt want to change this for the universe. She loved her children and husband. Looking back now she smiled at the memories. She rememerbed the first time she saw Anakin after ten years. Then when she touched him it was like......esctasy. After years of fighting off her crush on him she finally realised her how strong love could really be, and now they sit together.

(When I first saw you, I saw love. And the first time you touched me, I felt love. And after all this time, you're still the one I love )

She cant believe they lasted this long, but she knew deep inside her heart that they were forever. Then she thought back to after they were married and the public and the jedi knew about their marriage. They all thought it wouldnt last. It was just a fling, but they proved them wrong.

(Looks like we made it Look how far we've come my baby We mighta took the long way.We knew we'd get there someday They said, "I bet they'll never make it"But just look at us holding on.We're still together still going strong )

When Anakin turned she felt...lost. Incomplete. So much pain she went through, they went through alot of stuff. She's glad now that she stopped being stuborn and let herself fall in love with him. She didnt regret anything. She got up and sat her book down. "Need some help Ani?" "Hahahaha...HELP!" She ran and helped her husband tickle her two terrible little twins. She whispered to them all, "Are you an Angel?" Looks like her dream really has come true.....

(You're still the one I run to The one that I belong to You're still the one I want for life (you're still the one) You're still the one that I love The only one I dream of You're still the one I kiss good night Ain't nothin' better We beat the odds together I'm glad we didn't listen Look at what we would be missin' )

(I'm so glad we made it Look how far we've come my baby)

*The song is by Shania Twain called your still the one. I dont own any of