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Chapter one

Zack Files 306-biting hamster, investigator Spencer Sharpe reporting. Do you know anybody who ever lived his life as a hamster? No? Well I do."

,,Here it is," Zack said, "the pet store." Zack and Cam walked into the pet store. ,,Why does Spence need goldfish food?" Cam asked. ,,For one of his experiments, I guess," Zack answered. Cam walked to the checking counter, waiting for the salesman. ,,What a cute little hamster," Zack said trying to pet the hamster with his finger. ,,Good hamster, sweet hamst. AUCH!!! That hamster bit me!" ,,Are you okay?" Asked Cam. ,,Yeah I Think so" Cam walked up to Zack with the goldfish food in his hand and asked: ,,Since when do you have so much hair on your arms?" Zack looked at his arms and wondered: "You don't think this is from .." ,,The hamster? I wouldn't be surprised if it is," Said Cam. Zack looked at the hamster. ,,They don't usually give people hair everywhere," Said Zack, "What is this for hamster? An alien hamster?" ,, Holy shit, you've got hamster ears now!" Cam said. ,,Ears? "Asked Zack. A big light flash appeared and Zack was gone. ,,Wow Zack, where are you?" Cam asked. Cam heard a little voice. ,,Cam! Over here!!!" Cam looked around looking for Zack. Cam bowed and looked on the floor for Zack. ,,Can I help you with something?" The Salesman looked at Cam. ,, Ehh.. No it's okay, I've lost my watch." Said Cam. When the salesman didn't look anymore, Cam saw Zack and put him in his pocket. They went back to school, and went straight to Spence. ,,So you've got my goldfish food?" he asked. ,,Yes, but this is much more important!" ,,What is it?" Asked Spence. ,,This." He said and he putted Zack on the table. ,,That's a hamster, So?" Said Spence, he tried not to laugh. ,, It's not a ordinary hamster, It's Zack." Cam said. ,, Zack?" Spence asked, "Yeah right." He picked up Zack and petted him. ,, He's telling the truth." Zack said with a squeaky voice. ,, Wow, its like nothing I've seen before." ,,O yeah, here's your fish food." He gave the food to Spence. ,,I don't care about the stupid fishes anymore, I've just got a new experiment." ,,So I paid 2 bucks for nothing? Okay dude, you owe me 2 dollar." ,,Don't worry Cam, You'll get your 2 dollar." Said Spence.


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