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"Don't worry, we'll be there soon, Miss Valentine."

Faye hugged herself tightly as she continued to miserably gaze out of the train window, murmuring, "Oh, ok.......thanks for letting me know, Mr. Black."

The balding man sighed, rotating his tan dress hat in his hands with unease before returning, "Look, I know that this isn't what you wanted in life, but-"

"I'm alright," Faye cut in abruptly, never removing her glistening jade eyes from the dark and dreary view that the train window bestowed. "Just stop feeling sorry for me, ok? All I've heard for the past 72 hours is sympathy and I'll hear no more of it."

Mr. Black immediately closed his mouth and nodded, running his fingers down along his upper lip as he sat there in deep thought, the train just then entering Ellewood.

"Ellewood," Faye's thoughts echoed as she distantly ran her fingers down along the train window. "My new home."
"Thank you so very much for bringing her to us, Mr. Black........I hope that she didn't trouble you too much."

"No, not at all," the balding man insisted, gently pushing Faye towards the robust woman before them. "As the Valentine's neighbor, I felt obligated to do this."
"And we thank you again," the woman with flaming red hair acknowledged, forcing a bittersweet smile to grace her lips. "The poor girl must be exhausted after all of the terrors that she's been through for the past three days."

"I'm fine," Faye insisted softly, immediately casting her soft, glistening gaze down to the cold tile floor at their feet as the woman pulled her in for a tight hug.

"Nonsense, my dear......come.......I will show you to your room," the woman announced, sending a cheerful wave over to Mr. Black as he returned over to the Taxi parked in the driveway.

Faye just merely nodded in consent, wondering why her parents' good friends, the Wong's, had decided to adopt her. She had never really known them, yet here they were, welcoming her to their home with open arms.

As she was pondering this, a streak of color whizzed towards her at top speed and, before she knew it, a young girl had latched herself about her waist and was looking up at her with a coat hanger smile full of innocence.

"She's HERE!," the girl exclaimed, her embrace about the newcomer only tightening. "Faye-Faye is FINALLY here!!!"

"Oh.......you must be Ed," Faye acknowledged, forcing a small smile as she ruffled the girl's wild, flaming red hair. "I've heard so much about you.......my parents seemed to like you a lot."

The young adolescent beamed, returning, "Si! Correcto! However, Ed's FULL name is Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the IV....reporting for duty, Captain Faye-Faye!"

"That's enough, young lady,"
Mrs. Wong ordered sternly, placing her hands upon her broad hips with impatience. "Your father is trying to sleep and I'm sure that poor Faye would like to get some rest, as well."

"I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep," Faye replied, shivering slightly as she envisioned the accident.

Mrs. Wong nodded sympathetically as she finally managed to show her guest to her room, murmuring, "Here's where you'll be sleeping, sweetheart.....try to get some rest."

"I'll try,"
Faye mumbled, bowing her head dejectedly as soon as she heard the door shut softly behind her with a loud and final click. "I'll really try."

Letting out a heavy sigh, Faye slipped out of her brown coat and negligently tossed it onto the floor, her heart heavy as she collapsed like a pile of bricks onto the soft, pink bed before her, tears pooling beneath her lashes as she pulled the pillow close to her being for comfort.

"I can't do this," Faye realized, shaking as she choked on a pained sob. "I can't live here in Ellewood......I don't even BELONG here!!!"